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Public Test Server Q&A, 5/11/10

May 12, 2010

By now, most people are aware that after the Public Test Events they hold on the Public Test Server (PTS), they usually hold informal Q&A sessions with the players that showed up.

In the beginning, it was Andy and maybe one other person attempting to field questions.  Lately, we’ve seen a lot more appearances from the likes of Nate Levy (Player Systems/Combat & Careers), Carrie Gouskos (WAR Producer), and James Casey (not Carrie) among others.  Because of that, we’ve also seen a lot more in-depth answers and comments (as well as a lot more hilarity) as well.

These Q&A sessions tend to last a while as there are usually anywhere from 50-150 players asking their allotted question and getting either an answer, “no comment”, or getting made fun of for trolling.  Because of that length, we usually only see extremely cut-down, paraphrased write-ups of these that sometimes completely change the answers that were actually given.  Always good times.  However, this time around, Grimnir from Grimnir’s Grudge captured an audio recording and I figured I’d do a transcript for those who like their WAR info in readable format.

If you haven’t been coming to these sessions though, don’t use this as an excuse not to bother.  It is always better to be there in person.  Not just to hear the live responses, but more importantly to ask your own questions.  It is rare, in my experience with MMOs, to have the Development team available like this to EVERYONE to be able to ask questions to.  You should all be attending these just to take advantage of that singular aspect alone, not to mention getting to preview what’s coming to the Live servers soon.  Keep your eyes on the Herald to see when they’ll be holding their next Q&A and be sure to attend if you have questions you don’t think others have been asking.



Public Test Server Q&A, 5/11/10

For those that haven’t been to one of these, there are certain rules as to how this all goes down.

  • Each player gets one question.
  • The question is not asked in Vent, it’s posted in your Comment.  So be specific and concise.  General questions get politically correct answers, so avoid those so as not to waste your question.
  • Troll questions are ignored and/or made fun of.
  • If certain topics are off-limits, it’s usually stated up front.  This is rare, but happens in regards to things that it’s obvious they can’t comment on.
  • Unless they ask you for clarification, this isn’t the forum for a conversation about something due to the number of people that have questions they want answered and the nature of Vent.
  • Attempts to sneak in multiple questions by changing your Vent name can get you booted from the Q&A, so don’t bother.
  • Questions outside the scope of the Developers present tend to get vague/pc answers, so it’s usually better to tailor your question to who is in attendance if you want as in-depth a response as possible.
  • Andy reads off the question from your comment and then either he or one of the Developers present answers it as best they can.

Note:  This is not a complete, literal transcription like I usually do simply because of the nature of the Q&A.  Even the recorded version doesn’t necessarily include everything since some has to be read directly from the Vent comments.  Another good reason to show up for these.

And away we go…

Q – When will we be seeing new cities added to the game?

Carrie – When we are able to announce anything about new cities going into the game (you’ll hear about it)…so no comment.

Q – Shatter Limbs vs. Bad Gas.  Imbalance?

Nate – The two are relatively balanced.  Each Realm has a single AOE cooldown increaser.  They both require that you get into melee range and they’re both insta-AEs.

Player – Bad Gas requires the pet to be in melee range and it’s on a melee-spec on a range class which is very uncommon.

Nate – It is a little unusual, but after all, it is a pet career and we like that it’s not just damage but utility tied into the pet as well.

Q – Can the King-kill purple bags contain any drop from the sub-bosses from the current King instances?

Nate – We put a variety of the instance loot into the purple bags.  Anything that is not in the purple bag, we don’t want to lose.  We’re going to try to reuse them in the future in other ways.

Q – When are we going to have a WAR Fan Fest?

Andy – We can’t really comment on that right now, but I will say that it is something we’ve discussed.

Q – Any plans to make dungeon/lair drops repairable or not career-specific?

Nate – We’ve actually talked about that in the past.  When we looked into the impact of what the actual change would be, it produced an overwhelmingly massive increase into the introduction of those items into the game and it was to such an enormous degree that it was really, really undesirable.  We certainly understand the frustration of going through a run and not getting anything usable and we’re looking into ways to make that less frustrating in the future.  But I don’t have any answer on the specifics of what we’re going to do for that.

