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An Order Guide to Zandri’s Epic Quest

July 29, 2010

To the Forces of Order,

The treasures of Zandri are many and varied.  However, some of the more sought-after are purchased with tokens like Scarabs, Ankhs, Cartouches and the harder-to-obtain Funerary Masks.

This guide will walk you through Zandri’s epic quest that rewards you with these same tokens while progressing through it, which will help speed up your purchasing of the items you desire.



An Order Guide to Zandri’s Epic Quest

  1. General Information
  2. The Quest Rewards
  3. Four Tombs for Four Pillars
  4. The Second Order of Business
  5. The Dark Heart of Zandri
  6. And Then…

1.  General Information

Zandri’s Epic Quest is actually a multi-quest story arc that takes you on a whirlwind tour of Zandri’s Public Quests, Lairs and ultimately, its Dungeon.

Hence, the quest actually rewards you in two ways:  the rewards it gives and the rewards you earn in the content it takes you through.

Only by navigating all these hurdles will the ultimate treasures of Zandri be yours for the taking.

The initial quest can be obtained in the Goldbarrow Warcamp in the Necropolis of Zandri once you are Rank 35.

Goldbarrow Expedition Warcamp

2.  The Quest Rewards

Along with Experience, each step of the quest will reward you with a different token.  Here are the tokens you can earn and how many you’ll get in total from the quest itself.

Silver Scarab – 6

Golden Scarab – 10

Silver Ankh – 1

Golden Cartouche – 7

Sacred Funerary Mask – 1

Now that you have an idea of what it is you’re working towards, let’s start the first quest!

3.  Four Tombs for Four Pillars

This land is cursed, that much is obvious.  That we have been sent here proves that we, too, have been cursed.
~Calvan Teurin

Calvan Teurin stands at approximately (59310, 46465) in the Goldbarrow Warcamp in the Necropolis of Zandri.  When you are at least Rank 35 and are ready to start your epic journey, talk to him and obtain the quest “Four Tombs for Four Pillars”.  Your journey has now begun…

Our scouts have recently located the body of a Dark Elf; a victim of this land’s hostile fauna.  Upon the corpse they found this: the Eye of Seheph, the artifact taken from Sigmar’s Temple in Altdorf.

The power of the Eye has never been completely understood, but out enemy’s interest in it lends some credibility to our fears.  Of all the wonders in the Temple, both magical and mundane, the Dark Elf thieves took only this.

I have determined that the Eye must be able to pinpoint the locations of hidden Nehekharan artifices.  With the Eye, our enemies had hoped to locate something in Zandri that would turn the war in their favor.  Now we must use the Eye to deny them such an advantage.

Take the Eye of Seheph and venture to the west.  Seek out the force of undead which continues to attack our camp.  Take what allies you can along, for you will need them.  Destroy the creature that leads this arm, then see what wonders the Eye can reveal.

  • Participate in completing the Amsu’s Charge PQ to receive the Horse Glyph (it will go into your Tome of Knowledge).

Upon accepting this quest, you will be given the Eye of Seheph.

It will automatically be placed in your quest inventory.  Go find it there right away so you know what it looks like as you’ll be using it quite a bit during this quest.

Important Note: If for some reason your quest bugs out and will not progress by using the Eye of Seheph, destroy the Eye by dragging it out of your inventory and then go speak to Calvan Teurin again.  He will give you the quest ‘Divine Intervention’ which provides you with a new Eye and that will usually fix the issue.  Of course, this is how you also get a new Eye if you accidentally destroy your first one as well.

Do you not realize the value of the Eye of Seheph?  Understand that to lose the Eye is to lose the war!

Through the grace of almighty Sigmar I can retrieve it … for the time being.  In the future, however, you must take more care with this important artifact!

Now stand aside while I beg Sigmar for his aid and forgiveness!

  • Take the Eye of Seheph, freshly returned from where you lost it, from Calvan Teurin.

Amsu’s Temple

Once you’ve familiarized yourself with the Eye of Seheph, charge headlong into Amsu.  😉  He can usually be found just down the main road from Goldbarrow.  Push him all the way back to his temple and finish him off to receive the Horse Glyph and complete this stage of the quest.  Once done, use the Eye of Seheph to receive your reward.

You produce the Eye of Seheph from within your pack and peer at it curiously, unsure of how to employ the medallion properly.  After a moment’s thought, you instinctively raise the gold disk to your eye and peer into the milky-white gem at its center.

  • Rewards:  XP + Silver Scarab

Your mind’s eye is wrenched violently away from the present and is instantly transported to the exterior of an ancient Nehekharan temple that is bounded by standing stones.  Bony shapes writhe beneath the earth surrounding the temple, and twinkling lights around the stones shimmer like distant stars.

