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Wrath of Heroes

For more Wrath of Heroes information, head over to – The Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes Fan Site.

Pre-Launch Info & Interviews From Around the Web

NewbReview talks to Carrie Gouskos, WoH Producer

Games Reactor talks to Graham Bennet, WoH Lead Designer

WoH Panel video via Gamespot

Gamespot talks about the PAX WoH Panel

IGN hands-on impressions from Gamescom

Garret Fuller – Right Game at the Right Time

BioWare Pulse interview with Carrie Gouskos, WoH Producer

Hypothetical WAR talks WoH has multiple posts about WoH (in German)

Karic interviews Graham Bennet, WoH Lead Designer

Mykiel’s hands-on thoughts from the Alpha build

Mykiel talks about the Mourkain Temple map

Mykiel’s thoughts and a short interview with BioWare

Bootae’s thoughts and a short interview with BioWare

Werit’s thoughts on the Heroes

General Info & my hands-on experience with an Alpha build

Hall of Heroes

Official WoH Sites

Official WoH Videos

~More Coming Soon!~

WoH at Games Day UK

Hero Spotlight – Ikkrik

Nethys – Armory Video

Felicia – Armory Video

WoH at Gamescom

First Official Teaser Trailer

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