Q – Any plans on changing the way zone flips work?

Carrie – We’re taking a look at Open RvR.  Changes to zone flips is certainly one of the tenets that we’re interested in looking at and seeing what we can do to make them feel better.  So yes, but I don’t have any kind of action items that I could describe to you right now.

Q – Will we see growth or changes in the Tier 4 zones?

Carrie – When we’re talking about working on game content, we’re interested in highlighting the content that is available for the Tier 4 players in particular just because you’re the group of people with which we’re interested in finding more interesting things for you to do throughout the game.  That’s not to say we’re not going to neglect the rest of the Tiers, but you level pretty quickly through Warhammer Online and we really do think the game is all about the RvR end-game and so we’re certainly highlighting that.  So as we add new content, in whatever format it might take, we absolutely will be looking at Tier 4 first.

Q – Will Champion Tanks ever be able to Guard other Champions?

Nate – As far as I remember from the Encounter folks, it was their intent that you’re not able to (Guard other Champions).  I don’t want to put too many words into their mouth as to what they intended or what their plan was.  I can tell you just purely from the technical perspective, it would be extraordinarily difficult to allow the Tank Champions to Guard other Champions.  Purely on that basis, I’d say it is unlikely that it will happen.

Andy – I did talk to Mike (Wyatt) about this when we were talking about the Guard mechanic and Champions and he pretty clearly stated no Guard mechanic for Champions at all.  They’ve already got a pretty disgusting amount of hit points and…yeah…so I believe it’s intended that there is no Guard mechanic on Champions.

Q – Are the Elf weapons getting a facelift like the Empire and Dwarf weapons are getting?  (in re: Scenario weapons)

Carrie – I’d have to defer that to our Art Director.  They work on giving as many facelifts as possible as evenly as possible throughout the game.  So I’m sure it’s something that is in the pipeline, I’m just not sure where.

Nate – If you’re specifically talking about the RvR (scenario) weapons we introduced, we are specifically intending to add new art to all of those.

Q – The dye color fixes do not look like they were on the Test server.  Will they be going Live in 1.3.5?

Carrie – We’re rolling them out on a career by career basis over the course of multiple patches.  We’re starting with the careers that were the most affected.  You should see in the patch notes exactly which ones are being updated with this patch.  Hopefully that explains why you didn’t see it for your class, but yes, the fix is on the Test server and will be going Live in 1.3.5.

Q – Are you looking into making the Black Orc Boss tree more attractive?

Nate – For the Black Orc and the Swordmaster, our intention is really getting the career to feel overall top to bottom like it’s a little smoother.  Whether that’s something to do with the mechanic or how the abilities interact with the mechanic, I’m not sure yet.  But we want to get the career generally not feeling so step-stop, step-stop as it does currently.  That’s our priority more-so than singling out a specific mastery tree.

Q – Will the stance mechanic see any changes to help the Marauder and Shadow Warrior in regards to stance-dancing?

Nate – It’s possible.  We’re not entirely happy with the way the stances worked out.  We wanted them to be tactically beneficial and as they are now, they’re just a hard restriction on what you can and cannot do.  We ultimately want them to be less of a restriction and more of a reward for using the right stance at the right time.

Q – Will you ever make Trial accounts cap at level 12 to make Tier 1 more enjoyable for non-Endless Trial players?

Carrie – We’ve been taking a look at the Endless Trial to see where we get benefits and where there are complaints.  Obviously one of the concerns is about twinks.  We have a couple different ideas about that.  It may involve limiting access to certain items from Endless Trial players or it might be something like capping at level 12 so that new Tier 1 players have more of a chance.  It’s definitely something we’re actively pursuing right now, we’ve just been focusing on 1.3.5 first.  So I can’t give you a timeline on when we’ll make any decisions, but it’s definitely something we’re looking at.

Q – What is an Ancient Royal Crest in comparison to a Royal Crest?

