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Colossus of the Vulture Lord – The Guide

January 7, 2010

Yeah, that Colossus.

Also Known As:  The World Boss, The Statue Boss, That Guy That Drops Those Pages, Stephen, etc…

People have killed him on some servers.

Yeah, it can be done.

Yeah, the fight is a pain.

Yeah, the chance at that loot is worth it.

Hopefully this look at how the fight works will help less people die…

Yeah, I’m being optimistic.  😉

Good luck!


The Colossus of the Vulture Lord

The Vulture Lord’s spirit invades the colossal statue!  As promised, he has returned to visit his wrath upon the invaders!

Yeah, that statue is a Boss.  Crazy huh?

General Information

This fight is, in fact, a Public Quest.  It is open to anyone in the area at the time and has no Ward requirement. The PQ lasts for 15 minutes, at which point the Boss de-spawns and the area returns to normal.

Note:  The timer on the PQ is currently broken and doesn’t count down in the UI.  The correct time shows if you leave and return to the PQ area, but that usually only happens if you die and run back…  So use an outside timer if you’re trying to judge how well you’re doing.

Because of the epic nature of this PQ, there is no rezzing possible during the fight.  If you die, you must release and run back from your Expedition Warcamp.  This is important enough to repeat.

There is no rezzing possible during this fight.  If you die, release and run back from your Expedition Warcamp.

Or better yet, don’t die in the first place.  😉  It is possible if you know what you’re doing, which hopefully this guide will help with.

There is no “tanking” or “aggro” in this fight, so tactics and abilities that deal with “aggro” are unnecessary as are shields.  This is a straight-up DPS race with supplemental healing.  Gear and slot tactics accordingly.

Once the PQ starts, there is an area-wide debuff for ranged abilities applied called “Groping Scourge”.  This is not a long-distance fight.  Everything needs to be done up-close and personal.  It is not quite as bad as the second boss in the Tomb, so you have some leeway.  However, if you are ranged DPS or a healer, learn your distance rules quickly.

Groping Scourge is the Red Skull

Update: This is not the only guide out there for handling this fight.  For an alternate method, please go read this guide. Go right now.  No, like right now.  I mean it.  Now.  Seriously.  Are you still here?

Spawning the Colossus

There is only one way to spawn the Colossus and start this PQ:  you must clear the entire Tomb of the Vulture Lord.

Once you kill King Amenemhetum, the Vulture Lord, you receive a buff that lasts for 15 minutes.  Upon entering the statue area with this buff, the PQ will start.

There are some things to keep in mind here:

  • It is a good idea to re-lock Land of the Dead for your Realm prior to attempting the 8th boss so there isn’t a chance of the opposite Realm controlling the zone when you finish, thus negating your ability to successfully complete this PQ (most of the time).
  • It is a good idea to have at least two warbands that are well-geared and able to put out a lot of DPS when attempting this PQ.
  • It is a good idea to have everyone ready at the Statue before actually starting the PQ since it has a time limit.
  • It is a good idea to refer everyone to this guide so they at least have some clue of what is going on.  😉

How Loot Works (or at least, how it’s supposed to.  hehe)

The group that cleared the Tomb and spawned the Colossus is supposed to receive a bonus to their contribution that guarantees them the top six spots in the Bag list.  For whatever reason, this currently does not work correctly.


As for the Bags, those that have downed him state the following:

  • Two Gold Bags – These contain the Torn Page of the Liber Mortis
  • Forty-six other Bags of various colors – These contain extremely powerful Souls.  Like, god-mode type Souls in some cases.  Enjoy!

Even the smallest chance of obtaining these type of items is worth attempting this fight in my opinion.  So, even with the current rules, you should be attempting this fight seriously as often as you can.

As with most PQs, contribution most likely wipes if you die, so try not to die ok?  🙂

How the Fight Works

The Colossus itself is made up of three separate attackable objects: its hands (The Colossal Fist) and its Neck.

The health on the hands is linked, so doing damage to one does damage to the other.  The Neck is separate and is the true “boss” you must kill.  Reducing the health on the hands to zero opens up a short window where you can attack the Neck.  You will need to “kill” the hands multiple times to get the Neck to zero and complete the PQ, so learning how to kill the hands quickly and efficiently is of paramount importance in this fight.

