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PAX Prime 2010 Recap

November 4, 2010

Yeah, I know it’s late.  Really late.  Really, really late.

Ok, so it’s more a PAX East preview by this point, but I’m still gonna do it, so deal with it.


Don’t worry, it’ll mainly be a bunch of pictures I took with comments.  However, I’m sure there will be a couple things I’ll have to stop and talk about though. 😉



PAX Prime 2010 Recap

So, I’d never been to PAX before.  For those of you that have thought about going, but haven’t, here’s the short recap:  GO.  Seriously.  It’s a blast.

Now on to the longer recap.  How about we start with the line to get in…

Not the greatest perspective because I was in the middle of the room, but trust me, there were a TON of people packed into this place waiting for the doors to open.  Of course, we weren’t just standing around, they had screens on the wall with entertainment for us.  They had all kinds of fun stuff on them and at one point, we even got Rick-rolled…

Good times…good times…

They had some cool stuff set up outside the actual expo before you went in.

Awwww yeahhhh…

I checked to see if they left the keys in it.  Nope. 😦

Chalk Art – Saw the guy working on it and went back for a pic of the finished product

There were also tons of people in some rather awesome costumes.


Once the doors finally opened, it was time for games!  I actually wish I’d taken more pics.  Oh well.  Good lesson for next time.

Oh, and yes, she was hot.  Just sayin’.

So, for Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, they had two different 8-man setups for playing testing out their new online multilplayer.  They went all out on this setup.  Notice the customized headsets?  Each station had one so you could talk to the people you were playing against.  And yes, even at PAX, some people are just dicks in voice chat.  Overall, it was a blast to play.  Although, it was fairly easy to pick out the players from the NPCs in my opinion and attempting to blend in seemed to actually hurt your ability to score points.  Guess they had to make some sacrifices from the original gameplay for the multiplayer.  Only time will tell how they’re received.

I ❤ Bomberman

Man, this was a blast from the past for me.  I hadn’t played Bomberman since the mid-90s.  They’ve updated some stuff since then.  :p  It’s still a blast though.  Nattfodd (from Warhammer Alliance) and I even entered one of the tournaments they had over the weekend.  We didn’t win, but we did come away with a cool little inflatable bomb they were giving away.  I have to say, this is still one of the greatest party games of all time.  If you haven’t played it before, or just not in a while, definitely check the new version out.  It’s well worth the money if you play games with groups of friends regularly.

Kickin’ it old skool…

I’m not much for dance games, but out of the ones I saw at PAX, Dance Central is the only one that really held my attention.  (Of course, the Community Rep for the game really getting into it with everyone helped. hehe)  It’s use of the new Kinect made it a true full-body experience, unlike a lot of previous dance games.  Even the ones that make use of the new Move controller still seemed limited in what they really took in as feedback.  If you’re looking for a dance game for your Kinect, definitely look into this one.

I know, crappy pic.  :/

So, my jaw hit the floor when I saw this game demo playing.  The game in question?  Donkey Kong Country Returns.  I had a blast with the original game back in the day and this one totally gave me flashbacks.  I was on my way to a panel, so couldn’t stop for long, but it looked to me like it captured all the zany fun of the original.

Imagine a huge line to the right…

So, there were quite a few booths at PAX that were fully sealed off from the show floor.  To get to see the game, you had to stand in an insanely long line.  This game was no exception.  INSANELY long line.  So yeah, I didn’t stand in it.  Instead, Nattfodd and I got our pics taken with the weapon in front of this background.  I don’t know where my pic went…

…but here’s Nattfodd. :p

Speaking of insanely long lines I didn’t stand in…

PAX’s version of Booth Babes… not bad imo

So, I didn’t really pay much attention to this game.  Sorry.  I was a bit entranced by something they were using to show off their game.  No, not the girls…


So, you can’t really see the quality on this screen, but it was extremely impressive.  You could stand right under it and look at it and it was flawless.  Incredibly thin as well.  I talked to one of the reps for the game and they told me they had rented it specifically for the show so couldn’t give me much info on it.  All I know is, one day I will have one of these.  Oh yes, one day…

Back to games I give a damn about…

I’m so looking forward to this game.  In fact, it’s the only thing on my Xmas List so far.  (I should work on that, huh?)  Anyway, at this booth they had not only a fabulous demo running on the big screen, but they also had a Disney artist doing drawings for people.  I really should have stood in line for that.  :/  But on to the game.  The premise behind the game is that back when all the cartoon characters were first being created, the Sorcerer made a world for the ones that were discarded to live in.  However, while meddling, Mickey accidentally sent something dangerous into that world without knowing.  Decades later, he gets dragged into the world and thus the game begins.  Once inside, he’s armed with a paint brush, paint and paint thinner.  He can use the paint to create objects in the world and the thinner to remove them.  Considering this is a Wii game, you can see how fun this is going to be.  :p  If you want to see some great videos on it, head over to their YouTube channel.


So, yeah… EVE had a huge booth with all kinds of cool stuff on display.  Not to mention tons of comps set up with the game running on it for people to play.  It was pretty busy every time I went by.  Wasn’t expecting that for an MMO that’s been around as long as they have.  But hey, good for them.

He looks hungry…

So, pretty sure everyone knows about this game by now since it’s already out.  I’ll just leave it at: they had a really impressive booth as you can see from the photo above.  Impressive, very impressive.