A sudden radiance, brighter than the others, bursts like a small sun from within the temple.  You recoil despite yourself, and find that you have returned to your senses.  A single word, spoken in a distant and echoing voice, reverberates in your mind:


The vision ends as suddenly as it began, taking your breath away.  You have a memory of this temple, having seen it from afar.  Whatever it is that you seek, it would seem to be located there.

  • Participate in completing the Nikosi Temple PQ to receive the Reed Glyph (it will go into your Tome of Knowledge).

Nikosi Temple

Upon accepting the quest, head up the road back towards Goldbarrow and take a right into Nikosi Temple.  Once you’ve defeated Sah Akhet and gained the Reed Glyph, use the Eye of Seheph to receive your reward.

With the death of Sah Akhet at the Nikosi Temple, you find yourself in possession of another strange Nehekharan Glyph.  The Eye of Seheph hums and pulses in the Glyph’s presence.  Obviously this Glyph is what hte Eye of Seheph drew you to the Nikosi Temple to recover.

  • Rewards:  XP + Silver Scarab

Given your task as detailed by Calvan Teurin, the Eye of Seheph is a necessary evil which is required to recover additional Glyphs.  To resist its power is to fail, unless its power can be mastered somehow.  With a sigh, you raise the Eye and peer into it again.

The vision, this time oppressive and all-consuming, overcomes your consciousness.  You see a bright light on the horizon, silhouetting an armor-clad figure that stands nearby.  The light, purple in hue, obscures all the Eye once revealed.

If you are to gain the insight of the Eye of Seheph and continue your quest, then this armored figure and the purple light he conjures must be disposed of.

  • Defeat the armored figure revealed by your vision and neutralize the Pandemonium Orb that blinds the Eye of Seheph.

Raven’s Wing and the Pandemonium Orb

Head back down the road towards where you finished off Amsu and you’ll see your target off to the side in some ruins.  Once your confrontation is over, use the Eye to continue.

You cautiously prod the Pandemonium Orb with your foot before using the Eye of Seheph to examine it from a distance.

Though it seemed to be larger, the Pandemonium Orb has been revealed to be a marble-sized sphere.  The small glass ball radiates a dim and unhealthy purple light.  Though it is infused with some kind of Chaos magic, it seems largely benign in nature.

The Raven’s Wing obviously used this trinket as bait to draw you here.  In the future, you will have to be more mindful of your investigations.

  • Rewards:  XP + Silver Scarab

With the Pandemonium Orb neutralized, the Eye of Seheph reveals another light nearby.  Similar in color and brightness to the ones that led you to Amsu’s Charge and the Nikosi Temple, the tell-tale sign of another Glyph pulses slowly like a beating heart, buried beneath the ground.

The skies above the light are infested by the undead Carrion — creatures that feast upon the putrid remains of anything unlucky enough to venture into their domain.  A voice in your mind speaks two words: ‘Aped Hek.’

  • Participate in completing the Carrion Nest PQ to receive the Vulture Glyph (it will go into your Tome of Knowledge).

Carrion Nest

The Carrion Nest is back towards Goldbarrow using either the left path or the road you came down.  Once you’ve finished off Aped Hek, use the Eye of Seheph to receive your reward.

With Aped Hek dead, you can claim the Nehekharan Glyph from the dessicated husk of his corpse.  Though stained with the bodily fluids of the massive Carrion’s prey, the Glyph is unarguably the source of Nehekharan magic within the Aerie of Death.

  • Rewards:  XP + Silver Scarab

Continuing your search for the Nehekharan Glyphs, you stare into the milky gem that glitters at the center of the Eye of Seheph.  On the horizon, another glowing form can be seen twinkling like a midnight star.

As the vision draws closer, you see the distant light is nestled amidst a busy quarry where the bones of the long-dead are harvested like valuable ore and assembled into constructs of monstrous power.

  • Participate in completing the Quarry of Bone PQ to receive the Scroll Glyph (it will go into your Tome of Knowledge).

Quarry of Bone

Head back down the road away from Goldbarrow and take a left into the Quarry.  Once you’ve faced Wer Sebek and lived to tell the tale, use the Eye of Seheph in your inventory to receive your reward.

With the destruction of Wer Sebek, a Bone Giant of sinister power, you find yourself in possession of yet another Glyph!

  • Rewards:  XP + Silver Scarab

The Eye of Seheph presents you with one final vision as you peer into its center.

A number of Tombs, scattered across Zandri’s wasted landscape, pulse with hidden power.  Your minds eyes is taken to the nearest of the four, which lies along the river bank to the north of Goldbarrow.

The doorway leading into the tomb is carved with symbols that look to be copied from two of the Glyphs you’ve recovered.  What’s more interesting is that you see Raven’s Wing, the Chosen who ambushed you earlier, inspecting the door with otherworldly diligence.