Andy – What you’re seeing is part of the conversion of tokens.  If you ctrl-right-click on the Ancient version of a token, it will convert into five of the regular version of a token.

Q – Any plans to buff guild rank rewards?

Carrie – Another thing we’re looking at is guild stuff.  Specifically the reward system and making sure that it’s exactly along the lines of what people want.  We don’t have any specifics, but it’s on the plate.  That being said, it’s probably a little farther behind some of the other stuff we’ve been talking about tonight.

Q – Any fix for the Tome unlock that grants the 5th Greater Ward based around Fortress takes/defenses since you can’t attain them that way anymore?

James – We could potentially put in another path to getting that.  At the moment though, there are two other methods to getting that.  We just don’t have the specific RvR way to obtain that right now but it’s something we can look at for the future.

Q – Will it ever be possible to up-convert Insignias if you’ve got more Conqueror than needed?

Nate – No, not likely.  We’ve continually made an effort not to do that.   Generally because the higher ones represent that you’ve achieved something specific and we don’t want people to be able to stockpile and buy up to that point.

Q – Are you still planning on adding weapon DPS to heals and magic damage?

Nate – We’d still like to.  We have to look at all the concerns that were brought up previously and make sure those concerns are resolved before we can bring that up again.

Andy – By “concerns brought up previously”, what do you mean?

Nate – That it would bring some careers, notably Bright Wizard and Sorceress, too far above and beyond.

Q – Will the Sovereign Cloak ever be dyable?

Andy – I don’t think we have an answer for that, but I can look into it.

Q – When you use Not in Da Face you get a 4 second immunity to your group and Savin Me Hide gives your group 4 seconds of reduced magic damage.  It was said in the past that those durations would be increased.  Are we going to see those adjusted?

Nate – It’s possible.  They’re both pretty powerful effects, obviously specifically the CC immunity is really strong.  We don’t want those to get too out of control so that they’re up all the time, but it’s certainly a possibility.

Q – Is there any way to see the entire scenario’s health and status?

Andy – The default scenario party windows work for that.  (Note:  In the scenario window, you need to choose the option that doesn’t just show your party, but shows all.  Then select all 6 groups.  It will show up warband-style.  Those windows are also movable in the layout editor.)

Q – Are you going to be at GenCon?

Andy – Unfortunately, I don’t believe we’re going to be at GenCon.  I may be there personally as I’ve been the last 6-7 years and haven’t missed one yet.  There’s always next year though.

Q – How do you feel about making arena-type RvR where teams can play other ranked teams?

James – I think it’s a nice idea.  I don’t think it would be high on our priority list at the moment.  We have other things that we want to look at for the current health of the game.  Most notably the cities in 1.3.5 and past that we’re looking at Open RvR.  It’s a good idea in general, it’s just with the resources and the scope for the moment I don’t think you’ll see anything like that in the medium-term future.

Q – When I bleach my armor, should it return to its original color?

Nate – It should.

Q – Can Tyrant gear become purchasable using Funerary Masks?

Nate – That’s not something we were specifically planning to do but it’s a possibility.  It kind of ties into something I mentioned earlier in regards to the general mechanisms by which we distribute loot in dungeons and we are looking at ways to improve that.  It’s a bit lower of a priority than some of our RvR stuff right now.

Q – Any word on when the new armor skins will be added?

Carrie – I said that we would have an answer by 1.3.6 and that is true.  We will have an answer about what we’re going to do and a solution in 1.3.6, but I’m not prepared to tell you yet what that is, so you’ll have to wait.

Q – How do Champion buffs stack with other percentile-based buffs?  ie: additive or multiplicative

Nate – The Encounter guys would be the ones to know for certain as they made those abilities.  To the best of my recollection, that is a multiplicative bonus and I believe it multiplies after all other bonuses, but I can’t swear by that.

Gaarawarr – When is the next major Live Event?

Carrie – Great question.  Right after we announce it and then tell you when it’s going to be.

Player in Vent –  …wow…

Gaarawarr – …

Carrie – I love you Gaar.  I don’t have an answer to that.  It depends on other factors.  We wouldn’t prioritize working on a Live Event over more sexy things, if you get my drift.

