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GG: The US Tour – The End and Random Observations

October 5, 2009


I know it’s cliche, but what a long, strange trip it’s been.

It blows my mind that I started my “US Tour” officially back on June 16th with my first post here about it.  Unofficially, I guess it really started at the end of May.

Four months.  Didn’t see that coming, no sir.

Fitting, I guess, as I didn’t see any of it coming really, but hey.

This post is the official end of my “US Tour” which unofficially ended last week with one final, epic road-trip, which I’ll describe herein.  I also plan on lots of random, rambling, incoherent, shallow yet deep thoughts on my journey and everything that happened during it.

Consider yourselves forewarned…

It’s been a bit of time since my last post on the “Third Leg” of my journey, my apologies.  I did do some traveling, but most of it was just doubling back on paths I’d already taken and visiting friends before returning back to Tulsa ultimately.

Which, for now, is where I plan to stay.  So, if there’s any WAR players in the Tulsa area…hell, anywhere within a few hours of there really…let me know and we’ll see about meeting up for a bite/drink to chat.

Anyway, the last road-trip I took involved going back to San Diego to pack up all my stuff and drive it back to Tulsa.  All my stuff was still in storage.  Luckily, despite only thinking I’d be gone for one month, I had signed an open-ended agreement so just kept letting it autopay while I was gone.  I also had to close my PO Box, get my motorcycle and say goodbye to some good friends and the place I’d called home for over 15 years.

The first thing I did when I got in town was to text one of the girls that used to be in my afterschool program.  I totally missed out on getting to hang out with her the last time I was out there and I wasn’t going to miss the chance again.  Luckily, she had the afternoon off so I picked her up and we had lunch at a great little place she knew of.  Here she is pretending to be on her new iPhone.  lol.  She kills me.


We had finished lunch and were just sitting there chatting when the waiter delivered muffins to the table next to us and I immediately was reminded that I needed to go to Heavenly Cupcakes again!  She’d heard of it but never been, so off we went.  I tried a few different types than last time and found they do a mini-cupcake so you can do taste-tests better.  hehe.  We both agreed the S’Mores cupcake frosting was a bit bleh, but the rest were wonderful.  Especially the Pumpkin one they have right now.  :p


We both had things to do, so I dropped her off and headed to my motel room to check in, unpack and start organizing things.  I hooked up with my ex-roommate and checked out his new place then went and had dinner with him and caught up on things.  Later that night, after a good run and a much-needed shower, I headed down to Ocean Beach to meet up with her and her friends at The Harp.  There was a fabulous rockabilly band playing called “Rip Carson and the Carcin-o-genics” and they had a dance floor full of people having a blast.


Seriously, check them out.  At one point they started doing an absolutely amazing Journey cover…only to stop and say “Are you kidding?  We don’t fucking play Journey.”  I laughed my ass off.   Their stuff is on iTunes, Amazon and cdbaby.  😉

I ran a lot of errands the next day, closing up things like my PO Box, bank account, gym membership, etc., then went down to the beach for the last time.  It was utterly beautiful out and not a lot of people were there.  I ended up being there for a few hours just watching the waves and the people.  I took one last picture of me at the beach and headed out to visit some friends before catching one last movie in SD.

The next day, I picked up my 17′ U-Haul and headed off to the storage unit.  I had planned on just pre-loading some of the smaller stuff as my buddy was going to help me the next day with the rest.  However, two hours into prepping stuff I realized I could easily have 90% of it done by the time he got off work and we could do it all that day.  So I called him up, changed our plans and knocked it all out.  We had a couple minor setbacks towards the end, lol, but I was all packed up a day early which was wonderful.

Let me tell you, I have way too much crap.  I didn’t think I did as I had gone through a lot of stuff when I packed it up four months ago.  However, after you spend four months living out of three bags, you realize just what you can and can’t live without.  lol.  I filled that whole truck up.  I’m not doing that again.  I’m already going through stuff and chucking things now that I’m in one place again.

I had dinner with some good friends later that night and spent the next day taking care of small details and getting a memento of my San Diego experiences.  After another dinner with the same friends, minus one, the next nite, I hit the sack early as I knew my first day of driving that truck would be a long one and would entail not only the mountains in SoCal, but the deserts as well.  Good times.

I was more tired than I thought and ended up sleeping for eleven hours.  lol.  Oh well.  I grabbed one last burger at In-N-Out (I miss that place already…), gassed up the truck (at 3.09 a gallon, wtf?, SD gas prices suck) and hit the road at 11 am.

