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500k Celebration Week Posts and Contests!

June 4, 2010

The celebration is continuing through the weekend and will wrap up completely some time next week.  Until then, I figured I’d float this post for easy access to all the posts that went up this week so no one misses any.

500k Celebration Announcement and the First Contest! – Entries still open for this, so hit it up!

I ❤ WAR Blogs post and info on Twitter giveaways! – All codes have been given out.  Gratz to the winners!

The Weapons of WAR – A Guide to Scenario Items post is finally up! – Enjoy the latest definitive WAR guide!

Weekend Warfront: Battle at the Cairn post is up in time for the weekend! – A WW with a Task List based around effort and not repetition!

I’ll have another post up this weekend announcing the final contest where you can win WAR stuff like a T-Shirt, Trucker Cap, Art Book, and a Frisbee…yeah, I said it, a WAR Frisbee.

So thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!


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