Note:  To me, this means they’re working on making hawt pants for Dwarfs.  I could be wrong though.

Carrie – It’s probably going to be the Wild Hunt again.

Q – Do you plan on making Pve drop loot drop in RvR?  ie: Darkpromise, Sentinel, etc

Nate – We haven’t had any plans to do that, no.

Q – What is the Red Plague all about and how will it affect the game?

James – It’s a plague and it’s red and it’s probably a portent.

Q – Any plans on giving healers a critical heal bonus via a tactic?

Nate – There are no specific plans that I can share at the moment, but that’s a possiblity, sure.

Q – There are new items dropping from player kills in the cities, will they be dropping in Open RvR as well?

Andy – I believe that a lot of the greens have always been “certain things drop in the city” and “certain things drop in the palaces” and stuff like that.  So I believe that stuff is city-only if it follows the old pattern.  However, we did change a lot of itemization in the game so that things aren’t career-specific anymore.  So, you could start seeing a lot more things that are usable by your career dropping.

Q – Are the new locations for NPCs in the cities going to be permanent?

James – Well, you know, they had to go somewhere because of the Red Plague.  So yes, the current plan is permanent.  We tried to group them by type and what they did, but if there are concerns over the current placement we welcome feedback on that in the forums.  We’re also going to do something that we’re going to announce soon that will help with that as well, but yes, the location is permanent.

Q – Do you plan on expanding the role of renown training?

Nate – No comment.

Q – Are we going to get more character slots in the future?

Carrie – Yes we are.

Q – Any plans to address the damage that casters can do vs. melee in terms of mitigation?

Nate – The simple answer to that is we’re always going to look to balance everybody.  Right now a lot of who appears to be on top, to an extent, comes down to personal perception.  You can certainly ask any randomly selected large group of players and I can guarantee you there will be a significant percentage that say melee dps does way too much damage and is completely unstoppable.  A lot of it is based on personal experience.  If you mean do we plan on changing the softcaps for armor and resists to the same point, we’ve discussed it but we don’t have any plans to pull the trigger on that at the moment.

Q – Will Magus/Engineer be moved away from an AOE focus to a single-target focus due to stagger/CC concerns?

Nate – I wouldn’t really say they’re AOE-focused.  They’re certainly AOE-heavy in their grenade and tinkerer lines and the equivalent for the Magus.  They’re more single-target heavy in their first path.  We don’t have any plans to change that general ability distribution at the moment.

Q – Will we ever be able to customize our weapons with various skins to choose from?

Carrie – That’s a really great suggestion.

Q – Any plans to increase the effectiveness of melee healing?

Nate – We are yes.  We’re not very happy with the way specifically melee healers worked out.  I don’t have any details to share at the moment though, sorry.

Q – Given the changes to Crests, any comments on the availability of Officer Medallions?

Nate – We’re pretty happy with the way the Officer Medallions work out, or at least as we foresee them working out at the moment.

Q – Any date for when 1.3.5 will go live?

Andy – Soon (TM).

Carrie – A lot of it is going to depend on the information we’re getting out of these tests and what needs to be taken care of before then.

Q – Are armor mitigation attacks supposed to be additive or multiplicative?

Nate – Do you mean in terms of stacking with other effects?

Player – With your armor penetration from Weapon Skill.

Nate – The armor should be taken off from Weapon Skill first, then the ability should bypass 25% of the remainder.

Q – Is time to kill being looked at and if so can you share thoughts on how it may be adjusted?

Nate – In general, people are killing/dieing too quickly.  We want to make combat last a little bit longer and we’re looking to adjust it in that direction.

Q – Why are some of the  Bright Wizard’s abilities being made stronger when as a class they’re already pretty strong?

Nate – We’re doing changes to Bright Wizards to bring them more in line to where we intended them to be and closer to the Sorceress.

Q – Any chance of adding the full maps in for dungeons?

Carrie – Honestly it’s not something that’s on our near-term plan.  It’s something we can definitely put on the list.

Q – Any chance of expanding upon the rewards at Renown Rank 80?