There is a decent amount that can happen during this fight, so I’m going to describe each portion separately.  It is important to understand all possible aspects so you can be prepared for all of them.

The Colossal Fist

Neutral positioning – cannot be attacked

The hands are considered a Rank 48 4-Skull Lord.  That means they will deal intense amounts of damage (if you let them) and they will take a lot of damage to kill even once, let alone multiple times.

Update: It has been observed that the most you can bring the hands down in health at any one time is 10% and then the hand raises.  Additionally, 10% increments trigger a raise as well.  For example:  Getting the hand to 91% on one round, then it comes back down and you get it to 90% almost instantly and it raises again.  This would seem to explain some of his behaviors in regards to the hand only being down for a moment before being raised again that I had yet to have the time to figure out.  So, shoot for 10% each time if you can and be sure to use those incremental marks to time your retreats.

There are only two times when the hands can be attacked: when one has slammed into the ground and when the left hand extends to “fling” the burrowing scarab swarms.  See the images below for examples.

One version of the slammed fist

The “fling”

In both cases, the hands are targetable and attackable (tab targeting is preferred as it can grab the hand a moment before it is attackable which can be helpful).  Each case has its own “safety rules” however and they are very important as the more time you spend alive, the faster the hands go down and the better off your chances of completing the PQ.

The Slam

The Slam is the most common action of the hands.  From what I have seen so far, there are five possible slam locations.  The location of the slam is in part dictated by the positioning of the players in the PQ.  It can be manipulated, however only if you can control every single person in the PQ which rarely happens.  We’ll discuss positioning later, for now let’s look at how the hands do damage.

When the Fist slams down, it does what I like to refer to as “earthquake” damage.  This means there is an epicenter to the damage (where the fist lands) and the further out from that point you are, the less damage you will take down to zero damage.

Caution: When thrown in the air, Dwarfs may appear larger than they actually are

The zero-point for damage is actually not too far out and you can even be a little into the damage zone and be fine as long as you have a healer in your group.  This is important to note as it means if you’re using tab-targeting to see where the hand is coming down, you can start moving towards the impact zone sooner and maximize the damage done during each slam phase.

As stated before, there are five confirmed Slam locations.  (I’ve been to quite a few of these and have yet to see a sixth, but I’m not ruling it out.)  His left hand has three locations and his right hand has two.  (This is anatomically for him as your view may vary.)  See the following pictures for the rough locations.

Left Hand, Outer Slam Location

Left Hand, Inside Slam Location

Left Hand, Middle Slam Location

Right Hand, Inside Slam Location

Right Hand, Outer Slam Location

As you can see from those pictures, his hands can be all over the place.  This is why positioning is so important in this fight.  The ideal spot to be in is one that allows you to reach all possible locations quickly.  This is because you can never guarantee the location of all the players in the PQ (due to the other mechanics we’ll discuss in a moment).

The Fling

The more people you have at the PQ and the further back from the Colossus they are, the more common the Fling becomes it seems.  This is because it’s one of the Colossus’ forms of crowd control as well as a form of damage scaling.  This mechanic sends out multiple swarms of scarabs that spin around the majority of the PQ area.  You can tell this phase is coming when the Colossus goes from the neutral position to the following animation:

You DO NOT want to be in that cloud area when this begins (or even just outside of it) as it is instant-death.  Just one of many reasons not to try to stand in near his body during this fight.

The Colossus goes from this straight to the Fling itself where his hand will be outstretched in the middle of the PQ area as shown here:

If you look closely at the middle of the picture, you’ll see the burrowing scarab swarms as they spawn and begin their trek to the back lines.  They can do a small amount of damage as they pass, but as long as you’re not almost dead and have a healer in your group, you should be fine.  The key here is that once the hand shoots out, you can start attacking it.  Which is exactly what you need to be doing.

They’re coming!!!

The Swarms!!!

Don’t be like the people in the picture above.  You do not want to be out there in that mess.  It’s constant damage and, though targetable, the swarms are not killable.  They despawn after a set period of time.  If for some reason you do find yourself back in that mess, move in between the swarms as quickly as possible towards the nearest healer in your group, then get back to attacking the hands.