The time has come for Raven’s Wing to meet his doom at your hands.

  • Travel to the nearby tomb, located along the southern coast of the river and to the north of the Goldbarrow camp.  When you arrive, defeat the Raven’s Wing, and search anything he leaves behind for information.

Raven’s Wing by the Tomb of the Sky

Remember this guy?  Head down to the tomb and make sure he’s dead this time.  Once done, read the Faceless Scroll and then use the Eye of Seheph to receive your reward.

The scroll has been wrought from skin that once covered a human face.

The Raven’s Wing, who only moments before was defeated by your hand, has been using the information that is tattooed upon this scroll to locate the four tombs and the Nehekharan Glyphs they are related to.

  • Rewards:  XP + Silver Scarab

The Faceless Scroll writhes in your hand as your eyes strain to decipher the markings upon it.  A map, crudely-drawn, depicts the land of Zandri and the locations of the four tombs that you saw in your vision.

‘The Glyphs are the Keys and the doors are locked to all who do not possess them,’ the Faceless Scroll reads.  ‘The Glyphs, in proper combination with each other, will breach the tombs.  Nothing else will suffice.’

This information will be of use to Calvan Teurin and the forces of Order.

  • Return to the Goldbarrow camp and speak to Calvan Teurin

If Order is in control of Land of the Dead, just jump in the River Mortis for a quick trip back to Goldbarrow.  Otherwise, mount up and ride back to complete the quest.

I have anxiously awaited you, <your name here>.  That you have returned is a harbinger of hope.  What is that you have learned?  I see that you still possess the Eye of Seheph, but what of the Glyphs and their purpose?

A map showing the locations of the four tombs?  Truly?  You are a gift from Sigmar in our direst moment!  Until now, our efforts in this forsaken wasteland have been fruitless and without vigor.

Though it is not much, I offer you this meager reward for your aid.  Do not stray far, for we have need of a doughty <your class here> such as yourself in Zandri!

  • Rewards:  XP + Golden Scarab

Thus ends Four Tombs for Four Pillars.

4.  The Second Order of Business

How can a race as ancient as that of Khemri exist for so long, yet achieve not a whit of enlightenment?
~Desmond Koehler

Desmond Koehler stands at approximately (58393, 46268) in the Goldbarrow Warcamp in the Necropolis of Zandri.  When you are at least Rank 38 and are ready to continue your epic journey, talk to him and obtain the quest “The Second Order of Business”.  Your journey continues…

You’re <your name here>, the one that Calvan has been going on about?  Those’re amazing tales he’s told me about you.  Simply amazing!  He’s also told me about the Glyphs you found.  I’m afraid it’s time for you to gather the last of them.

You see, Teurin came to me for advice on the magical aspects of the Nehekharan trinkets you took.  He allowed me to get a look at the Eye of Seheph, too.  It’s an amazing artifact, the Eye.  It allows you to see the Winds of Magic … as well as something more.

Using the Eye of Seheph, I’ve managed to isolate the locations of six more Glyphs out there in the desert.  I’ve marked the locations on this map, along with some notes.  Take it, and refer to it when you need to.  Return to me when you have all of the Glyphs.

  • Inspect the map given to you by Desmond Koehler to learn where the first of the six remaining Glyphs is to be found.

Upon accepting this quest, you will automatically be given the Map of Zandri.

It will automatically be placed in your quest inventory.  Go find it there right away so you know what it looks like as you’ll be using it quite a bit during this quest.

Important Note: If for some reason your quest bugs out and will not progress by using the Map of Zandri, destroy the Map by dragging it out of your inventory and then go speak to Desmond Koehler again.  He will give you the quest ‘Is There an Extra Map?’ which provides you with a new Map and that will usually fix the issue.  Of course, this is how you also get a new Map if you accidentally destroy your first one as well.

You’ve lost my map?  Of all the bothersome …!

It’s a good thing I didn’t give you the Eye of Seheph.  Losing it would be a far greater disaster than losing my map, despite the fact that our enemies would doubtless enjoy having it in their possession.

Stand fast, <your name here>.  I think I have another copy somewhere hereabouts.

  • Take the new copy of the Map of Zandri from Desmond Koehler.

Once you’ve found the map in your quest inventory, use it to receive your reward.

The Map of Zandri given to you by Desmond Koehler is expertly-drawn, with detailed notes scrawled upon its surface in a precise script.  The edges are singed, as if it was once exposed to a great heat.

  • Rewards:  XP + Golden Scarab

Desmond’s Map of Zandri reveals the location of the nearest Nehekharan Glyph: a series of mastabas to the west of Goldbarrow.  A precisely-drawn notation reads:

‘The Tombs of the Bitter Wind must remain sealed if Hamadi Nuru is to appear with the Glyph!’

