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You’ve got mail!.. and more

August 1, 2009

So while I’ve been on Tour and unable to play the game regularly, Mythic has been busy putting up hotfixes and changes to systems that have always been the proverbial thorn in our paws.

Notably:  the Mailbox and the Auction House

If you haven’t checked these things out in a while, do so.  I have to say, I love opening my mail and getting it all right away.  Sending items and pulling them out of letters is so much faster than before, I dare to call it instantaneous in comparison.  Since they updated it, I have not had one single problem (other than gold spammers…grrrr) with the mail system.  Hooray!!!

The updates to the Auction House are really nice too.  Not only can I find things quickly and purchase them right away,  I haven’t had it eat any of my gold or lose any of my auctions since the update.  Definitely a must-needed fix as, with the fairly slow turn-around on CSR appeals, those kinds of things could quickly end up as /ragelog moments.

On top of that, a nice little addition they snuck in with the last batch of fixes was adding Talisman slots to the basic Renown Weapons and Armor you can buy (the non-set pieces).  This is huge as this makes those items much more viable and powerful when leveling.  The 2-hander weapons even have 2 slots each. Yay!

On a completely different tangent, Mythic finally announced their Mac Client Beta.  I know a lot of people were really wanting this to happen, so it’s cool that they made it happen.  It’s still semi-limited from what I can tell (I’m not a Mac user).  If you want to try it out, make sure to check the system requirements first so you know whether it would even work for you or not.

And finally, they made a change to the amount of Expedition Resources needed to access the Land of the Dead.  While, on the surface, it doesn’t sound like a big deal, it is.  Even in my limited time in-game lately, I’ve seen the difference this can make with how fast the zone flips and how much of an effect the individual can have on the flip.  It’s very nice.

So, yeah, we got a nice big patch recently with lots of good (and bad for some) stuff.  However, I’m all about the “little things” and these little sneak-ins are some of the best things I’ve seen in a while.  They cut across all game boundaries and help ALL players as opposed to just certain classes or Realms.  That’s what I like to see and hopefully we’ll be seeing more of it in the coming months.  Until then…

Have fun!


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  1. August 2, 2009 12:37 am

    Another good one is the general loading speed for zones, sc’s, and pretty much anything else you get a loading screen for. I remember being able to walk away and make a sandwich in the time it took me to zone into Altdorf. It’s been cut down by way more than half from what I can tell.

    • gaarawarr permalink
      August 2, 2009 7:19 am

      Yeah, that was actually the Tome unlock fix for loading screens they implemented. It’s very, very nice considering I’m sitting at a bit over 3200 unlocks at the moment.

    • Artiee permalink
      August 3, 2009 5:12 pm

      When they did that, they broke the TOK Armory.

  2. August 2, 2009 2:42 am

    Yeah I now get into scenarios almost instantly, and usually have to wait 40+ seconds for it to start where before I got in 15-20 secs after it started.

  3. meteorfall permalink
    August 2, 2009 1:26 pm

    I really liked the change on the Renown Gear aswell, I’ve always been a fan of it. In other news, Gaar, if you ever see the name “Lancast” pop up on your screen (as a -currently- R33 Magus), be sure to /wave, tis’ your friend Meteorfall. WAAAGH Well, I’ll probably catch you on the Ironrock battlefield someday. Take care.

    • August 2, 2009 1:30 pm

      Hrmm, does the link to Spank the Tank pop up in my name ? Cos’ I can’t see it, maybe cos’ I’m the one posting it. Anywayz…

    • gaarawarr permalink
      August 3, 2009 6:58 am

      It’s not in your profile. I added it to this comment though. :p Go fix your profile!

    • August 2, 2009 11:09 pm

      Renown Gear is bugged so you can’t dye it =\, I made a thread on the bug forums. Test it out yourself.

    • gaarawarr permalink
      August 3, 2009 6:58 am

      Well, to be honest, I never used it for long so never really worried about what it looked like.

    • gaarawarr permalink
      August 3, 2009 6:57 am

      I look forward to it!

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