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WWGD – Alternate Scenario Locations

July 14, 2011

It’s baaaaaccckkk…

What Would Gaarawarr Do? is back with a quick look at a handful of locations in WAR that I feel would make good Scenarios.

If you haven’t seen the Dev Discussion post on this yet, head on over here for others’ opinions and to give your own!



WWGD – Alternate Scenario Locations

One of the few places one can find a good fight in WAR lately is in a Scenario.  Of course, the quality of the fight is highly dependent on the layout and ruleset of the Scenario in question.

Which is exactly why the most recent Dev Discussion posted by WAR Producer James Casey grabbed my interest.  In it he asks what location we can envision new Scenarios being based in (ala Eternal Citadel and the College of Corruption) and asks us to answer four specific questions about that location:

  1. Where is it?
  2. What size battle would work? (6v6, 12v12, 18v18, etc)
  3. What ruleset would work there?
  4. Why do you think it would be fun?

Upon reading this, I instantly had a few locations pop into my head.  Of course, my ideas are Order-based areas as that is what I’ve played the most.  I’ll leave it up to people more familiar with Destruction areas to offer up some of those.  😉

Kron Komar Gap

KKG is found in Mount Bloodhorn and has always been a wonderful place to RvR as it is a competitive Public Quest.  Sadly, while I have had some great fights here, usually players don’t flag themselves while doing the PQ which leaves you racing to complete a PvE-based contest.  Not so exciting.

However, in a Scenario environment, it would shine.  It has multiple ways to enter that are all equidistant from the statue in the center.  You could either spawn up the roads to the sides or inside the buildings on each side, depending on how you wanted to set up the rules.  It has open space, but also lots of places to break line-of-sight to allow melee classes a more even-footed tactical battle against ranged classes.

Due to its small map size, it would be ideally suited for a 6v6 Scenario and could either be given a Gates of Ekrund-style ruleset with the statue being a capture point and flags being placed inside each of the buildings or it could be more of an Eternal Citadel-style ruleset where you simply fight to the death with someone occasionally being tagged as “it” who can generate more points or earn their killers’ more points.

Small map + objects to break LoS = fight to the death…which to me is what WAR is all about.  No running and hiding.  No win by avoidance.  Straight up, in your face, smash your opponent until his soul bleeds fighting.

Good times.

Bel-Korhadris’ Solitude

Never trust an Elf…erm…I mean…

Everyone who’s ever fought in Tier 4 should know this location.  This is the infamous island BO in Eataine.  Since the very first time I set foot in this stinkin’ Elf land beautiful location, I saw a great opportunity for epic fights.  Sadly, they rarely happen here…mainly because people are too busy running by it to stand and fight on it.  Having it be a Scenario makes it impossible to avoid the fight.  And that’s where the fun begins…

I’m kind of sensing a pattern in my location choices, but this would be ideal for a 6v6 due to its small map size.  It offers four equidistant entry points, two for each side, not to mention the ability to say “F it” and swim across.  There’s plenty of places to break LoS both on the bridges and on the island itself not to mention all the stuff that just flat blocks your view which makes for some very intense fighting.

You could have fun with either a Murderball ruleset that would force the carrier to stay in the fight to get a quick victory or else run a fast Capture-the-Flag ruleset akin to Serpent’s Passage which would give a good ebb-and-flow to the battle.  Either way, it’s sure to offer up a lot of kills.

Following the theme…small map size + crazy terrain = good times…even if it is a High Elf location…  ~grumble~

Altar of Madness

You know why everything here is crumbling?  A filthy human built it…but anyway…

Can you say King of the Mountain?  This Public Quest in Chaos Wastes features an altar on a raised platform surrounded by ruined bulidings…which makes for a perfect place to pick a fight.  While it is a smaller map area, both 6v6 and 12v12 could work here due to the numerous places to break LoS and hide to ambush the enemy.

Again, this location would best be served by a Murderball ruleset, creating an initial fight on the center platform and forcing the winner to hunt out the opposite Realm in the ruins surrounding it.

What makes this location great is that it truly tests your ability to work as a team.  Victory is won by providing your ranged classes and healers LoS to do their job.  Allowing your opponents to lead you too far into the ruins ensures your certain death…and may cost you your victory.

Grimbeard Station

OMG I LOVE THIS PQ!!!!!   ~clears throat and calms down~  Sorry about that…

But seriously, this Public Quest in Black Fire Pass is a fabulous location to fight in.  Not only is it a beautiful location in and of itself, it affords two equidistant entrances with ramps or a quick jump to the middle, multiple levels to fight on and lots of stuff to fight around as well.

Due to its size, it could be either a very large 6v6 allowing for people to get separated from their group or it could be a 12v12 with some very intense fights due to there being nowhere to really run or hide…for long.  In my wildest dreams, this is a High Pass Cemetary-style Scenario where you would fight to capture a location on each side of the rails and the moment one Realm had control of both, the Train gets summoned and kills anything on the tracks while also blocking access to either side until it pulls out of the Station.

Now, I’m not sure they could even run the Train through a Scenario, but hey, that’s why I said “In my wildest dreams”.  :p

A beautiful location + fight to the death + TRAIN!!!!!  = win in my book.  Just sayin’.

While there are many beautiful locations in WAR, some much more suited to larger-scale battles, I find I’m more interested in that visceral, small-scale fight where success truly can weigh on my shoulders.  These locations do well to focus on those types of encounters, in my opinion.  In all instances, your ability to fight solo, as well as work with your team, determines the ultimate victory.  There is no avoiding the fight here, there is only death…whether it’s yours or theirs is up to you.

Until next time…

Have fun!


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  1. TheWARpatron permalink
    July 14, 2011 8:59 pm

    Very nice summary, I like 3 in particular.

    Bel-Korhadris’ Solitude is really quite a unique terrain with what seems to be plenty of entry points and possible spawn locations for melee and range like in College of Corruption.

    The concept for Grimbeard Station is not only original, but innovative. I can see melee loving it because of its linearity and rangers liking it because of the raised platforms. The animated train seals the deal. High Pass Cemetary-style also would prevent spawn camping and promote proper coordination as well.

    Altar of Madness seems like Destro’s version of Lost Temple of Isha, however for it to be considered a truly Chaos scenario the option for different spawn locations to prevent the spawn camping would be wonderful. Imagine the enemy frantically searching for you in the Ruins! Now THAT! is a proper Chaos scenario 🙂

  2. Zantz permalink
    July 22, 2011 3:30 pm

    Oh man, I had some amazing times in Kron Komar Gap back in Open Beta. In fact, it was that PQ that really made me love the game.


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