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Weekend Warfront Reward Suggestions

May 15, 2010

Andy put up a post asking for feedback on the Weekend Warfronts and it reminded me that I had this post half-finished sitting in a folder.  (If you haven’t gone over there and given feedback, please do so!)

Oh well, better late than never.  Right?


While I do plan on leaving feedback in that thread in relation to those questions, I figured this would be a better venue for the type of feedback I wanted to leave in regards to the rewards in general.

So here goes.


So, since the first Weekend Warfront came out, the rewards have been less than spectacular.  The only redeeming things you obtain from them are the new Title and the Vanquisher’s Boon.  Considering that the Vanquisher’s Boon isn’t even worth bothering over once you’re to the point you’re buying weapons that require Insignias, a Title isn’t usually worth the effort required to complete the event.

Add on to that the fact that the lower level rewards aren’t worth even selling to a vendor and one can easily say that there’s a serious issue with the reward structure for these events.

So it would seem all levels of the rewards need a bit of tweaking to be more appealing to both the casual and hardcore players.

Basic and Advanced Rewards

These levels of rewards are basically there for people that can finish a couple of the tasks but don’t have the time or patience to do the entire event.  In the major Live Events, these usually include things like a new Title and maybe a new Trophy.  As the Weekend Warfronts happen every single weekend, theyaren’t meant to take the place of the full Live Events, so those types of rewards aren’t necessarily appropriate.  What would be more appropriate here would be fun and/or useful consumables in stacks of 5-10 that most people will have used up by the time the next WW rolls around.

With that in mind, here’s some examples of what I think would make good Basic and Advanced rewards that are already in the game in one form or another.  Repurposing these items would help to cut down on development time and would also bring back things the community has enjoyed in the past but has no way to obtain currently.

Twisting Tentacle Pie

Everyone loves Pie.  Especially when they can fling it at people and potentially earn a Title for doing so.  Having this as a Basic Reward in a stack of 5 every now and then would make for a fun reward for completing a couple of the Tasks on the list.  (These originally came from the Twisting Tower scenario and have appeared as a reward for a Weekend Warfront since then.)

Explosive Stout

These come in a version for all Tiers and stacks of 5 or 10 based on the level of the reward would add a nice, battle-ready consumable to the list of rewards that isn’t something we can already craft for next to nothing.  (These originally came from the Keg End Live Event.)

Golden Scarabs

A stack of 5 of these as a Basic reward serves multiple purposes.  They can be used to either purchase items in Land of the Dead, or they can be sold to another player for much needed gold.  Nothing says doing a Weekend Warfront can’t earn you some cash.

Expedition Resources

Speaking of Land of the Dead, how about a Land of the Dead-themed scenario done originally as a Weekend Warfront with stacks of these as some of the rewards?  Hell, introduce a LotD-themed scenario permanently and either have resources drop off player-kills in it or have winning it dump some resources into the meter so we have a reliable, non-guard-farming way to flip LotD.  Seriously.  I hate farming BO guards.  I think we all do.  Just sayin’.

Bestial Tokens

I know, I know.  The tooltip says they can only be earned through the Tome.  But why?  They’re only used to buy trophies at this point in time and there’s no way to get new ones once you’ve earned them all and spent them.  Having one of these as a Basic reward would add a way to earn these via RvR and a way for people to get more that have already received all the Tome-related ones.

Influence Items

I use this item only to reference a generic form of it.  A version of this item that could be “used” in a pairing and grant influence for that pairing would be welcome to a lot of people.  It could be a way to earn influence from scenarios, or if Werit’s idea for Open RvR versions of Weekend Warfronts comes to pass, a perfect Open RvR-based WW reward.  (These were originally introduced for the original Witching Night Live Event, iirc.)


With the upgraded versions of siege equipment being more desirable, and better priced, stacks of 5-10 of these as rewards would add another way to save these up for use on the battlefield.

