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The Lairs of the Necropolis of Zandri

July 2, 2009

As I’m sure most of you know, there are four new Lairs in the new zone:  the Tombs of the Sun, Sky, Stars and Moon.  I’d done a couple of these while testing and had heard lots of information about the others, but I finally got my chance to knock all four of these out yesterday and thought I’d do a quick write-up/guide while also pointing you to a good new source of video-walkthroughs for the new zone.  Now, you know me, I can’t just do a write-up without including some flavor and a secret or two, so read on and enjoy!


General Information

Instead of worldwide lockout timers like normal Lairs, the Tombs are in effect mini-dungeons that provide lockout timers only to those that complete them.  Each Tomb has an 8-hour lockout timer starting once you down the Boss.

Just like certain regular Lairs, each one of the Tombs is locked.  Entry requires certain Glyphs obtained from the Public Quests in the Necropolis.

Tomb of the Sun – Riverbarge (The Quay of Seftu), Skull (Temple of Ualapt)

Tomb of the Sky – Scroll (The Quarry of Bone/Obelisk of Judgement), Ankhra (Tomb of the Bitter Wind/Forbidden Vaults), Scorpion (Ricci’s Raiders)

Tomb of the Stars – Reed (Nikosi/Sedjhet Temple), Vulture (The Carrion Nest/Aerie of Death), Horse (Amsu’s Charge/The Assault of Nekh Akhet)

Tomb of the Moon – Scarab (Pit of Kem Senef/Pit of Asaph), Vase (The Library of Zandri/Hall of Heavens)

Once you have your group and everyone has their Glyphs, it’s time to head to the Tombs.

Tomb of the Sun (14352, 3441)

Kneel, O child of distant years, upon this spot most honored. By kind decree of King Amenemhetum the Great, this area shall be known as sacred unto his kingdom. For here Vulture Lord did invest the Office of Ahara, Pillar of the Sun, Tactician of the Throne upon a loyal subject.

A great general, having crushed full 15,000 foes beneath his war chariot, won the favor of Amenemhetum. With wisdom the Vulture Lord did cause the warrior to come before him and be named Hapu Shebikef, he who speaks on matters of war.

Taking his staff of rule, the Vulture Lord broke one fourth of Ialu’s Scepter and bestowed it upon Hapu Shebikef, bidding him guard the treasure as a man guards his daughter’s virtue, for invested in the staff is the power of the Casket of Souls.

And Hapu Shebikef  praised the Gods for his victory.

Tomb of the Sun

If you don’t bring your Super Mario skills here, you won’t down this Boss.  :p   The Tomb of the Sun is very much about communication, coordination and movement.

The Lair is set up with a sand floor dotted with fallen pillars and broken pieces of wall/ceiling.  It is these items you will need to run/hop across during the ENTIRE fight.  As can be expected from a magician, Saa Khasef has a few interesting tricks up his sleeve.  The first is a lifetap.  If anyone is within range when it goes of, it will heal him based on how many people it hit.  Bad.  Very bad.  The second are his magic orbs.  He likes to cast these around the room if you’re not melee’ing him and when they explode, they do a very big AOE knockback.  Again, very bad.  Third, he likes to teleport.  All. The. Way. Across. The. Room.  /sigh  If all that wasn’t bad enough, the sand is covered in a mist that does damage to you if you touch it  (ie: running on the sand) and he also has a pretty quick enrage timer.

Sound like fun?  hehehe

Tomb of the Sky (60457, 31949)

Lower thy eyes, stranger! Here hath trod the feet of King Amenemhetum the Great. Well does he love this place. For here the Vulture Lord did invest the Office of Ahaphet, Pillar of the Sky, Vizier of the Throne upon a loyal subject.

A maiden came to King Amenemhetum as he bathed and begged him solve her woe. For her father desired her wed to the sworn foe of her mother’s family. Placing the chain of the concubine about her ankle, she vowed to serve the King instead, even past the veil of death.

The Vulture Lord looked and saw her eyes flashed like the disc of Ptra, and her limbs were like honeyed gold. Speaking in royal decree he called her wise, for who but the King may over rule a father’s wishes? Knowing the man who was to be her husband, he called her cunning, for was he not a dung merchant with teeth yellow as a Jackal’s eyes?

Causing the chain removed, he named her Bennu Apeht, Mistress of arts political, and gave unto her clothing of net and many jewels. Into her hands he delivered one fourth of Ialu’s Scepter. With the solemnity of the Gods he bid Bennu Apeht clasp it as close to her as the Royal Person, even more so, for within the Scepter is locked the power of the Casket of Souls.

And Bennu Apeht praised the Gods for her cunning.

Tomb of the Sky

The Tomb of the Sky is one of those “be careful where you’re walking” kind of places. hehe.  When you enter, stay off the sand.  Every time you step on it, tomb swarms spawn.  When they hit you, they give you an armor debuff that stacks.  Not fun with a lot on you, not fun at all.

To start the fight though, you have to run out towards the middle until Bennu Apeht climbs out of the sand.  Once they start to rise, quickly get back up to one of the corners.  There are three things you have to pay attention to in this fight other than the Boss.  The first is a dust cloud that moves randomly around the room that can do tons of damage to you and easily cause a wipe.  The second is the blisters that spawn in each of the four corners that you have to take out quickly before they spawn a huge sandstorm blast.  Finally, since you’re running all over, you have to watch all the tomb swarms.  Oh, and don’t forget about the Boss.  😉

A little tip:  Melee is all that can take out the blisters, no ranging them down.