Nate – If you’re talking about expanding in the future, then no comment really.  In general, we like the way things like Resolute Defense worked out and we’d like to make the Renown rewards more interesting.

Player – It seems like players are hitting RR80 way too quick and there’s going to be a large base of those players and just having Sovereign in-game at the end seems weird.

Carrie – We’re definitely interested in providing more opportunities for higher Renown Rank players, more things for them to do.  You’re not alone in that concern and we’re definitely going to address that.

Q – Are you going to bring the Sorceress more in line with the Bright Wizard?

Nate – If you’re looking for specific ability changes, unfortunately I don’t have any specifics to share.  I can tell you, and I’ve said this in the past at a couple Q&A’s:  All things being equal, I’d rather make the careers more similar over time than less similar over time.

Q – When is the Warrior Priest AP loss in combat going to be addressed?

Nate – The only AP loss bug I can recall off the top of my head is when Supplication ends but then continues draining AP after it’s over.  If you’re referring to something other than that, please bug report it.

Q – Have you ever considered a “solo-queue only” scenario concept?

Carrie – Yeah, absolutely.  The number one concern about doing that is diluting the population in scenarios.  In 1.3.4 we introduced a lot of changes to scenarios and we’ve been monitoring the gameplay through the scenarios.  We do that in two ways.  The first is via metrics, so we gather a bunch of metrics and we analyze that date.  The other is via player feedback.  So it’s literally by what you guys say you want and what you guys do and we look at the two pieces of information and that helps to paint the picture of how people play scenarios.  So when we’re gathering that information, we’re using that to give us a sense of whether or not people are playing scenarios the way we want them to or if they’re enjoying them, etc, etc.  So before we introduce solo-queue…sorry this is long-winded but we do a lot of thinking about this…before we introduce solo-queue we’re interested in making sure the population is at a density that can handle two different queues.  That’s something we’re still evaluating.  So it’s really something we’re going to have to play around with to see if it’s worth doing.

Q – Any chance for a “damage taken” counter to the scoreboards?

Carrie – That’s a really good suggestion.  I’ll put it on the list.

Q – Any new news about the re-implementation of Fortresses into the game?

Carrie – No, we don’t have any new information.

Nemo – The bear outfit is severely underpowered with its 1 hour cooldown.  Are you going to bring it more in line with other abilities?

Carrie – (laughing) That is awesome.  Nate, that’s really for you.

Nate – I’ll keep that in mind…

Andy – I’ve heard that bears need to be nerfed actually…

Q – Do you plan on revisiting stat contributions to things like Witch’s Kisses, Witch’s Brew, etc?

Nate – It’s possible that it will come up again in the future but it’s not at the top of our priority list right now.

Q – Any plans to add more RvR lakes?

Carrie – That’s an interesting question because usually when we talk about RvR, we talk about driving RvR lakes more together so adding more is an interesting idea.  Would you mind explaining what you foresee that accomplishing?

Player – I guess just variety in the end and more strategy in how you approach the city.

Carrie – So I guess you’re sort of driving at what we’re doing with Open RvR.  While I’d like to say that nothing is off the table, I’m not sure that we’d add more RvR lakes.  That is an interesting idea and we’d like to explore as many options as possible.

Q – Any plan to do to DoKs and WPs what you’ve done with BWs and Sorcs in terms of mirroring abilities/tactics?

Nate – If you recall, I made a couple of changes to Disciples a while back to give them tactics similar to some of the WP ones and they seemed to go fairly well and, as I mentioned earlier, we’d rather make the careers similar rather than different.

Q – Any plans to change Weekend Warfronts so the players that successfully transporting a bomb gives credit to all those in the area when it’s dropped off?

Carrie – We’ve gotten some really good feedback…there’s an In Development thread in the Developer’s Roundtable forums on the Official Forums where we specifically asked for feedback on these events and their specific tasks.  I’ve seen a couple people mention that task specifically as a little difficult to accomplish when you’re asked to be the one to carry it 25 times.  So, that’s certainly great feedback to add to that thread and something we’ll definitely consider.

