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WAR Guides

Since many people visit my blog to take advantage of the information in my guides, I figured I would put links to them all on one page so people can more easily find what they need.

If there’s something in particular you’re looking for and you don’t find it, let me know and I’ll see what I can do.



Crafting Guides

Beginner’s Guide to Cultivation

Beginner’s Guide to Butchering

Beginner’s Guide to Scavenging

Beginner’s Guide to Magical Salvaging

Beginner’s Guide to Apothecary

Beginner’s Guide to Talisman Making

Weekend Warfronts

~More Coming Soon~

Battle at the Cairn

Spirit of WAR

Foray of Fate

Days of Doom

Deadly Embrace

Forged in Blood

Blood Basin

Battle at the Gate

Howling for Blood

Bane of Peace

Talabec Massacre

Twisted Tactics

Weekend Warfront Medals – Live Event Slot Item Rewards

Battle at the Gates – Return to the Gates of Ekrund Weekend Event

Battlemarsh – The Return to Mourkain Temple Weekend Event

The Struggle for Nordenwatch – Weekend Event

General Guides

~More Coming Soon~

Definitive Guide to Armor Sets in WAR

The Weapons of WAR – A Guide to Scenario Items

RvR-Driven City Sieges – The Guide

Want a Free Level?  A Guide to the WAR Tract

Land of the Dead Page (Has all related guides and information.)

Just the Tip – US Loading Screen Tip Contest winners

Choose…but choose wisely… (A Guide to Golden Writs)

First Look: Doomflayer and Warpforged Armor Sets

First Look: Renown Rank 81+ Weapons

First Look: Renown Rank 75 Scenario Weapons

Visual Guide to Sovereign Armor

Visual Guide to Tyrant Armor

Visual Guide to Dark Promise Armor

Visual Guide to Invader Armor

Visual Guide to Warlord Armor

The New Ward System – An Explanation and Guide

Order Guide to the Welcome Back Quests

Order – Far From Home

Order – Getting Off the Ground

Order Guide to Sigmar Crypts

Moar Tokens! – A guide to more tokens… duh

How to make Blueberry Pancakes

Live Event Guides

1/13 – Return to Ekrund – The Stronghold Saga – Part 1

6/11 – Sigmartide

2/11 – Night of Murder 2011

12/10 – Keg End 2010

10/10 – Daemon Moon Rising 2010

9/10 – The Wild Hunt 2010

2/10 – Night of Murder 2010

12/09 – Keg End 2009

10/09 – Daemon Moon Rising

9/11/09 – Battlemarsh – The Return to Mourkain Temple Weekend Event

8/09 – The Wild Hunt – Live Event Guide / The Wild Hunt – Item Rewards

6/09 – Rise of the Tomb Kings – Live Event Guide / Rise of the Tomb Kings Blog Challenge – Blogged down with fun!

4/09 – Order – Beyond the Sands Live Event

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    January 1, 2011 2:55 am

    Any chance of a Lair guide? some of the items in those are still rather usefull


  1. They Grow Up So Quickly | In Da Jibblies

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