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Just the Tip

November 10, 2010

Back in June, Bioware-Mythic announced their Loading Screen Tip contest via the Herald and a rather unusual video

Basically, players could submit entries into the contest via a forum thread and the peeps at Bioware-Mythic would then sort through them all and select winners.  The winners would appear in-game at a future date.

Well, the winners are showing up in 1.4.0 which is currently on the Public Test Server.  Instead of waiting to randomly see all the new Tips, I did a little digging and found them.  I’m impatient, what can I say? :p

So, here ya go.



Loading Screen Tip contest winners

  • The best career to play is the one you most enjoy. – Submitted by Xyrd of Badlands
  • There are thousands of Tome of Knowledge unlocks hidden in WAR.  How many have you found? – Submitted by Xyrd of Badlands
  • There is more than one exit from the spawnpoint of many Scenarios.  If you find yourself unable to get out one way, look for another! – Submitted by Xyrd of Badlands
  • Have spare Medallions?  Purchase some potions! – Submitted by Xyrd of Badlands
  • Scenario chat is not just for scenarios.  It also works when attacking or defending a city! – Submitted by Xyrd of Badlands
  • Finding the right guild will make your WAR experience even more enjoyable. – Submitted by Xyrd of Badlands
  • Help your healer out. Remember, potions heal as well. – Submitted by Valtis of Gorfang
  • Shields only block attacks from the front, as does parry. There is no good defense for a dagger in the back. – Submitted by Valtis of Gorfang
  • If no one answers your question in advice chat, press O, open the social window and search for an advisor. Most players will be happy to help you, when asked nicely. – Submitted by Ulalume of Badlands
  • Enjoy helping new players? Label yourself as an advisor. – Submitted by Ulalume of Badlands
  • When you are resurrected in battle, give the healers a chance to restore your health before you run off. – Submitted by Ulalume of Badlands
  • There are a lot of things to do in Warhammer, but if you do them naked, you get more titles. – Submitted by Tzudevil of Badlands
  • Did you know?  There are treasure chests scattered around Land of the Dead.  Find the Reliquaries, dust off the sand and enjoy your new found items. – Submitted by Troubeskeeper of Gorfang
  • Apothecaries can make dyes that are unavailable from merchants or world drops. – Submitted by Thisis of Gorfang
  • Capturing a Battlefield Objective is just the first step, holding it for three minutes is the rest. – Submitted by Thisis of Gorfang
  • To equip a talisman, shift right-click an item while it is in your backpack. – Submitted by Thehealeroftru of Gorfang
  • Not everyone is blessed by Tzeentch with the ability to read minds. Communication with teammates is vital to your success. – Submitted by Tarelther of Volkmar
  • A staggered enemy has a yellow halo spinning over his head. Any damage will break the stagger. – Submitted by Tarelther of Volkmar
  • Don’t stray too far away from your healers, or you may find yourself dead. – Submitted by Tampered of Badlands
  • On stage 3 in a city defense or siege it is a good idea to put all champions in the same group. – Submitted by Tampered of Badlands
  • A well-organized group can make all the difference. – Submitted by Tampered of Badlands
  • Falling back only means you die in a different place. – Submitted by Staub of Iron Rock
  • Don’t neglect your defensive stats. Killing is harder when you’re dead. – Submitted by Staub of Iron Rock
  • Get in touch with your server’s community by visiting the Warhammer Online forums on the Bioware Social Network! – Submitted by Squibblegut of Volkmar
  • The “Flee” ability is useful when running away from enemies, so use it properly. – Submitted by Snexybeast of Gorfang
  • Check for the latest patch notes and game update information. – Submitted by Ruckarucka of Gorfang
  • Be aware of your surroundings, where you and your enemies are standing is just as important as what tactics you’re using or what armor you’re wearing. – Submitted by Rodge of Badlands
  • Watch out where you use AoE damage! You might wind up freeing someone from a stagger that you’d rather save for later. – Submitted by Rodge of Badlands
  • The Great Book of Grudges has 53,496 pages…and counting. – Submitted by Rodge of Badlands
  • Knowing your class is good, and knowing others is better. – Submitted by Raulald of Iron Rock
  • What could be in those curious barrels? – Submitted by Raulald of Iron Rock
  • The River Mortis is a great place to have a guild vacation! Jump in and have a refreshing swim as relief from the sweltering Nehekarian sun. – Submitted by Pagz of Volkmar
  • Everyone stops for Gork sooner or later. – Submitted by Nereven of Badlands
  • White Lions can name their pets using the /petname <name> command. – Submitted by Music of Badlands
  • Fishbreath snatches a fish from the water and swallows it whole! – Submitted by Music of Badlands
  • A friend is a person who has the same enemies as you. – Submitted by Miercoles of Badlands
  • Tired of putting all of your gold into buying potions and talismans? Turn your loss into profit: Learn a crafting skill! – Submitted by Maulor of Iron Rock
  • If you ask where is everyone? The point is, where are you? – Submitted by Leogetz of Badlands
  • Holding shift while hovering over members in the WB display allows you to see every player’s location! – Submitted by Leogetz of Badlands
  • Remember, you only need to complete one task per fragment for each of your wards. – Submitted by Kreldor of Gorfang
  • If you don’t want to see a chat channel, you can right click on a tab and filter it out. – Submitted by Grelin of Badlands
  • If it’s not dead yet, hit it harder. – Submitted by Ghazgkull of Volkmar
  • How many Choppas could a Choppa chop if a Choppa could chop Choppas. – Submitted by Ghazghkul of Iron Rock
  • Getting your friends to upgrade their accounts from trial accounts to full subscriptions can earn you special rewards and exclusive in-game items. – Submitted by Garum of Badlands
  • Slaanesh Pink is the new Chaos Black. – Submitted by Gaarawarr of Iron Rock
  • Recently grouped with someone but can’t remember their name? People you have recently played with are listed in your social window. – Submitted by Furnaps of Badlands
  • Lost your party members? Press M or click the map icon above your mini map and follow the green dots to find your friends. – Submitted by Furnaps of Badlands
  • If you can’t find a Warband to join, make one! –  Submitted by Devilsfire of Iron Rock
  • If you need help, try reading the tips on the loading screen. – Submitted by Chum of Badlands
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  1. Paeroka permalink
    November 11, 2010 1:05 am