Q – Any plans to revisit the way loot drops work in dungeons?

Nate – That’s kind of similar to a couple questions earlier.  We’ve looked at the distribution and introduction of items from dungeons and we know there’s places we can improve and we know it can be frustrating.  We’d like to make that feel a little better but we don’t have any specifics to share right now.

Q – Any plans to change the rules around capturing objective points in the new city?  Specifically the central objective gate.

Carrie – We’ve talked about it.  I think we like the current strategy but we’ve talked about opening up more.  It’s really going to be a matter of watching people play and tweaking as necessary.  We’re going to continue to evaluate the cities long after 1.3.5 goes live.

Q – Any plans on increasing Black Orc group utility?

Nate – As I mentioned earlier, in our view, some of the bigger problems with the Black Orc and the Swordmaster are general smoothness of playability and that’s what we’d like to look into first.

Q – Will the DPS contribution from having the Tome in your offhand as a WP stay in and go live?

Nate – That is likely going to stay the way it is.  You still won’t attack with the Tomes, but they’ll likely stay as they are.

Q – The Chosen Shield graphics are still broken.  Are they going to be fixed?

Nate – That one’s actually a bit of a persistent little bugger.  The artists actually had fixed it before that went live but, as you can obviously see, it re-broke.  The artists have been looking at it once again.

Q – Any chance the siege engines (in the city) will receive a repair cap once they’ve been damaged?  ie: so they can’t be repaired all the way to full once they’ve been damaged to a certain degree

Carrie – So we’ve talked about some different strategies to that and a couple things came up.  One was not letting people heal them, another was some other method like you’ve mentioned.  We’re still exploring that.  They are pretty weak, so we’ve found that waves of players can usually take them down.  But, of course, if the group isn’t organized enough then there’s nothing you can do.  I think this is something where we’re still considering our options.  We definitely see this as an area we need to be focusing on, but we might wait until we go Live and see the ration of pugs to guild groups and say “You know, most of the groups are going to be organized guild groups and they can handle it.”

Q – Have you considered the ability to purchase item set pieces the same way you earn certain Ward unlocks? ie: certain number of kills, etc

Nate – No, that hasn’t been something we’ve looked into so far.

Q – What will happen to the items that used to drop off Auctioneers and Librarians?

James – I think we kind of covered that with one of the questions earlier.  I know they’re looking at the loot that came from the cities to see that it’s available in some form.  If there’s specific things you see, or don’t see, during testing, feel free to bring it up in the feedback thread on the forums.

Andy – I actually had a conversation with Sean Bosshardt the other day specifically about some of the city drops, like the ones from the Screaming Cat, and we’re definitely aware of that concern.  Just because you don’t see something in-game right now doesn’t mean we’re not looking for a way to add that back in the game through another vehicle aside from the PQ bags.

Q – Why do White Lions have no self-heal compared to other medium armor DPS?

Nate – It simply wasn’t an ability approach we ended up taking for the White Lion.  It’s entirely possible that we might look that direction in the future.  Even for some of the others, the healing that they have tends to be fairly minimal and not really a stand-out of the career but it’s always a possibility.

Q – Any plans to reincentivize the city to keep interest and advancement going?

Carrie – Yes.

Q – Do you plan on adding a snare immunity or increasing the immunity timer for snare break abilities?

Nate – No, not at the moment.  The primary reason we don’t have snare immunity is that while snare is absolutely an irritant, it doesn’t stop you from doing anything.  It certainly makes things more difficult, but it doesn’t stop you from doing anything.  We don’t have any plans to add or increase snare immunity.

Q – In light of the WP/DoK change to Chalices/Tomes, will you be doing anything similar for ranged shooters and their melee weapons?

Nate – Ultimately we’d like to get both their weapons applying the DPS contribution similar to any other career using two weapons.  There are some technical hurdles we must overcome before we get there.

Q – Do you plan on adding the guild standard trophies?

James – At some point, yes.  I don’t know how soon that would come about now.  So I can’t give you a date on that.

Q – Any plans to add more 70% mount speed options?