Axe Hewer Assembly Kit

Speaking of siege equipment, remember these and their Destro counter-part the Trolls?  Good times, good times.  I would love to see these make a comeback as Weekend Warfront rewards.  There truly isn’t any reason why they shouldn’t show back up every now and then.  Especially if the Open RvR WWs show up.  (For the life of me, I can’t remember when these showed up.  It was definitely during the first year of the game, but I haven’t seen it return since despite Dev promises.  hehe)

Skull of the Fallen

One doesn’t see the altar used much in Keeps, for various reasons.  However, one major reason is how hard it is to obtain large amounts of these items.  Adding stacks of 5 as Basic rewards would introduce more of these into the system and encourage more rank 40 guilds to claim Keeps, for the fun-factor of defending with the altar alone.  :p

Potion of Feral Aspect

These things are full of win.  I mean, who doesn’t want to turn into a pig for five minutes every now and then?  No reason not to have these, or their ingredients, added to the reward list occasionally.  Especially since there’s no other way to obtain them currently.  (These were introduced as craftables in the original Wild Hunt Live Event.)

Purple Potions

This is one example of a series of top-end potions that used to be in the game prior to the original Apothecary revamp.  I’m still saddened that there’s not a way to craft them currently, as it seems like a waste of good items.  Introducing stacks of 5-10 of things like these as rewards would be a good way to judge desire of these for possible re-addition to the crafting tables which would finally give us a real use for saving up those purple vials.

Elite Rewards

Currently there are two rewards for finishing a Weekend Warfront completely:  a Title and the Vanquisher’s Boon.

In Tiers 1-3 and the beginning of Tier 4, the Vanquisher’s Boon can definitely help speed up your token gain and get you your scenario weapons faster.  However, once you reach the weapons that require Insignias, the Vanquisher’s Boon becomes pointless as, on average, you gain the regular tokens much faster than you gain the Insignias.  That leaves only a Title to motivate those at this level to complete the WW.  For some, that is enough.  For most though, there’s no reason to even bother trying.

Seeing as how it’s unlikely that the Vanquisher’s Boon buff will be adjusted to increase Insignia gain, that only leaves adding another reward as a viable option.  While this could be a rotating reward each week, I’d rather see this used as an opportunity to re-introduce a large amount of items into the game that are no longer attainable and allow the population to choose what they want.  While it’s probably not feasible, and while we do already have a lot of forms of these already, I’d really love to see a new token introduced that is only earned via participation in Weekend Warfronts and Live Events.

Already in-game and never been used

These would then be spent, along with gold (ie: 2 tokens and 100 gold for a much-desired rare item), in a Live Event item store.  (To be honest, it could even have a token+cash section in some form or another as a way to introduce micro-transactions to the game in a non-game-breaking manner since most of these items are fluff-related.)  As the final reward in both WWs and Live Events, this would allow people to choose the reward they want most from a large list of them.  Each Live Event could introduce a new, themed item to the store that is only purchasable during that LE, but then makes a reappearance 6-9 months later as an always-purchasable reward.  Occasionally, new items could show up for a limited time as well and thus keep the options available constantly feeling different.

So what kind of things could we expect to see in this type of store?  Any or all of the following are items that have had only one or two introductions into the game up til now but could be in demand constantly as more players pick up the game.

Adventurer’s Handbook

These are usually only available via various marketing methods, but could be something leveling players would eagerly spend tokens on repeatedly due to the consumable nature.

Battle Brew Backpack

While this tends to make an appearance every Keg End, it’s always a rare drop and very sought after.  Having a purchasable, but pricy in terms of both tokens and gold, version of this in the store would make it available year-round but still have it be desirable during the Keg End.

Bone Ward

Yet another item that showed up once during a Live Event, never to return again.  This makes it a great addition to this type of store.

Captain’s Chronometer

This one still makes me giggle every time I read it.  Christopher Walken ftw! Sure, it’s fluff, but people like fluff.  No reason not to add it to the list as well.