  • Participate in completing the Tombs of the Bitter Wind PQ to receive the Ankhra Glyph (it will go into your Tome of Knowledge).

Tombs of the Bitter Wind

Time to head out into the real desert of Zandri.  Mount up and ride all the way down the road leading out of Goldbarrow and you’ll run smack into the Tombs of the Bitter Wind.  If you can defeat the wily Hamadi Nuru, use the Map to continue along your journey.

Now that Hamadi Nuru is dead and you possess his Nehekharan Glyph, you pull out the Map of Zandri and check your next destination.

  • Rewards:  XP + Golden Scarab

The next location marked on your map is a large stone building just southwest of the Tombs of the Bitter Wind.  Desmond Koehler has written the following text on the map:

‘The Library of Zandri; the texts therein must be preserved to earn the Glyph.’

  • Participate in completing the Library of Zandri PQ to receive the Vase Glyph (it will go into your Tome of Knowledge).

The Library of Zandri

Head on over to the Library and defeat the fabled monsters within, then use the Map of Zandri to receive your rewards.

The Library has been saved from the Tomb King’s minions.  You find it somewhat ironic that you were sent on an errand by a Bright Wizard to prevent something from being burned.

What could possibly be next?

  • Rewards:  XP + Golden Scarab

A number of vague areas in the desert surrounding the Library of Zandri are circled on the map.  ‘Ricci’s Raiders’ has been written next to the circle, followed by the words:

‘Stinking bandit swine!  They have what I sent them for, but I doubt they intend to bring it to me.  Fetch it from them, and you might just find the Glyph, too.’

It looks as if Desmond has been paying others to do his dirty work in Zandri.  Lucky for him, you’re more trustworthy than the Tilean bandits he’s been using.

  • Participate in completing the Ricci’s Raiders PQ to receive the Scorpion Glyph (it will go into your Tome of Knowledge).

Ricci’s Raiders

You may have to check all the different marked areas on your map to find these bandits as they roam around.  Once you find them, attack them to start the PQ.  Once done, use the Map of Zandri to receive your reward.

Important Note: If this quest is going to bug out, it will do it here.  Using the Map of Zandri generally does nothing.  Instead, return to Desmond Koehler and see if he’ll complete your quest.  If he won’t, delete your Map and obtain a new one to complete the quest as outlined above.

Though the artifact stolen by the Raiders had to be destroyed, the Glyph contained within it is now in your possession.

Unfurling the Map of Zandri, you take a long look at it before deciding your next destination.

  • Rewards:  XP + Golden Scarab

Northwest of the Library of Zandri is a place referred to only as ‘The Pit’ by Desmond’s precise handwriting.  He goes on to say:

‘The Pit of Kem Senef is a wicked place where the worst of Zandri’s miscreants were thrown and forgotten millenia ago.  The vilest of them, Kem Senef, possesses the Glyph.  He probably stole it.’

To claim the next Glyph you must confront Kem Senef within the Pit and see him destroyed.

  • Participate in completing the Pit of Kem Senef PQ to receive the Scarab Glyph (it will go into your Tome of Knowledge).

The Pit of Kem Senef, the Traitor

Once you’ve reached the Pit, go ahead and take the Glyph from the Chest sitting there in front of you.  ~giggle~  Anyway…once you’ve confronted Kem Senef, use the Map of Zandri to receive your reward.

Kem Senef the Traitor has finally been laid to rest, as have the teeming multitudes of condemned Outcasts that were under his control.  The Glyph you’ve taken from him is no less remarkable for his prior possession of it.

In fact, having the Glyphs you’ve collected thus far in one place seems to multiply their power exponentially.

  • Rewards:  XP + Golden Scarab

Desmond’s scrawls upon the map draw your eye to the river which lies to the north, and to the docks in particular.  ‘The Quay of Seftu,’ reads the notation, an arrow designating its exact location.  More expansive notes read:

‘The Quay is a valuable foothold in Zandri.  We must take it and continue to defend it.  Gahije, captain of Zandri’s fleet in the Great Ocean, will eventually come to challenge us.  You will find another Glyph with him.’

Whether or not the Quay is currently held by your allies, you will need to ensure that the Tomb King’s troops are deprived of it during their next assault.

  • Participate in completing the Quay of Seftu PQ to receive the Riverbarge Glyph (it will go into your Tome of Knowledge).

The Quay of Seftu

Make your way north to the Quay and gain control of it.  Once you’ve obtained the Riverbarge Glyph, use the Map of Zandri to receive your reward.

The Map of Zandri reveals one last location that you must dare to enter if you are to take the last Glyph for the forces of Order.