Overall, this is a very fun Lair because of the constant movement required.  You really have to have a group that will work with each other and communicate or you’ll feel like you’re beating your head against a wall over and over and over…

Tomb of the Stars (59277, 24969)

Silence traveler! Respect the decree of Amenemhetum the Great, who caused these writings graven here, at this noble site, where the Vulture Lord did invest the Office of Ahasebah, Council of the Throne upon a loyal subject.

One night, the Vulture Lord came to be attacked by a great crocodile. The hateful beast gripped the Royal Foot in its impious jaws. Seeking to test his people’s loyalty, for truly, King Amenemhetum could best the beast if he so chose, the Vulture Lord cried out for help.

And the pleasure maids and nobles did shriek in fear and flee and look to the heir for favor. It was so that a passing night fisherman did free the King. Great was Amenemhetum’s wrath, and he called for the nobles and maids be flung into the pit of Scarabs, and the heir to be crowned in molten silver.

To the fisherman he had great love, and gave him a new hand of gold, and nobility and named him Tsekani Heyafa, friend of five fingers. More precious still, Amenemhetum gave Tsekani Heyafa one fourth of Ialu’s Scepter and bid him treasure it as he treasured Amenemhetum’s friendship, for within the gift lay the key to the Casket of Souls.

And Tsekani Heyafa praised the Gods for his good fortune.

Tomb of the Stars

This is the only Lair that has a pre-show warmup.  hehe.  Make sure your laces are tied before pulling the lever.  ’nuff said.

Tsekani Heyafa has two helpers in this fight.  One is a chittering swarm that can infect players and whose damage heals the Boss.  The other is a huge tomb swarm, the one that you just ran from, that moves towards certain people during the fight.  Both must be managed to down this Boss.

Quite frankly, this is extremely easy if you have a healer with some kind of cleansing ability to take care of the chittering swarm and some really good DPS.  If you have those, you can basically take him back into the corner and have him dead before the huge swarm ever gets near you. 

Note: Be wary though, this may change and you may actually have to be aware and move him around the room as intended while dodging the swarm.  Doesn’t sound too bad…except he used to like to root someone right in the path of the swarm, so watch out for that if they adjust it.

Tomb of the Moon (10420, 48955)

Bow, seeker of history, before this monument! Here at the pleasure of Amenemhetum the Great upon a loyal subject was invested the Office of Ahataht, Pillar of the Moon, Magician of the Throne.

It came to be that Amenemhetum did desire a master sorcerer for his kingdom. Then a Priest of distant Ka-Sabar came forth. With heavy heart, the King saw him, for are not the men of Ka-Sabar known for their lies and their loving of horses?

And the Vulture Lord knew then that the Priest was truly a man of magic, and named him Saa Khasef, sevenfold sorcerer. Into his care he gave one fourth of Ialu’s Scepter, and bid him ward it tighter than the tongues of his wives, for within the Scepter lies the power of the Casket of Souls.

And Saa Khasef praised the Gods for his marital joy.

Tomb of the Moon

The Tomb of the Moon has a great Boss mechanic that really requires solid teamwork.  Because of this, it’s either a very fun or very frustrating fight.  I love it personally, but that’s just me.  :p

Shortly after the fight starts, Saa Khasef calls forth his brides.  (poor guy, can you imagine the nagging from two wives? /shakeshead)  The brides project two types of auras represented by colors: gold and black.  Each aura shows up as a huge bubble around them.  The idea here is that you want your Main Tank in the middle with the Boss and you want two others “tanking” the brides in such a way that the golden bubble ends just in front of the MT and the black bubble ends just in front of the Boss.  Easiest way to do this is create a straight line between the three players and the three NPCs.  Your DPS want to stand in the golden bubble as well.  (I used the word “tanking” because you don’t need actual tanks for this.  Medium armor classes work just fine.  Don’t kill the brides though.  :p  )

Be patient in the setup phase of this with focus being getting everyone lined up and set up correctly.  Once done, unleash on the Boss with as much DPS as possible as there is an enrage timer.  If for some reason you can’t see the bubbles, have the “tanks” move the brides slowly while watching for the buff on your MT and the debuff on the Boss.  The golden aura buffs those inside it with 250% damage and the black aura debuffs those inside it with 250% increase in damage taken.

Video Walkthroughs

If you’re the type of person that would rather watch a walkthrough than read one, head on over to P-O-D-C-A-S-T’s website.  Mykiel and company have put together tons of footage, that they broadcast live and record for later viewing as well, of all kinds of Land of the Dead stuff, including the Lairs.  For those looking for a little more strategy than I tend to offer (I like to leave a lot up to you!), bookmark this site because I’m sure they’ll have something you want to see.  (To reach the videos, click the ‘P-O-D-C-A-S-T the Webcast’ link on the right side of the page.)

And that’s not all!

Yeah yeah, I said there would be a secret or two so here goes (not that it’s much of a secret by now anyway…).  Not only do the Lair Bosses drop some nice repairables and souls, they also have a chance to drop Named Soul Vessels (weapons) or Pocket Items with abilities.  The Soul Vessels are some of the best weapons in the game, especially given their customizability, and also feature artwork ranging from very Egyptian-y to very Epic depending on your class.  While those are BoP, the Pocket Items are BoE last I checked so can be traded to obtain the one that fits your build.  These Items are very, very nice with a complimentary build.

Oh, and if you kill all four Lair Bosses, you get a Tome Unlock!  hehehe


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