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Defiant Guide to Achievements

Defiant Guide to Achievements in Rift

Achievements are currently broken down into six major categories:  Zones, Planes, Dungeons, Raids, Character and PvP.  Each of those categories has one or more sub-categories.  All but one category has Achievements relating to it in general, with each sub-category holding the bulk of the Achievements.

Some Achievements are stepped.  Only by completing the first one does the next level become visible.  For example, the “Level 10” Achievement is visible when you start the game but the “Level 20” one only shows up.

For ease of reference, each Achievement will be displayed in the following format:

Name – Point Value
Flavor Text
Title: Title Granted (if any)

Task List (if any) – Helpful Tips

  1. Zones (Freemarch, Silverwood, Stonefield, Gloamwood, Scarlet Gorge, Scarwood Reach, Moonshade Highlands, Droughtlands, Iron Pine Peak, Shimmersand, Stillmoor)
  2. Planes (Air, Death, Earth, Fire, Life, Water)
  3. Dungeons (The Iron Tomb, The Realm of the Fae, Deepstrike Mines, Darkening Deeps, Foul Cascade, King’s Breach, Runic Descent, Fall of Lantern Hook, Abyssal Precipice, Charmer’s Caldera)
  4. Raids (Greenscale’s Blight, River of Souls, Gilded Prophecy)
  5. Character (Advancement, Crafting, Epic Quests)
  6. PvP (The Black Garden, The Codex, Battle for Port Scion, Whitefall Steppes)

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