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One Last Contest!

June 6, 2010

At least for the time being.  🙂

Before we get to that though:

  • Entries are still open for the first contest so please go comment in that post and help promote the WAR Community!
  • All the free codes have been given out via Twitter.  Congratulations to all the winners!
  • I’ve still got stuff to give away!  Wait…oh yeah, that’s what this post is for.  Silly me.

Read on for how to win!


The Final Contest

Well, since I deviated a bit from my original intent of promoting the WAR community in the free code giveaways, I’ll get back to that with these giveaways.

First things first though, let’s look at the prizes!

Prize #1 – The Warhammer Cherub Shirt (XL)

I love this shirt.  I got one last summer during my US Tour and have worn it often.  I love the odd looks I get as people try to figure out what the hell it is.  hehe

Prize #2 – The Waaagh! Shirt (XL)


Back – This is small, I just got a close-up

I really like this shirt and was tempted to keep it for myself, but I figured there would be a Greenskin out there that would really love it, so here’s your shot!

Prize #3 – Prelude to WAR & the CE Art Book

Prelude to WAR

CE Art Book

Both of these books came in the Collector’s Edition of WAR.  Prelude to WAR is the graphic novel that sets the stage for the game.  The Art Book is exactly what it sounds like.  It has fabulous concept art for every aspect of the game.  Both are hard-bound and perfect for the coffee table or gaming shelf.  🙂

Prize #4 – The WAR Trucker Cap (one size fits all)


If I didn’t have a shaved head, I’d be keeping this one and rockin’ it all the time.  :p

Prize #5 – The WAR Frisbee

Just in time for Summer!

That’s right.  A f’in frisbee.

So, five prizes means five winners.  I don’t care where you live, if you win, I will get this prize to you.  (That means you EU!)  The contest is an easy one, but it requires you to do a little blog-surfing.  OMGNOWAI!!!

Here are the details:

  • To be eligible to win, you must answer the questions below correctly via e-mail at (in english please, as best you can. thanks!)
  • Five winners will be selected at random from the correct entries.
  • You have until Midnight EST on June 9th to submit your entries.
  • Winners will be announced on Thursday, June 10th.
  • You can list your order of preference for all five prizes in your submission, but I make no guarantees on which you’ll get.

And here are the questions:

  1. What aspect of WAR does Grimnir do a lot of video guides for?
  2. Mykiel thinks there’s a method to the madness of the Red Plague.  What does he think is coming?
  3. Werit does a weekly compilation of WAR information.  What is it called?
  4. Who did Bootae play in the Kill Frenzy Suckas video?
  5. Who is the Skaven fighting in Forjador‘s Red Plague sketch?
  6. Where did Charlotte get the name for her Witch Elf?
  7. Which Weekend Warfront does Arisechicken think is the best ever?
  8. What was Mr. Meh‘s second Loading Screen Tooltip about?
  9. What was the name of the room Mythic locked us up in during the Blaaagher Invasion?
  10. What’s the coolest color to dye your armor, ever?

There you go, ten questions for a chance at one of five prizes.  If you keep up-to-date on the goings on in the WAR community, you should be able to answer these off the top of your head.  If not, well, I did give you links.  Click them!

Have fun!


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