Now, I don’t know how many of you have been in a U-Haul, but they are severely lacking in the stereo department.  lol.  I mean, come on, can I at least get an input jack or a gd tape deck?  An AM/FM stereo…that’s it?  /sigh  Luckily I’d loaded up the Nano with a bunch of music and it was fully charged, so I just slipped the earbuds in and drove and drove and drove…

Somewhere in Arizona (I think), I went through a National Park.  It was around 8-9 pm at this point and I had the windows down as it was nice and cool.  I have to find that place again.  It smelled WONDERFUL.  I’m really not sure how to describe it.  I couldn’t see shit because it was the middle of BFE, but it smelled something like a mix of pine and sweet-smelling flowers.  They need to market that scent because it’s great and very invigorating imo. I hadn’t begun to feel tired yet and had only had the one small soda with my In-N-Out burger, but after driving through there, I didn’t even feel my eyes get heavy until about 3-4 am.

Yeah…so much for stopping and getting a motel room.  At that point, it seemed dumb to as I’d be there for maybe 5 hours before getting up to check out.  lol.  I stopped and got another small soda and gassed up and hit the road again.  I had to stop again for another small soda around 9am, but by that point, I was almost to Tulsa.  I got to my place around 1 pm central (11 am pacific), so ended up doing the entire drive in a U-Haul in 24 hours in one shot without ever really getting tired.  Crazy.

Let me tell you, 24 hours listening to good music while driving cross-country gives you a lot of time to just think about life and the things that happen in it.  I spent a lot of time thinking about my summer and everything that happened in it.  That’s probably why I never really got tired.  My mind never really stopped churning the entire time.  hehe.

As I still wasn’t tired when I got in, I unpacked all my stuff, got situated, had dinner then went to bed early.  So, outside of the epic 24-hour-straight drive, my last actual drive was highly uneventful.  Oh well, I can’t complain too much.  This summer was a wonderful ride, while it lasted.  All good things come to an end though, and this is no exception.  So, thus ends my 2009 US Tour.  Who knows what the future will bring, but hopefully this won’t be my last journey of this type.

So, until next time…

Have fun and thanks for reading!


P.S.  Here are my random, rambling, incoherent, shallow yet deep thoughts in regards to this summer and life in general for those that wish to read them.

  • Pizza is possibly the best food ever invented.  Seriously.  I’ve had more good times where pizza was involved than any other type of food.  Spaghetti comes in a close second.  Guess I should have been born Italian…
  • Good music makes everything better.
  • How messed up are we that we have to sell things like this in stores?…and why not just buy the middle one?


  • When traveling, don’t forget a towel.  😉
  • The Grand Canyon is pretty big.
  • If you’re going to post a notice in public, use spell-check first…


  • Good friends are the most important thing you can have.  Everything else is filler.
  • This is possibly the best web site ever.  Ever.  EVER.
  • If you’re going to set up a Pepsi machine with different brands in it, at least list Pepsi first or find a different machine.  k?


  • This is probably one of the best MMOGs I’ve ever played.  Like all others, it has bugs too.  hehe
  • Screw maps, a GPS is where it’s at.  Just figure out how to turn the volume down right away.  Trust me.
  • This is why you should always keep your vehicle well maintained.


  • When you find a Chinese restaurant with fortune cookies that have good fortunes, make it a regular stop.  Here’s some of my favorites:  “You are a classic.”  “There is always time for you to try a new path in life.”  “Do not rush through life, pause and enjoy it.”  “Never let an opportunity pass you by.”  That’s what I’m talking about.  Fuck that lucky number shit.
  • The Mall of America shouldn’t be a tourist attraction.  It’s just a mall.  Wake up people!
  • Pimps and old people drive Cadillacs with the gold package.  I’m not old.  Do the math.  😉


  • Rollercoasters rule.
  • Needles hurt.  Especially when jabbed in you repeatedly for multiple hours.
  • Sometimes in life, you need a good drinking buddy.  I had four in Chicago.  hehe


  • I shit you not, this was my horoscope at one point during my trip:  “Your upcoming adventures will probably make no sense — unless you redefine what constitutes “sense.”  If you do that, your adventures could make absolutely  lucid sense in a backward, upside-down way that will  rejuvenate you sexually, spiritually, and emotionally.  Here’s another approach to understanding the point I’m trying to make:  The epic drama you’re about to begin may yield no apparent lesson and provide no practical guidance — unless you empty your mind and give up hope for extracting specific lessons and guidance — in which case you will be flooded with wise insights.”  I’m still working on the “empty your mind” part, the rest I have covered.  😉
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