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Weekend Warfront: Deadly Embrace

July 16, 2010

Ahhh…and so we return.

Khaine’s Embrace is back!!!

Always a good time.

Have fun!


The ruined landscape of the Blighted Isle hides an ancient and terrible site: the altar of Khaine within which rests the infamous Sword of Khaine.  Now both Order and Destruction forces converge upon the gore-soaked rise:  Destruction determined to secure the Sword and Order determined to prevent any hand from drawing Vaul’s creation ever again.

Deadly Embrace – Weekend Warfront (July 16th – 19th, 2010)

The Khaine’s Embrace scenario is open again for characters of all levels!  Target those marked by Khaine, /gloat over the bodies of the fallen, and win a decisive victory against your enemies!

  • Basic Reward – Level-appropriate Healing potion

  • Advanced Reward – Vanquisher’s Boon – Buff that awards extra Emblems from Scenarios based on the score.

  • Elite Reward – Celebratory Horn (Pocket Item)

The Live Event Herald for Order is named Kadius Kridt and is located at (26776, 30868) by the Flight Master in Altdorf.  The Live Event Herald for Destruction is named Kralf Hexenkrieger and is located at (29455, 32368) by the Flight Master in the Inevitable City.

General Information

Deadly Embrace started July 16th and will run through July 19th.  The task list is the same regardless of Tier/Realm.

There is a bonus to Experience and Renown while in this Scenario, making it the place to be this weekend!

Note: I have pulled some amazing renown gains out of the Weekend Warfront scenarios (ie: well over 10k for multiple scenarios), so it’s definitely worth it to queue for this scenario simply for that 10% bonus.

Khaine’s Embrace.  aka: The Firebreathing Lizard of Doom map.  While it seems straightforward at first glance, this map affords multiple options for victory.  Sneakiness abounds here despite most fights being very straightforward and bloody.  And then there’s the bomb.  I’ll just say this:  Root + Embrace = win

Weekend Event Tasks

  • Defeat 25 Marked targets


  • Defeat 30 enemy realm players in the Khaine’s Embrace scenario
  • Target and /gloat over the corpse of each enemy career type
  • Win a Khaine’s Embrace scenario with 500 points
  • Complete all Deadly Embrace tasks

The Task List is the same as the last time it was here, so a relatively easy weekend event.  Putting the Celebratory Horn in the Advanced Reward slot was a good move. I blame what I typed on the shock of seeing different reward orders than usual.  My bad.  The Boon is in the second slot, Horn in final.  Still better than the usual craptastic potions. People in lower Tiers really do have use for the Vanquisher’s Boon and now maybe people will work on the Tasks a bit more just to get the second reward which means the scenario will pop more often for everyone.  Good times.

Title:  The Embraced

but..but…I said I was sorry!

Have fun!


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  1. July 19, 2010 5:40 pm

    When did they decide to make the rewards somewhat worthy for T4 players? :O Wait… have Mythic started listening to feedback?! BLASPHEMY!

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