Epic gaming furniture

I grabbed info from this booth, but now can’t find it.  Grrrr…  They had some really awesome stuff.  Truly fabulous tabletop gaming furniture of all sorts.  Fully customizable when you order as well.  Also, extremely pricey.  Duh.  Now back to games I didn’t spend much time with sadly, but that had really cool booths/previews…

Killzone 3

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep

Little Big Planet 2

Lord of the Rings: War in the North

Medal of Honor – Crazy wall around the whole booth was kinda cool

What a great way to preview a new MK game

Settlers of Cataan on a Microsoft Surface

Ok, so in this case, I wasn’t so much interested in the game (though I love it) but in the medium.  Playing a tabletop/board game on this is just amazing amounts of fun.  Since getting to try one out at PAX, I’ve also played other types of games on it at a Microsoft store.  Very impressive.  I look forward to the day that the price comes down and they start selling them to the general public.  A definite must-have for a serious game room then.

Can’t.  Wait.

So, I really, REALLY wanted to stand in line for this one but just couldn’t deal with the estimated 2+ hours I would have had to wait to see it.  /sigh  Oh well.  Not like there’s any doubt I’ll buy it once it comes out anyway.  :p  The demos they showed on the screen out front were very impressive.  Really looking forward to this one.

Sadly, no one to model it…

Oh so stylish…

So, Nattfodd had this plan to get us up on stage and try this game out.  That didn’t happen.  Thankfully.  So instead we decided to bet on who we thought would win each round.  I bet on the guy in the sleeveless suit.  How could I not?  As for the game, it uses the Move and seemed to be easily gamed in that all you had to do was move the controller without really moving your body at all.  Meh.  Hence why I liked the Kinect game better.

Such a great costume

So, not a game.  I have to say, there were some fabulous cosplayers out for PAX.  Best part of this costume?  She was being escorted around by Luigi.  ~giggle~

Found him!

Not a cosplayer…

Yeah, so, if you look close enough, there’s a hunting knife strapped onto this girl’s belt.  Seriously?  WTF?  Anyway, I only use this is an introduction to one of the more fabulous aspects of PAX Prime…

Strawberry Crepe

The Crepes!!!!  So, I’d never had a crepe before.  Sue me.  Anyway, everyone kept talking about the crepe place out front so when Nattfodd said he was in line for one, I headed down and tried one out.

La Creperie Voila

The one I had the first day was a “Savory Crepe” made with ham, egg and cheese.  Delicious!  The strawberry was for breakfast on the last day.  If the wait hadn’t been an hour, I’d have had a second one.  Tasty stuff.  If you hit up PAX Prime next year, definitely take the time to get one of these.  It’s right in front of the convention center so you can’t miss it.  Just look for the huge line.  😉

Turbine booth

So, both DDO and LOTRO were represented at the Turbine booth, albeit in a small way.  But hey, at least they were there.

Way cool

Didn’t get to see the game, but had to stop and take a pic of the booth.  Very nice.

One of the lesser-heard-of games…

Yeah right…anyway, Nattfodd and I played the Vs. mode of the Wii version and had a blast.  The guys in front of us weren’t fans though.  I think they wanted something a little flashier.  But hey, it’s the Wii, it’s all about a cool way to use the controller and it definitely had it.  Besides, who doesn’t want to face off mano-a-mano on Jabba’s sandbarge?  Good times.

Another low-profile game…

Sadly, every time I went over to the booth to try it out, they were shutting down to go run a panel somewhere.  Oh well.  From what I saw it was…an MMO.  Imagine that.  I wasn’t floored by what I saw, but until it goes Live, it doesn’t really matter what they show in my opinion.

Friday Night Concert series

So, both Friday and Saturday nights they had bands play in the concert hall nearby.  I missed out on Saturday night, but Nattfodd and I got to catch the Friday night series.  Really great stuff.  The bands that night were Anamanaguchi, Metroid Metal, The Protomen and The Minibosses.  My personal fav of the night was Anamanaguchi.  Good stuff.

Phat lootz!

So, I was keeping an eye on Twitter and the feeds from various studios in attendance when I saw they were giving this away at the EA booth.  Had to have.  Got.  :p  Definitely the best freebie of the weekend.

So, the utter irony of PAX for me was that the games that I liked the most while there I didn’t end up with pics of since I was too busy playing them.  hehe.  I had fun trying out ‘Deathspank: Thongs of Virtue’ while waiting to meet up with PChan.  Definitely a fabulous name for a game and the gameplay seemed pretty fun although getting around wasn’t very intuitive.  Granted, I didn’t start from the beginning but picked up in the middle of a game someone walked away from.

And yeah, I said PChan.  For those that don’t remember, he used to work on WAR but now works for NCSoft.  Was definitely cool seeing and talking to him again.  Lots of game-talk from all present and got to meet one of the Aion reps.  :p

Overall though, I spent most of my time in panels.  They had so flippin’ many that looked interesting that there was just no way to get to them all.  I hate that about conventions sometimes.  Always was a pain at Comic-Con but even moreso at PAX as they clear the rooms between panels.  Hate that.  :/  Went to a ton of panels breaking into the game industry and heard a lot of stuff I already knew.  Go figure.  😉  However, the best one in my opinion was titled “How not to get a job in the games industry”.  It was run by a couple hiring managers and used a lot of examples from real resumes that were sent in to them.  Some of the stuff people put in their resumes is crazy, let’s just leave it at that.  I got a copy of the presentation, minus the resume material, so if you’d like a copy just send me an e-mail and I’ll forward it along.

All in all, was a fantastic time.  I can’t wait to go again.  Not sure when I’ll get the chance though, but it’s now firmly on my to-do list every year if I can find the time/money.  If you get the chance to go to either PAX Prime or PAX East, definitely do it.  It’s worth it.


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  1. Telke permalink
    November 4, 2010 8:30 pm

    what IS that being shown on the giant screen? LoTRO or something? It’s not End of Nations, that’s an MMORTS, as far as I can tell

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