  • Rewards:  XP + Golden Scarab

Zandri’s pyramid, otherwise known as the Tomb of the Vulture Lord, stands due west of the Quay of Seftu.  During the long, hot daylight hours, its terrible shadow pans across the landscape like a death shroud, reminding all who walk beneath it that there is only one true power in Zandri.

As luck may have it, your next destination is the Vulture Lord’s very doorstep, marked as ‘The Temple of Ualatp’ in Desmond’s now-familiar script.

‘The pyramid’s architects,’ his notation reveals, ‘are buried somewhere beneath the Temple grounds.  Each one must be found and consulted if the Tomb of the Vulture Lord is to be opened, which will reveal the final Glyph.’

  • Participate in completing the Temple of Ualatp PQ to receive the Skull Glyph (it will go into your Tome of Knowledge).

The Temple of Ualatp

Head west past the reflecting pool and the Colossus and make sure you have a group of at least six people as every one of you will be needed to complete your task.  Once you’ve finished off the Tomb’s guardian, head back to Goldbarrow and talk to Desmond Koehler to complete your quest.

Welcome back to Goldbarrow, <your name here>!  I have been waiting for you.  Of all those I have come to know in this conflict, I have not once doubted your capabilities.

Ha!  I’d nearly forgotten ‘Fire in the Sun!’  It makes your successes in Zandri that much sweeter, like honey-wine upon thirsty lips!

  • Rewards:  XP + Golden Scarab

You may want to relax, but now isn’t the time for that.  Your trials have only just begun, for the Tombs of the Four Pillars still remain to be plundered.

The Glyphs will allow you to access the Tombs, one by one, but you should not attempt to do so alone.  No one knows the magnitude of the horrors that reside within these cradles of evil.  I fear you will need at least five appropriately-equipped companions at your side.

I’ve marked the Tombs on the Map of Zandri I gave you; you can assault them in any order of your choosing, so long as you can defeat their inhabitants and collect the four Pillars of Seheph.

When you have the four Pillars of Seheph, bring them back to me and we will use them to create something extraordinary!

  • With your companions, travel to the Tombs of the Four Pillars.  Enter the Tombs and do battle with their occupants, and collect the four Pillars of Seheph.  Each of the Pillars is located in the Tomb that corresponds to it.

Unlike the rest of the quest up to this point, you are now gated by your overall game progression.  These Tombs are Warded encounters, meaning you will need to have obtained the required Ward to be successful.  The Ward required here is the Lesser Ward.  Luckily, you can technically obtain a full set of Lesser Ward Fragments by the time you are Rank 36.

(For more information on how to obtain Wards, go here.  For info on how they work, go here.)

Once you have a full group of six appropriately-Warded people, head out to complete each of the four Tombs.  Each Tomb is marked on your map.  There are two on the Order side of the River Mortis and two on the Destruction side.

The Tomb of the Sky is located at approximately (60293, 32047).

The Tomb of the Moon is located at approximately (10289, 48890).

The Tomb of the Sun is located at approximately (14352, 3473).

The Tomb of the Stars is located at approximately (59179, 25035).

A basic overview of each Tomb can be found here.  Once done with all four, return to Desmond Koehler for your reward.

The most difficult of your tasks have been completed!  The gratitude of all the good peoples in this world is to be heaped upon you and your companions!

  • Rewards:  XP + Golden Scarab

The four Pillars of Seheph should lock together rather simply.  See the notches there?  And there?  With the proper effort, they can be combined into Ialu’s Scepter.

The only component that you lack is the Eye of Seheph, but I have it right here.  Take it and the four Pillars to the reflecting pool that sits before the Tomb of the Vulture Lord.  You will find it in the ruins west of the Quay of Seftu.

Bathe the Pillars and the Eye in the waters of the reflecting pool, and then assemble them into the Scepter.  Once this is done, we will have been gifted with an artifact that will give us power over the Casket of Souls!

  • Locate the reflecting pool to the west of the Quay of Seftu.  When you arrive, step into the pool and use the four Pillars in your inventory to combine them with the Eye, thereby assembling the pieces into Ialu’s Scepter.

The Reflecting Pool

Mount up and head to the Quay of Seftu.  Just west of it lies the reflecting pool.  Go down to the end closest to the Tomb of the Vulture Lord, walk down the steps into the pool and use the items in your quest inventory to complete your task.

This reflecting pool looks to have stood here forever in perpetual honor to the Vulture Lord.  A faint scent of stagnant decay blows off the water’s surface, filling your nostrils with a privy’s cloying stench.

  • Rewards:  XP + Golden Scarab

Working quickly, you dip each of the Pillars of Seheph into the filthy water of the reflecting pool.  As you do so, you assemble the pieces.  Each of the Pillars fits together with a comforting ‘snap!’ leaving you with a smooth gold rod that is nearly four feet in length.

