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Bane of Peace – Definitive Weekend Warfront Edition

March 11, 2011

The Dark Elf march through Dragonwake has not gone unchallenged.  High Elves and their Order allies have rallied around key locations, determined to protect ancient ruins and dragon nesting sites.

The Dragon’s Bane scenario is open again for characters of all levels!  Hold as many objectives as you can while continuing to advance.  Charge forth, slaughter your foes and secure the area for your realm!

  • Basic Reward – Hartshorne Tincture – A self-rez potion!

  • Advanced Reward – Vanquisher’s Boon – Buff that awards extra Emblems from Scenarios based on the final score.

  • Elite Reward – Medal of Brawn/Insight/Discipline/Accuracy/Perseverance

(See this post for more information on the Medals.)

The Live Event Herald for Order is named Kadius Kridt and is located at (26776, 30868) by the Flight Master in Altdorf.  The Live Event Herald for Destruction is named Kralf Hexenkrieger and is located at (29455, 32368) by the Flight Master in the Inevitable City.

General Information

Weekend Warfronts traditionally start on a Friday and end on Monday morning.  The task list is the same regardless of Tier/Realm.

There is a bonus to Experience and Renown while in this Scenario during the Weekend Warfront, making it the Scenario to be in.

This map is fairly straightforward, but has some interesting mechanics.  The flags are proximity captures and once you own an Objective, you can teleport there from your spawn point via a quest NPC.  If the opposing Realm owns an Objective, it’s time to summon a Dragon. :) Grab the flag near your spawn and carry it to the Objective.  Click your Realm’s banner and use the distraction to your advantage.

Weekend Event Tasks

  • Capture and hold the Summoning Tower throughout the remainder of a Dragon’s Bane scenario
  • Capture and hold the Academy throughout the remainder of a Dragon’s Bane scenario
  • Capture and hold the Commorancy throughout the remainder of a Dragon’s Bane scenario
  • Control all three objectives when the Dragon’s Bane scenario ends
  • Participate in the Dragon’s Bane scenario 10 times
  • Complete all Bane of Peace tasks

For the “Capture and hold” tasks, your Realm must be the first to capture it during the Scenario and you must then hold it the entire time.  Holding all three at the end completes regardless of how many times the objectives have changed hands, so definitely focus on holding each point for the entire Scenario first before finishing the other tasks.

Order Title: Destructionbane

Destruction Title: Orderbane


  • 6/11/10 – Initial rewards were: Basic – Healing Potion, Advanced – Molotov Potion, Elite – Vanquisher’s Boon.
  • 3/11/11 – Rewards changed to: Basic – Hartshorne Tincture, Advanced – Vanquisher’s Boon, Elite – Medal of Perseverance/Brawn/Insight/Accuracy/Discipline
  • 5/20/11
  • 6/24/11
  • 9/30/11

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