James – We do have other things in the works.  We can’t really comment on anything at the moment.  We do have plans on how to add more mounts in the future.

Carrie – I think I told the Europeans we did have mounts in the works, so I’ll tell you guys too.  Spoiler!

Q – The squig herder quick shootin tree ability Run Away used to be a self-punt.  Any plans to bring it back with a target?

Nate – We might do that in the future, sure.  At the time we had to take it out because it was unfortunately being used to exploit.  But we may work back towards that again in the future.

Q – What has been done with the area leading up to the Citadel gates in IC?  ie: the landbridge of doom

James – We’re still tweaking it.  I think you’ll see it when we do our test on Thursday night.  But since it’s still testing, I don’t want to give too much info on that right now.  Feel free to test it out on Thursday night and tell us what you think.

Q – Any chance Gromril Plating can be Oathfriend enabled?

Nate – Not likely, no.  It’s balanced to be a self-only buff.

Q – Are you happy with the Rune Priest and Zealot?  More specifically their mastery trees.

Nate – We like the unique setup of the RP/Z trees where you’re not spec’ing to choose between damage or healing, you’re picking the delivery mechanism for both your damage and your healing.  The problems there tie into things like itemization and effectiveness when you’re trying to do both of those and that’s something that we’re looking into.

Q – Why do Open RvR and Scenario rewards differ?

Nate – The simple answer is because we want people to have motivation to go out and do both Open RvR and Scenarios.  If you could get all the rewards from picking one, then it would be very easy for people to just pick one and completely ignore the other and we want to make sure that people are out there doing both.

Q – Any thoughts about increasing Insignia drops in Open RvR?

Carrie – Clearly one of the key things about addressing Open RvR is going to be addressing incentives to play.  If we don’t address incentives, there’s no point in doing anything with it.  So we’ll look into that.

Q – Any chance to update the current scenario lineup after evaluating the changes since 1.3.4?  Maybe rotate some in/out?

Carrie – It’s definitely something we’ve talked about, but we don’t have a plan right now.  Like I said, we’ve spent a lot of time evaluating scenarios and the way people play them, but it is certainly something we could do.

Q – Any chance of a renown point bonus item separate from the Emblem one for the Weekend Warfronts as an either/or choice?

Carrie – We’re looking at rewards.  Please, please put your feedback in the In Development thread about Weekend Warfronts.  Rewards are definitely something we’re looking at there.

Q – Isn’t allowing people to play both Realms on the same server just facilitating cross-Realming?

Carrie – The implementation of allowing Order and Destro on the same server is not to allow or facilitate cross-Realming in the way that players refer to it.  The goal is to allow people to keep ties to their own server.  The way in which we’re hoping to mitigate that is with really, really, really long lockout timers.  We’re not trying to allow it, by any means.  We’re trying to allow people to play however they want to play with whatever Realm they want to play.  So it’s still something we’re talking about and looking into and the Pro is that you get more character slots out of it.

Q – The Magus/Engineer armor buffs are superfluous because of armor potions.  Any chance of a “blade turn” ability as a replacement?

Nate – That hasn’t been anything we’ve looked at so far, no.  The other thing to keep in mind, for any career really that has a buff and a potion that does something similar, that also means you don’t have to use that potion and you can use a different one instead.

Q – Any chance for new Morale 4 abilities for Warrior Priests?

Nate – Our bigger priority for the Warrior Priest is getting their melee healing to a more productive point first before we worry about the Morale 4s which are more of an edge issue.

Q – Why so few Royals from winning all the stages in the new city?

Andy – You can get Royals every single time you go in now.  You get more when you have no lockout timer, but even with a lockout you still get quite a few if you win.

James – The new lockouts are also soft lockouts, so you’ll still be able to do the city and get Crests more often than like with the hard lockouts the city had before.

Q – Will cross-server scenario queues ever be investigated?

Carrie – It’s something we’ve looked at.  All features like that we need to weigh time/effort/energy/risk vs. reward.  It’s something that we would love to do but has a huge impact on time and risk.

