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Games Day Chicago 2011 – The Transcript

August 1, 2011

Games Day 2011 was in Chicago this past weekend and BioWare-Mythic was there to make a presentation and do a bit of a Q&A for those in attendance…

…like Artiee who was awesome and recorded the entire thing as best he could.  Thanks man!

So, since he was kind enough to record it, I offered up my transcribing services.  I’ve got a teeny bit of experience in that regard when it comes to WAR.  

(Also, a lot of transcribing audio comes down to taking what the people are saying and interpreting/translating it into something that can be understood when read since literal transcriptions can leave things a bit confusing at times.  Having heard a lot of what was said in person when I was at the studios last month, and knowing a bit more than what was said publicly, should help me to make things a bit clearer for anyone that was confused by what was purported to have been said by people on the forums before the recordings were posted.)

Anyway, hopefully this helps give everyone a clearer look at what is coming for WAR in the next few patches.



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Spirit of WAR – Definitive Weekend Warfront Edition

July 22, 2011

It has long been said that the souls of the violent dead cannot rest when fresh blood decorates their graves.  A saying that appears to be more than mere superstition to those that battle within the cemetary atop High Pass.  Strange and frightening figures form from the cloying mists to tower above the clashing armies. Read more…

WWGD – Alternate Scenario Locations

July 14, 2011

It’s baaaaaccckkk…

What Would Gaarawarr Do? is back with a quick look at a handful of locations in WAR that I feel would make good Scenarios.

If you haven’t seen the Dev Discussion post on this yet, head on over here for others’ opinions and to give your own!



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Blaaagher Invasion 2 – The Transcript

July 12, 2011

For those of you WAR fans that stepped away from the Internet for a week or so and didn’t hear about it, a handful of us bloggers were invited out to BioWare-Mythic again last week.

The good news is, this time around there wasn’t a huge billing fiasco…so we’ve got that going for us.  😉

Apparently the bad news is that we, and by we I mean some of us bloggers, told people about it.  ~gasp~

This, of course, led to flaming forum posts and even a  piece on the subject over at Massively…which still has me confused.  But moving on…

While Werit, Bootae, Erdknuffel, Karic, Mykiel (Part 1 / Part 2), and Ekalime have posted some information as well as their thoughts on the day, I wanted to get people as true a look at the conversation we had at one point in the day as possible via a transcript.

Please keep in mind, as with all my transcripts, I do the best I can to give you an accurate look at what happened.  However as with any speech-to-text conversion, what I put in print lacks tone & visual cues as well as the feel of a live conversation between a group of people who sometimes like to talk all at the same time…



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Sigmartide – Live Event Guide

July 2, 2011

…can it be?

It is!  It is!

A new Live Event for WAR!!!

Pardon me if I’m even more excited than usual for a Live Event, but this is the first entirely new one we’ve seen for WAR since 2009.  So, I for one am extremely excited about it and what its release may mean for the future of WAR.

But let’s stick to the event…for now.  :p

For those of you that have never seen me make a guide for an entirely new event before, this one won’t have everything you want/need to know in it right away so make sure to check back often and even leave info/screenshots for me in the comments if you find something I don’t have listed yet.



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Waves of Madness – Rift World Event Guide

June 23, 2011

Well what do we have here?  Another Live Event in Rift?  Count me in!

Coming relatively quick on the heels of their first major event, this one definitely has me interested.  I’m looking forward to seeing if Trion picked up the ball they dropped in the first event.  While I liked the overall theme and goal of the initial event, it had enough go wrong to overshadow what it got right.

I’ll be doing my best to cover as much of this event and its five (!?!?!) phases as I can, but be forwarned:  I’m going on a road trip and I’ve yet to test Rift out on the laptop.  :/  ~crosses fingers~

So, make sure to check back often for updates, especially after phase changes, and feel free to leave any info I’ve missed in the Comments section and I’ll update it as often as I can!

Have fun!


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