Last of all, you bathe the Eye of Seheph in the water before placing it atop the assembled Pillars, creating Ialu’s Scepter.

Here’s where you want to stand

All of the items will combine into Ialu’s Scepter, which will then be placed in your quest inventory.

Make note of what it looks like in your inventory as you will need it later on.  Once done, head back to Goldbarrow and talk to Desmond Koehler to complete your quest.

You can rest now, <your name here>, but not for long.  You have been to many terrible places, and faced horrible odds against our enemies.

Now that we have Ialu’s Scepter, our next task will be to find the Casket of Souls within the Tomb of the Vulture Lord and take possession of it before the forces of Destruction can do the same.

I will send news of your success to Vanden Lightwind, an Archmage of Saphery.  It is her counsel you should seek prior to entering the Pyramid.

  • Rewards:  XP + Silver Ankh

Thus ends The Second Order of Business.

5.  The Dark Heart of Zandri

Nothing lives in this wasted place, but for us and our enemies.
~Vanden Lightwind

Vanden Lightwind stands at approximately (58589, 46334) in the Goldbarrow Warcamp in the Necropolis of Zandri.  When you are ready to continue your epic journey, talk to her/him/? and obtain the quest “The Dark Heart of Zandri”.  Your journey nears its end…

I am Vanden Lightwind, Archmage of Hoeth.  I have been sent to this desolate land by Finubar to oversee our final push into yonder Pyramid.  None have ever entered the interminable structure and returned to tell the tale, which is an ominous portent.

We have only the faintest inkling of what is happening within the Pyramid.  Within those ancient walls rests a Casket of Souls: the goal of our enemies.  We must destroy the Casket before they can claim it, else our friends and family will suffer for our folly.

Once you have ventured into the Tomb of the Vulture Lord, you will find little respite from its torments.  Your reemergence from the depths of that dark place cannot be taken for granted.

Along with your trusted companions, take Ialu’s Scepter and this Dwarf bomb.  The Scepter will protect you from the Casket’s power, so do not lose it!  As to the bomb, you will need it to destroy the Casket.

  • Travel to the Tomb of the Vulture Lord.  Enter the Tomb and search for clues and potential allies.

The Tomb of the Vulture Lord

Upon accepting the quest, you will receive the Dwarf bomb in your inventory.

It is now time to assemble a group to enter the most difficult dungeon in the game … and complete it.

Like the previous quest, progression in this quest is gated, but in two ways.  It is gated by Wards as this dungeon requires the Greater Ward, but it is also gated simply by gear.  If your group meets the Greater Ward requirement, but does not exceed it in terms of overall gear level, you will most likely fall far short of completing this dungeon.  You may be able to defeat the first couple of bosses, but that may be it.

Regardless, once you feel you are ready to proceed into the Tomb of the Vulture Lord, assemble your group, open the door to the Tomb and enter.  In the middle of the first room, you will come across Adom Fusa’ni.

The lands of my childhood were not always the dry, barren wastes that surround this tomb.  They were once lush, green, and teeming with life.
~Adom Fusa’ni

Converse with him to receive your reward.

Welcome, outlander, to the Tomb of the Vulture Lord.  Few of your brethren have made it this far, and fewer still will survive the rigors within.

  • Rewards:  XP + Golden Cartouche

Sheath your weapons and forgive my halting speech.  Obviously, I am not of your ilk, outlander, nor are you of mine.  We are both pawns of higher powers, placed upon a game board for reasons that neither of us can fully comprehend.

Know that I will follow your movements within this Tomb, but be not threatened by that knowledge.  I am not here to hinder you, as you might believe.  Rather, I would enlist your services if you are to prove yourself worthy of such an honor.

Until then, I bid you take care.  The horrors of this Tomb are not for the faint of heart.  Like as not, you will die within the cold embrace of this holy place, your passing a dire warning to others who seek to challenge the rule of the Vulture Lord.

  • Defeat the Hand of Khsar.  He stands before the Regiment of Khsar inside the Tomb of the Vulture Lord.

Make your way through the Axe Trap and into the next room.  Once you’ve defeated the Hand of Khsar, continue deeper into the Tomb and find Adom Fusa’ni again and speak to him.

You have survived the Regiment of Khsar!  What an auspicious occasion!

Know now that I am in bonded service to the Vulture Lord’s Hierophant, Eutra’ta.  She holds the loftiest post within the Tomb King’s mortuary cult.  All other priests are beneath her, as is fitting to one of her birth.

Despite her obvious superiority, not all of Eutra’ta’s servants are as willing to serve her as I am.  Such malcontents must be purged, and I would enlist your assistance in this task.

