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The Land of the Dead

Necropolis of Zandri

The city of Zandri was an ancient Nehkharan port ruled by King Amenemhetum.  Known as the Vulture Lord due to his devout patronage of the Vulture god Ualatp, Amenemhetum was possessed of a massive fleet of ships.  With his navy he laid claim to much of the Great Ocean, and his armies marched deep into the northern lands.  So successful was the Vulture Lord’s rule that Zandri became the wealthiest of Nehekhara’s kingdoms.  Following Amenemhetum’s death, Zandri was beset by rival Tomb Kings and slowly fell into decline.

Thousands of years later, Zandri is little more than a ruined necropolis, but vestiges of its former glory can be seen protruding from the desert sands.  Though he was originally entombed in southern Tilea, Amenemhetum returned to his capital after the Great Awakening, and he continues to rule the city of his birth.  Though prone to sleeping for centuries at a time, Amenemhetum and his armies have recently been awakened by the arrival of the northern invaders.  Thus far the Tomb King’s armies have been unable to dislodge the outlanders, but in this battle of attrition the Vulture Lord holds the upper hand.

The Necropolis of Zandri consists of eastern highlands which flatten into roiling dunes in the west.  A tributary of the River Mortis divides the parched land in two, its poisonous waters terminating at the very doorstep of Amenemhetum’s pyramid.  Ruins, tombs, and monuments can be found throughout the region, each one a place of power festooned with hidden rewards and dire foes.

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