Ideally, you’d never see this portion of the fight as everyone would stay in close and not hang out in the back.  Unfortunately, that will never happen.  All you can do is make sure you manage this phase well.  Everyone else will catch on eventually…one hopes.  😉

The Inhale

While this fun little mechanic isn’t done with his hands, it is done while you’re fighting them.  There really isn’t anything you can do about it other than be aware it’s going to happen at least once and you’re just going to have to deal with it.

Regardless of what you’re doing, once you see the following animation begin, you will be pulled in right in front of the Colossus.

…no way around it, this part just sucks…

Now, you don’t all get pulled to one spot, it’s more of an arc placement in front of him.  The moment you start to fly into the air toward him, you need to turn your character around facing out toward your safe spot and start to move that way.  DO NOT BACK UP.  You will move far too slowly and will die.  You need to move in the direction you’re facing straight out, or strafe sideways at the very least.  The key thing here is survival.

Occasionally, in a fit of pure bad luck, he will suck everyone in and instantly pound his fist right down on top of 80% of you, killing you instantly.  This sucks.  That’s about all I can say about that.  Not sure if it’s a bug, though it does behave like one.  Regardless, just hit respawn and get back as quick as possible.

The Neck

Once you’ve taken the hands down to zero health, he will collapse in an area directly in front of himself.  While you will obviously be close to this area since you’ll have been attacking the hand, do not be directly under him as bad things can happen.  Here’s what it will look like:

Pay attention to the location of his right arm.  That is your ramp up to the Neck.  You will want to memorize the location of his arm and how it angles at the elbow and goes up to the Neck as his animation is broken and at times he appears to rise back up when in fact he is still collapsed.  You will then need to run up his now invisible arm to gain access to the Neck.  Here’s a shot from the side to help with the angle at the elbow:

Once you’re up on his shoulders, simply target the Neck to find the spot to stand even if he’s adjusted his animation.  This is primarily for melee classes as ranged classes are able to DPS the neck from the ground next to his head.  However, if you’re using Close Quarters, it may not be close enough so keep in mind you may still want to run up if that is the case.

Note:  Yes, I’d love to see them fix the animation on this so we don’t have to run up an invisible ramp.  However, it is a fairly easy thing to do.  After one trial and error, I’ve successfully run up it about 7 times now while everyone else stood around and watched.  Just study those pictures and place the arm location and distance to elbow in your mind and you’ll be able to do it in no time.  I use the colored tiles on the ground as my point of reference as they’re right at the elbow.  Good luck!

The Neck is fairly easy to kill once you get DPS on it.  The first time it is open tends to be the lowest DPS phase as people get used to how the fight works.  The second time you tend to burn through a lot of its health.  So don’t give up early just because you only dropped it 5-10% on the first try.

After its allotted time of vulnerability, the Colossus will rise and throw everyone that was on him up into the air and away from him.  He will also occasionally do an AOE knockback along with this, thus pushing everyone toward the back of the PQ area.  At times, the people on the Neck get the effect of both and get doubly knocked-back.  Good times.  There’s also a chance you might just be stuck mid-air where his Neck was for a while.  Again, good times.  Just be aware it’s going to happen and get ready to rush back in to where his hands will be so you can restart the fight without spawning too many scarab swarms.

The Sweet Spot

Now, I’m not about to say that what follows is the end-all, be-all method for beating this boss.  All I’m saying is that, given the unpredictable nature of players, the best place to be in a tactical fight like this is the one that provides the most possible benefit in every possible situation.  There are multiple other ways that will work, however they require amazing coordination amongst everyone present or that all present have amazing gear.  Not everyone has either of those to work with, so…  With that disclaimer, I give you the Sweet Spot:

I have mad paint skilz

So let me explain here.  The box where my Rune Priest is standing is the box you want to position as many people as you can in.  Pile on top of each other if you have to, there shouldn’t be collision on unless the opposite Realm is around.  In which case, you have more to worry about than where you’re standing.

The black dots on the upper left and right are your points of reference.  They are in the middle of your reference tiles.  The one on the upper left has four darkened corners and the one on the upper right is raised with a dark corner.  You can count off the tiles from whichever is easier for you.  It is five tiles in from those points, then four tiles back to the Sweet Spot.

Here’s why this is the perfect spot to be:

  • The Left Middle Slam is right in front of you, but out of the damage radius.

Look Ma!  No hand…damage!

  • The Fling stops right in front of you, allowing you to DPS it the moment it comes out.

