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Foray of Fate – Definitive Weekend Warfront Edition

May 27, 2011

Stumbling upon an unusual network of tunnels beneath Praag, a small band of Order finds themselves within the slumbering walls of The Eternal Citadel.  Followed by members of Destruction, these two forces clash within Tchar’zanek’s throne room… but that is not all that trespasses through this labyrinth of twisted reality.

The Eternal Citadel scenario is open for all characters of all levels!  Work closely with your party to defeat the party of your enemy!  Guard an ally marked by the Winds of Change!

  • Basic Reward – Hartshorne Tincture

  • Advanced Reward – Vanquisher’s Boon

  • Elite Reward – Medal of Perserverance/Brawn/Discipline/Accuracy/Insight

(See this post for more information on the Medals.)

The Live Event Herald for Order is named Kadius Kridt and is located at (26776, 30868) by the Flight Master in Altdorf.  The Live Event Herald for Destruction is named Kralf Hexenkrieger and is located at (29455, 32368) by the Flight Master in the Inevitable City.

General Information

Weekend Warfronts traditionally start on a Friday and end on Monday morning.  The task list is the same regardless of Tier/Realm.

There is a bonus to Experience and Renown while in this Scenario during the Weekend Warfront, making it the Scenario to be in.

I love this map.  And not just because it’s a punter’s paradise.  ~giggle~

It’s great because it’s all about fighting.  No running anything around.  No hiding away from the fight.  You fight.  You die.  Period.

Crazy concept, right?

The only thing to really remember here is that when the Winds of Change blow, your spawn-in location changes.  Keep that in mind so you don’t get separated.

Weekend Event Tasks

  • Participate in The Eternal Citadel Scenario 15 times
  • Defeat 50 enemy players within The Eternal Citadel Scenario
  • Defeat 10 enemy players marked by the Winds of Change
  • Win The Eternal Citadel Scenario with 500 points 5 times
  • Secret Task!!! – Spotted the Eshin Gutter Runner within The Eternal Citadel Scenario
  • Complete all Foray of Fate tasks

Pretty straightforward tasks for a pretty straightforward Scenario.  Load in, group up, kill.  Especially the marked person.  That’s how we do it.  ;)

I encourage people to pug this one.  I know, sounds odd in a 6v6 since pre-mades will be q’ing like mad, but I’m serious.  The DPS/Healing discrepancy in a 6v6 is way different than a 12v12 and pugs actually can stand a chance, even without a healer, as long as you’re not stupid.  That being said: don’t be stupid (unless I’m in your Scenario.  Then be stupid.  Be very stupid.  I need Renown.)

Order Title:  Eternal Infiltrator

Destruction Title:  Citadel Cerberus

Hidden Title: I See a Rat!


  • 8/27/10 – Initial rewards were: Basic – Hartshorne Tincture, Advanced – Vanquisher’s Boon, Elite – Medal of Brawn/Perseverance/Accuracy/Insight/Discipline.
  • 9/24/10 – No changes.
  • 11/24/10 – No changes.
  • 5/27/11 – No changes.
  • 8/26/11 – No changes.

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