Dwarf Keg-Handler/Goblin Bar-Back

Yeah, I know they just gave these out as a Golden Writ item in that store, but they’re desirable.  Another great Keg End item that there’s no reason not to have more of around.  They’re just full of win.

Fleet Stag Mantle

While these are still in-game, they’re only available in Tier 1.  Originally introduced for the Wild Hunt, they may make a return there if that Event returns (which is highly likely).  However, that still leaves 11 other months of the year that people in Tier 2-4 wouldn’t mind having access to these.

Halfling Pie

The item so full of WIN, it spawned its own addon.  Originally given out as 1-year anniversary gifts, these would make wonderful additions to a LE store.

Heavy Funerary Grudgecoat

Introduced in one of the Live Events leading up to the release of Land of the Dead, there was one for each tier and class.  Having both great artwork and a talisman slot made these very sought after.  Another great item whose code is just sitting out there begging to be reused.

Horn of the Vale Wolf

Another item from the Wild Hunt, it offers a temporary wolf pet.  One more great fluff item that should be made available year-round.

Scarab Amulet

Another item from the build-up to Land of the Dead, another great fluff addition to a LE store.

Shroud of Imrathepis

A marketing reward introduced during the build-up to Land of the Dead, it wraps your character up in bandages.  Yeah, it gives you some health regen, but we’re talking bandages people!  Like a mummy!  Win.

The Librams of Insight

Another great consumable marketing reward that would be desirable by anyone not Renown Rank 80 basically.  I predict a high demand for this one honestly due to its three-way bonus.

And now, what to me are some of the greatest items ever to hit the game from a Live Event.  Ranging from random fun to much-desired usability, they’re all full of WIN and need to be made available year-round.

Well-Mounted Skull

The only grey item on my list and it shows up in this section.  Why?  Have you used this thing?  I have it hot-keyed cuz it’s just so much damn fun.  I mean, who doesn’t love killing someone they just absolutely hate on the opposite realm and then jamming a pike topped in a skull through their still-warm body?  No one, that’s who.  This should be re-classified as a Mythic-level item because it’s just that damned awesome.

Last Call Keg

I’m sure there’s a Destro version of this as well, but I don’t know what it is.  What I do know is that this item is awesome.  I only used it once simply because I didn’t want to become addicted and end up using up all the charges.  I’ve always said it should have had 3 charges that regenerated over time, but adding it to a LE store would be the next best thing.

Gem of Fell Whispers

Where the next item is generally declared as the King of Live Event Rewards, this item would be the Queen.  Ignore the image I’m showing as the version that really wet’s people’s appetite in regards to this is the one that gives 5% more renown.  Yeah.  The only wearable item in the game that boosts renown gain and it even has semi-decent stats.  This needs to make a comeback in a big way and would definitely be one of the pricier items on the store and, better yet, it’s available in a form for all Tiers.

Herald’s Cloak

The King of Live Event Rewards since it’s introduction, it is so full of dreamy goodness that it spawned a Land of the Dead knockoff with the same clickable effect.  Sure, there’s end-game cloaks out there that have some nice stats, but for the bulk of the player-base, this would be a great purchase on the store and, like its partner-in-crime, it’s available in versions for all Tiers.

There’s obviously a lot more items, both marketing and Live Event-related, that would make great additions to the Weekend Warfront rewards, but you get the idea.  There are so many things out there that could be used to get people excited about completing even one section of influence during these events that I’m still baffled to this day as to how they weren’t in there from the beginning.  Hopefully we see Mythic really take a hard look at all the feedback in the forums and give the Weekend Warfronts the polish that they, and us, deserve.

Have fun!


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  1. Eline permalink
    May 15, 2010 11:02 am

    I ❤ these suggestions.

    The axe hewer was introduced with Slayer/Choppa event if my memory serves right. I think feral aspect materials do drop still in Hunter's vale, but getting one as live event reward would be nice 🙂

    • gaarawarr permalink
      May 15, 2010 2:48 pm

      It’s possible the craftables still drop. However, it’s still a Tier 1-only dungeon so anyone above that cannot really get them. Although, they should be trade-able so maybe some will show up on the AH.