Well, if you’re just gonna stick it out there…

  • You are within range of all four other Slam points with minimal running and can get back to this spot easily before the next phase.
  • You are right in front of where all the swarms stop.  They may barely hit you, but it will be incidental damage that should easily be healed through.  (My rank 33 RP took very little damage and has junk gear.)
  • It’s an easy spot to reach again after both the Inhale and the AOE knockback.
  • When he collapses, the hand-ramp is basically right in front of you, usually giving you a straight shot all the way to the elbow before his animation glitches and the ramp goes invisible.

Another big bonus to this location is that healers can all stand here as well and be fine during the Middle Slam and Fling phases.  Not only will they avoid any and all damage from the hands, but they can also run in and out to the other Slam locations from here to add their DPS after dropping a group heal to top off anyone that got there a little too soon.  With the ranged ability debuff, that’s a big factor since it effects heals too.  Besides, you’ll want every ounce of DPS you can get to assure yourself a win against this guy.

It may take you a few tries to get it fine-tuned, but I’ve been able to consistently DPS the hands while staying alive through the whole fight, even while solo, during all but one of the times I’ve seen this guy.  The one time I died was my introduction to the Inhale/Slam ‘bug’ I referred to earlier.  hehe.  Can’t win ’em all.

Update/Adjustment: While the spot does work 99% of the time, there is a phase I’ve been shown that requires you to move back one square to the back edge of the square to escape instant-death when it kicks in.  There should be an announcement before this phase starts that lets you know he’s about to do this and you can then step back one square.

This video shows a clip of this phase of the fight (which doesn’t happen every time, but is triggered by something as yet undefined).  The banner shown that is the farthest back on the screen is marking the sweet spot.  As you can see, people standing on that spot do die during this phase, but standing just behind it you remain fine.  So, if this phase triggers, just slide back a bit and you should be ok.

(Thanks to Sousuke from Badlands for pointing me to this clip.)

When it’s over…

Well, so far on Live, I’ve only ever seen this finish to this fight:

However, if you do succeed in downing Stephen … errr…the Colossus and receive a Gold Bag, you should be treated with the rarest token in the game:  Torn Page of the Liber Mortis

That and 99 cents will get you this:

The McDouble from McDonalds

Or if you’d rather get something a little more useful to your WAR experience, take your Torn Page of the Liber Mortis and 5 Sacred Funerary Masks to the Weapon Merchant in your Realm’s Expedition Warcamp.  There you’ll find these goodies:

Order – Treasure Hunter Rungni

Destruction – Treasure Hunter Guzguz

If you’re wondering what all these fun little toys look like, head over here and scroll down past all the backpieces.

Have fun!


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  1. Zooq permalink
    January 7, 2010 12:12 pm

    Thanks very much for another GREAT guide!!

  2. wezzers permalink
    January 8, 2010 4:33 am

    Really nice guide! thank you verry much ^^

    all items do look really nice but can you enchant the wapons?

    and you should give also guides how to be such a good paint user! 😛

    • gaarawarr permalink
      January 8, 2010 5:52 pm

      You can’t put talismans in them if that’s what you mean, however the stats tend to be high enough that it doesn’t matter. There’s also a decent variety for just about every build.

  3. January 12, 2010 6:14 am

    He’s been downed quite a few times on Karak Norn over on EU side and one key thing is that he appears to scale with the number of people in the PQ (to avoid a zerg rush on him). A lot of the Colossus kills come late night by the top Order guild when there’s not so many people roaming LotD, afaik they only run a couple of groups upto a warband and can down him without much problem.

    • gaarawarr permalink
      January 12, 2010 10:41 am

      With end-game gear/weapons, I don’t doubt that one can do it with 1 WB or less. It’s a much more controlled fight in regards to the mechanics that way. However, not many can pull that off at this time.

  4. gaarawarr permalink
    January 19, 2010 1:02 pm

    Made two updates: one in reference to how much damage the hands can take each time they come down and one about a phase-specific adjustment to the sweet spot with a video clip.

    Good luck!

  5. Kareem permalink
    March 1, 2010 7:22 pm

    Pfft , im egyptien i have a pet colossus like this one in my back yard.

  6. Drubber permalink
    August 10, 2010 9:17 pm

    Thanks for the effort in making this guide 🙂
    I’m sure it will be helpful for a lot of people.


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