  • Rewards:  XP + Golden Cartouche

I do not expect you to aid me so soon; I will, in fact, offer you a morsel of my knowledge going forward so that you may make your decision after learning the truth of my words.  Pay heed, for I will not speak them again.

Beyond these caverns, which are infested by flesh-hungry Scarabs, lies the treasury of Amenemhetum.  Known as Usirian’s Vault, the treasury contains all of my lord’s wealth.  It is protected by a Golden Golem the likes of which you have never seen.

The Golem will seek to harm those of your companions who have partaken of the Tomb King’s riches.  Understand this, for it may mean the difference between your life and your death.

I will await you on the other side of Usirian’s Vault.

  • Defeat Usirian’s Keeper.  He defends Usirian’s Vault inside the Tomb of the Vulture Lord.

Make your way through the Dart Trap, past the scarab spawns and into the Vault.  Once you’ve defeated Usirian’s Keeper, make your way further into the Tomb and speak with Adom Fusa’ni again.

The Golem has been destroyed!  Your power and skill of arms is without question!  I expect that you are truly the ones to aid my mistress.  In return, I can guarantee that she will be most grateful.

  • Rewards:  XP + Golden Cartouche

Having proven yourselves to me, I hope that I, in turn, have proven myself to you.  The Golem was not an easy foe, yet you have trounced it as no others have.  I dare to say that you may be foes worthy enough to face the Tomb King himself!

In the Sepulcher of Souls, beyond the trap of flame you see before you, reigns an arrogant High Priest known as Herakh.  Herakh oversees the creation of the Vulture Lord’s armies within the Pyramid.  As a result, he possesses much power in the eyes of the Tomb King.  This power has made him greedy, and he plans to vie for the position of Hierophant.

My mistress, Hierophant Eutra’ta, wishes to see Herakh destroyed before he can realize his goal of dominion.  In exchange, she will see you rewarded by allowing you access to the Casket of Souls.

What say you?

  • Participate in the completion of the Sepucher of Swords, Ossuary of the Annointed, and the Hall of the Awakening public quests inside the Tomb of the Vulture Lord.

After making your way carefully through the Fire Trap, confront Herakh.  Defeat him in all three of his incarnations and then speak with Adom Fusa’ni again for your reward.

Herakh’s cries were loud enough for me to hear.  My mistress will be pleased to learn of his demise, for he had earned it a thousand times over.

I know that you yearn for the Casket of Souls, outlander.  Do not concern yourself with such a trivial thing, for it will be within your grasp soon enough.  Unfortunately, the remainder of the Tomb sits between you and your prize.

  • Rewards:  XP + Golden Cartouche

The chamber to the north, called the Sepulcher of Eternity, is home to the three mortuary cult’s High Priests: Akil the Shrewd, Tumaini the Hopeless, and Jahi the Indignant.

Millennia ago, these three High Priests entered what my people call the ‘Death Sleep’ and were interred within great Tomb Scorpions.  They return to serve the Vulture Lord in times of great need.  Such a time is now at hand, and their arrival is impending.

To proceed towards your goal, you will have little choice but to face these three High Priests.  They are not fond of one another, but they will rally against a common foe.  Such is your burden if you are to claim the Casket of Souls.

  • Defeat the three High Priests:  Akil the Shrewd, Tumaini the Hopeless and Jahi the Indignant.  They can be found in the Sepulcher of Eternity inside the Tomb of the Vulture Lord.

Make your way up the ramp and into the Sepulcher of Eternity.  Once you’ve defeated the Terrible Trio, speak again with Adom Fusa’ni.

Once again I am amazed by your tenacity.  Lesser creatures would have given up hope by now, yet you have proven your worth time and time again.

  • Rewards:  XP + Golden Cartouche

Mistress Eutra’ta awaits you in the Sepulcher of Dominion, which lies up this passage to the north.  I daresay that she will present you with your proper reward, for your deeds have cemented her authority within Amenemhetum’s mortuary cult.

As to me, I do not know if we shall meet again.  I have duties of my own to attend to, for there are vacancies in the cult hierarchy which must be filled.

You have my continued respect and admiration, outlanders.  Go now, and meet with Eutra’ta so that you might claim your reward.

  • Defeat Hierophant Eutra’ta in the Sepulcher of Dominion of the Tomb of the Vulture Lord.

It’s a trap!  ~giggle~  Once you’ve defeated Heirophant Eutra’ta, make your way further into the Tomb and talk again to Adom Fusa’ni to receive your reward.

Wha–!  This is impossible!!  How come you to be here?!

  • Rewards:  XP + Golden Cartouche

My mistress attempted to kill you?  Are you certain?  She attested to me that you would be well-rewarded for the tasks you have completed!  By Ualatp, I swear it!  Eutra’ta lied, as she is wont to do when dealing with interlopers such as you!