  2. May 15, 2010 12:49 pm

    Good ideas, I’m perplex as to why changing some item rewards seems difficult 😦

  3. May 15, 2010 12:51 pm

    That Potion of Feral Aspect IS obtainable, Gaar!

    You can get it from Hunters Vale, a rank 11 and below instance in Nordland. The crafting ingredient, which has a required skill level of One for Apothecatry, is called the Essence of the Vale, and drops off of the third “Mother” in the part after beating Thanan, Tree Lord. After recieving the un-bound Essence, simply making it into a potion creates one un-bound potion of Feral Aspect.

    Current animal list:

    and a few more.


    • May 15, 2010 12:51 pm

      Derr, Apothecary.


    • gaarawarr permalink
      May 15, 2010 2:49 pm

      More lowbies should farm it and sell them then. I don’t ever see them anywhere. They won’t fetch a lot of money, but would still be something.

  4. May 15, 2010 7:17 pm

    I do, in fact sell them, the prise is 10g each. Although, you only get one per run, so….


    • mr lazy permalink
      May 16, 2010 10:01 am

      sounds like trial accounts could go for gold farming with this one. one account full sub to sell them on ah. and 6x trials (friends/multi account) farming HV with multi different setup characters twinked.

      but suggestions are quite interesting. any idea about adding stuff thats obtainable/buyable in game to make you a different dude standing out from the crowd is always a good idea.

      there should be vendors that sell variations of item sets bcs some of sets are restricted to bein full dps/survival/heal/tank only whilst some players might want to try a different approach at the class and so on. btw im happy to see that not all wp’s go full heal book+1h ive saw 2x wp’s inna row sovereign dressed that went dps 2h.

  5. Maskerad permalink
    May 17, 2010 4:10 am

    Well, no, I don’t agree with you here. These items are generally tied to Live Events (Stag Cloak, Tentacle pie, etc.) or rewards for playing a long time (the pie) and for those rewarded being one of few with these items is largely what makes them desirable (as you state yourself, most of these are fluff) and as such making them readily available for others would be… Backwards.
    New items need to be introduced, that’s for sure, but don’t use the ones that are accessible through other things.

    • gaarawarr permalink
      May 17, 2010 9:28 pm

      That’s just it though, a lot of these are no longer available period. That’s a waste of resources from a production standpoint. Reintroducing them with a high, but appropriate for their rarity, cost would still keep them valuable but allow others to obtain them.

  6. Darayavahus permalink
    May 17, 2010 5:57 am

    Go Go Go Gaarawarr Gabs Gadgets 🙂

    Maybe those Devs will think a bit how to make those Live Events worth spending time, maybe except experience/renown bonus which is applied to event scenarios.

  7. Strohminator permalink
    May 17, 2010 8:39 am

    I don’t think increasing the number of overpowered items like the Bone Ward is a good idea; these items already unbalance RvR. The fluff items are a great idea though.

    • gaarawarr permalink
      May 17, 2010 9:29 pm

      How is the Bone Ward unbalancing RvR? It lasts for a very short duration and has an enormous cooldown. It’s not like the LotD pocket items whose coolodowns are far too short.

  8. May 17, 2010 9:21 am

    Great writeup!

    There is definitely room to improve the WW rewards. They are as meh as it gets for some of the effort required to finish the events.

    On the PTS Q&A last week I think Carrie confirmed that the Wild Hunt would return in September. If so, I’m hopeful that Hunter’s Vale is opened to all tiers again. I got the Stag cloak for my one toon and just got lazy and didn’t get it for my main. Dumb.

    Not a lot of work on Mythic’s part to create any of these fluff items … they already exist. But it would be nice to see some sort of Live Event/Weekend Warfront store for the purchase of these types of things and hopefully new things.

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