Q – Will there ever be a use for pets like the Imperial Hunting Hound other than just cosmetic?  ie:  PvE help

Nate – Funny you should mention that…no comment.

Carrie – That’s the best no comment ever made.

Q – Any plans to improve Tier 4 scenario pops?  ie: frequency

James – We’ll take a look at the metrics and see how they’ve been doing past the bonus renown/xp period and see if there’s anything we can do.

Carrie – We are constantly evaluating scenario populations and we recently made a change to prevent scenarios from popping empty or ending imbalanced.  That’s one of those things that might counter-balance things and make it so they’re not popping as frequently as a result.  So we’ll balance that change and see if we can find a nice, happy medium between those two issues.

Q – Does the tank ability Challenge reduce damage to 70% of the possible or just reduce it by 30%?

Nate – It reduces it by 30%.  So for a variety of obtuse and arcane reasons, we needed to change the underlying mechanics of how it worked a little bit.  So instead of -30% it is now x70%.

Player – So with classes that have tactics that up their damage by 25-50%, how does that affect it?

Nate – It now multiplies by .70.  We just changed the delivery mechanism.  So instead of subtracting 30% of the damage, we’re multiplying the damage by .70.  The net result should still be fairly similar and it’s applied after any of the other player’s damage bonuses.

Andy – Thank you very much for coming out.  We appreciate it.  Be sure to show up on Thursday.  No Q&A on Thursday night, but we’ll be doing the Inevitable City.  Possibly multiple times.

Player – Thanks again to all the Mythic folks for coming out tonight and answering all our questions.

~the end~

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  1. Addendum permalink
    May 12, 2010 5:09 am

    Thanks for taking notes of this, Gaara. I had to go AFK and missed some of the Q & A.

  2. May 12, 2010 9:10 am

    I am so frustrated with so many people asking yes/no questions. Please do not do that in the future. If you let them answer yes/no then they cannot expand upon an answer.

    IE: Q – Any plans to reincentivize the city to keep interest and advancement going?

    Carrie – Yes.

    Instead they could have asked: What are your plans to reincentivize the city to keep interest and advancement going?

    It’s encouraging to see they are planning to do something about it, but I would have loved to see more elaboration on that and many other points. Thank you for posting the Q/A. I’ve been working so much that I don’t have time to attend.

    • gaarawarr permalink
      May 12, 2010 9:28 am

      Honestly, in some of those cases, they wouldn’t have been able to say much more than they did. I tend to take those as at least we got that answer. hehe

    • May 12, 2010 10:52 am

      On the questions they can elaborate on, they do. Some of the questions are either answered as no comment. This one was from a core tester, and was the only question they answered in one word.

  3. May 12, 2010 11:07 am

    Great post! People always look for these after the Q/A sessions but they are a lot of work. Kudos.

  4. May 12, 2010 1:27 pm


    You are either an expert sternographer … or you have voice to text software.

    Good stuff!

  5. Riprock permalink
    May 12, 2010 3:12 pm

    This is a good read. I can’t wait to find out more about Open RvR incentives / plans in the future.

  6. Lyram permalink
    May 12, 2010 3:19 pm

    Thank you very much for covering this! I’m very pleased with the answer to the quesiton about Zealot and Rune Priest Masteries. I’d like to be a Witchcraft Zealot and be effective at all the skills in the mastery tree. Maybe I’ll play Lyram more when that happens.

    Overall the QA session fills me with optimism. I’m looking forward to seeing how the game evolves. I really do hope the red plague portends an expansion of some sort. Bringing players back or new players in to see Skaven-flavored content will be really good for the game. And the game is sufficiently improved enough, with city improvements, and near-future oRvR improvements, that many of the lookieloos will want to stay. But I’m getting way ahead of myself.

  7. Ulakai permalink
    May 12, 2010 3:52 pm

    Thanks for posting up the logs, but overall can’t say anything in there fills with me with an iota of optimism. Sounds like a lot of management BS and vague answers of sometimes “soon”, in the “future”, or “possible”. To me it just shows they really are out of touch with the majority of the player base.

  8. May 24, 2010 9:53 am

    Good post, i will share it

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