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The Morning After – Plants vs. Zombies

February 3, 2011

So, in my recent Anniversary post I mentioned that I was starting up a new series on the blog where I’d talk about games I’d finished recently.

This would be the first of said series.

Now, for those paying attention, this isn’t one of the games I picked up over the holidays, but it is one that I’d been distracted by leading up to the holidays so I figured I’d start with it first.



The Morning After – Plants vs. Zombies

Based on the popularity of this game, my coming out with a review will only be informational to the 1% of the population that hasn’t played it yet.

But hey, I didn’t say I was going to talk about new games, did I?  hehe.  In fact, there will probably be a handful of TMAs that are about games that have been out for a while and that I either A: Didn’t play when it came out, or B: Haven’t played in so long it’s like playing it for the first time all over again.  So deal with it.  😉

For that 1% of you that haven’t played PvZ yet, GO GET IT RIGHT MEOW!!1!  I felt so behind the curve when I finally got around to playing this game after hearing from so many people that it was great.  :/  Not the first time for me though, as I tend to get distracted by MMOs and totally not play other games until years later.  I’m working on that.  :p

What makes this game so great, in my opinion, is that it’s not just a simple puzzle game.  As you can see above, it’s actually multiple different types of games all wrapped up into one.

  • Adventure – This is where you get to play along with the “Story” as it were.  The first time through, it’s also how you unlock access to other modes of play.
  • Mini-Games – They really went all out here.  Basically, they took the PvZ theme and applied it to everything they could think of from Bowling to their own Bejeweled to Whack-a-Mole.  One of the Mini-Games is even called “Big Trouble Little Zombie”.  You can’t go wrong with an 80’s cult movie reference.  :p
  • Puzzle – They have two different types of puzzles: one based on smashing vases to uncover zombies and the other is based around you playing as a Zombie Master.  Good times.
  • Survival – In this mode, they give you a location and you have to attempt to survive wave after wave after wave of zombie attacks.  This ends in the ultimate survival mode: Endless.  I got stuck at 25 for my high score there.  Still not sure how as I haven’t been able to come anywhere close since then.  hehe
  • Zen Garden – Yeah, I know, it doesn’t sound like a game, but it is.  Basically, you come across plants in pots during the different game modes and you can then grow them in your gardens to earn coins to buy stuff with.  Not to mention the Tree of Wisdom, which not only gives you hints on the game, but also unlocks some interesting options during gameplay as well.  (Can you say Mustache Mode? hehe)

As complicated as that all might sound, the idea of the game is very simple: You’re defending your house from zombies by growing different types of plants that attack them for you.  If a zombie gets through, there go your brains.  ’nuff said.

The game progresses rather well in that you start off with just a regular, grass-filled backyard during the day.  You then move on to your backyard at night, then during the day again but with a pool, then with a pool and fog, then you ultimately move up to the roof where the zombies are making their last attempt to get in.

Ultimately, what it all comes down to is that this game makes it just plain fun to both defend your yard from zombie attacks as well as play as the Zombie Master in Puzzle mode.  It’s easy to pick up but challenging to master in all its modes while the games themselves tend to not take a lot of time and are even pause-able while playing.  The last part is key if you’re like me and you want something to play while waiting for Scenarios to pop in WAR.  :p  There’s even an Achievement system for those of you like me that like goals with their goals…  To date, I’m only missing one and for the (un)life of me I just can’t figure out how to get it.  :/  Oh well.

All in all, PvZ is a definite must-play in my opinion and considering you can pick it up on gajillions of different platforms (from phones to tablets), rather cheap in most cases, there’s no reason for anyone to not have this.  (For you cheapskates, there’s even a demo version to get you addicted…errr…I mean let you try it out…yeah…that’s it…)

That wraps up the first edition of The Morning After.  Stay tuned for more editions soon and expect the format to vary as I try to find something that all of us can enjoy.

Have fun!


Crap…I almost forgot the best part of the game…the song during the credits!!!  Here it is:

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