Seeing that you have destroyed Eutra’ta so easily, I can ascertain that my ruin would prove to be a trivial task.  I beg you to spare me, for I will not attempt to impede your progress!  In fact, I will tell you what else I know if you stay your hand!

There is but one end to your quest now, and it lies beyond the rising passage of the Tomb’s Ascension.  At the very top you will find the Vulture Lord and his Casket of Souls.

Fear me not, <your name here>!  I will leave you to your task.  Should you fail, the Vulture Lord will see to it that I, too, am made to suffer for offering you succor.

Now go!

  • Defeat Tomb King Amenemhetum, the Vulture Lord.  He resides in the deepest chamber found inside Tomb of the Vulture Lord.  Only then will you be able to use Ialu’s Scepter and the Dwarf Bomb to destroy the Casket of Souls.

The Casket of Souls awaits you…

By now, you and your group should be a well-oiled machine.  At least, you better hope you are.  The Vulture Lord does not take kindly to uninvited guests…  Once you make it through the Aerie and finally manage to defeat him, or at least appear to…, interact with the Casket of Souls to destroy it.  Once done, return to Vanden Lightwind for your reward.

You return to Goldbarrow, brave <your name here>!  What tales have you to tell us?  What victories have you secured?

  • Rewards:  XP + Golden Cartouche

It is beyond the grasp of our enemies, then, this Casket for which Destruction’s wolves once fought and died!

It was a powerful artifact, make no mistake.  Countless heroes have found their ends within its sculptured confines.  Though powerful, we dared not use the Casket.  In doing so, we would have proven ourselves no better than our enemies.

I will lead the next expedition into the Pyramid and see to it that the Vulture Lord’s remaining artifacts are properly contained or disposed of.

As to you, <your name here>, you must take news of your success to General Albrecht in Altdorf.  He will appreciate hearing the story from you first-hand, especially since you played no small part in the destruction of the Casket.

  • Travel to the Palace in Altdorf and seek an audience with Emperor Karl Franz.

Yeah, he said General Albrecht.  Oh well.  Anyway, fly back to Altdorf and head into the Palace to receive your final reward.

The big man himself.

From the looks of you, you’ve recently returned from the southern deserts.  Come you from Zandri?

Ah, yes!  The Casket of Souls!  I have kept a close watch on this matter, <your name here>, and your name has arisen often as I have heard reports of our progress.  You’ve proved to be quite a gallant hero.  For that, all of Order’s children look to you with gratitude!

Some may feel that words of thanks are empty incentives when compared to the risking of life and limb.  Whether or not you are one such individual is unimportant, for I will see to it that you are properly rewarded for your part in destroying the Casket of Souls.

Rest upon your laurels, my friend, but do not grow too comfortable.  Our enemies have been deprived of their weapon for the time being, but they will continue to strive for our blood until we have destroyed them all.

  • Rewards:  XP + Sacred Funerary Mask

And thus ends your epic journey through the Necropolis of Zandri and the Tomb of the Vulture Lord.  But if you’ve come this far, why stop now…?

6.  And Then…

Sure, you’ve just cleared the hardest six-man dungeon in the game, completed the most Epic quest in the game, and received a ton of tokens to spend on all the items in Goldbarrow.  Ok, so maybe not ALL the items.  You’re still missing one final item that doesn’t come from any quest or piddly six-man dungeon.

Torn Page of the Liber Mortis

If you want it all, you’ll still need a couple of those.

Upon killing King Amenemhetum, everyone in your group receives a 15-minute buff.  This buff goes away if you die, so don’t die!  What does it do?

Head over to this guide to find out.  Oh…and bring some friends…you’re gonna need them.

Have fun!


(Special thanks goes to the Insignificant Alliance and their friends on Iron Rock.  Without their help, this guide couldn’t have been made.)

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  1. July 30, 2010 2:19 am

    Thank you. I have done 1/3 of the steps. Will now finish the other 2/3…


  2. Crin permalink
    July 30, 2010 11:22 am

    Thanks! Now we just need a guide to the bosses (or more specifically, what to do and not do so they don’t bug out if/when you wipe) :).

    • gaarawarr permalink
      July 30, 2010 1:52 pm

      Funny you should mention that…

  3. Nacireman permalink
    July 30, 2010 1:26 pm

    Wish I could get people that are doing pqs in lotd and not just grinding from 10 to 40 on my server.

    • gaarawarr permalink
      July 30, 2010 1:53 pm

      If you’re doing TotVL with a group, it’s to your group’s benefit to go back and do these steps to get your purchasable pieces a bit quicker. A secondary effect is that when you need to fill a spot, it’s easy to bribe people to come along by being able to pass all the masks since your group has them already.


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