    What I find a bit mean and disappointing is that European players had the very same contest made by GOA. GOA said that they’d give those tips to Mythic. But I don’t see any European server mentioned there… :o/

    • November 11, 2010 1:27 am

      Yeah – Where’s the EU suggestions?

  2. November 11, 2010 4:33 am

    IMO, EU suggestions were swallowed by the warp =(

  3. Sylow permalink
    November 11, 2010 9:23 am

    Ah. Business as usual. Any EU requests in former times were lost. Usually, they also do so now.

  4. Nomizak permalink
    November 11, 2010 12:43 pm

    Maybe EU tips will be shown on the EU servers? I dunno why they would do that..

  5. Kaz permalink
    November 12, 2010 12:39 am

    kinda funny that IR people are not contributing much hehe

  6. November 12, 2010 1:14 am

    In regards to the EU contest: no clue if the EU tips are different as I didn’t look for those. I wouldn’t be able to read any of the foreign language ones even if I found them. I suggest having some of the EU bloggers check for them. What I do know is that last I heard they were trying to get the tip posts from GOA, but I never saw a confirmation that they’d ever received them.

  7. Daemoneyes permalink
    November 12, 2010 4:41 am

    ~edited for unfounded rumor-milling bs~
    ah btw andy or so did say they would ask us again about LoadingScreenTips but ill bet its the same as with forts, much talk about it but we will see them never again…

    • November 12, 2010 2:55 pm

      I’m fairly lenient with comments, but unfounded ones like this get edited/deleted as they do nothing to further the conversation. I already stated I didn’t look for the EU tips, so jumping to the conclusion that they’re not in-game is pointless as that hasn’t been proven yet. I’m not saying they are, but I also have no clue if they are or not and that’s an important point to remember in this discussion.

      As for the part I left in, just because we haven’t seen the Forts yet doesn’t mean they’ll never show back up. There are valid reasons why they haven’t been added back in yet. Ignoring those reasons doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

      You can either be realistic in your expectations or you can go whine somewhere else. Thanks.

  8. Grukkzag permalink
    November 13, 2010 7:26 am

    Fishbreath snatches a fish from the water and swallows it whole! – Submitted by Music of Badlands

    Seriously, someone please explain this to me.

    Everytime I’m near a city siege my chat log gets spammed with this.
    I used to think it was a major bug? is it a bug? are you a bug?

    • November 13, 2010 5:03 pm

      It’s a bug, but apparently it’s not easy to track down. Fishbreath is, quite literally, a Troll. However, this gets spammed when going to either City and, as far as I’ve been able to tell, Fishbreath doesn’t live in either of those zones.

    • Eline permalink
      November 17, 2010 5:11 am

      Please tell me where can I find that troll. Need see that damn thing skewered in my dagger.

    • November 17, 2010 5:31 am

      I’ve been looking off and on for a long time. Haven’t found him yet. One day, it’ll end up at the top of my priority list, but right now it’s nowhere near it.

  9. RoyalWitCheese permalink
    November 15, 2010 6:49 pm

    They didn’t accept mine.

    The average developer switched offices 2.5 times. The exceptional developers switched companies once.


    • Wulfire I.R. Ret. permalink
      November 17, 2010 1:23 pm


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