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Invader Screenshots

October 12, 2009

With Mythic being kind enough to give us templates for testing lately, I was able to go in and snatch some screenshots of various things, including Armor Sets.

Included herein is the current Invader artwork.  Keep in mind, Mythic is currently undertaking a massive Armor Re-Design/Assignment project that will be moving some artwork to different sets and thus visually changing a lot of the end-game pieces.

Until we see that implemented in-game though, this is what you can expect from a full Invader set in its base colors.




Invader AM front

Invader AM back

Black Guard

Invader BG front

Invader BG back

Black Orc

Invader Blorc front

Invader Blorc back

Bright Wizard

Invader BW front

Invader BW back


Invader Choppa front

Invader Choppa back


Invader Chosen front

Invader Chosen back

Disciple of Khaine

Invader DoK front

Invader DoK back


Invader Engi front

Invader Engi back


Invader IB front

Invader IB back

Knight of the Blazing Sun

Invader KotBS front

Invader KotBS back


Invader Magus front

Invader Magus back


Invader Mara front

Invader Mara back

Rune Priest

Invader RP front

Invader RP back

Squig Herder

Invader SH front

Invader SH back


Invader Shaman front

Invader Shaman back


Invader Slayer front

Invader Slayer back


Invader SM front

Invader SM back


Invader Sorc front

Invader Sorc back

Shadow Warrior

Invader SW front

Invader SW back

Witch Elf

Invader WE front

Invader WE back

Witch Hunter

Invader WH front

Invader WH back

White Lion

Invader WL front

Invader WL back

Warrior Priest

Invader WP front

Invader WP back


Invader Zealot front

Invader Zealot back

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