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Gaarawarr’s (sorta) EPIC PQ Crawl #3 – The Necropolis of Zandri

June 28, 2009

So on Iron Rock, we “won” the Live Event and had early access to the new zone.  I did a bunch of PQs with my guildies and friends and then it dawned on me:  Why am I not doing a PQ Crawl?  And why am I wearing armor?  :p  So I quickly wrapped up what we were doing, stripped down to my axe/shield and sent out the call.  By the time we made it down the hill to the Nikosi Temple, I had a full warband ready to rock out every single PQ in the Necropolis.  But, before we get into that, here’s some basic information on these PQs.

The new Land of the Dead is broken up into two major segments:  The Necropolis of Zandri and the Tomb of the Vulture Lord.  The Necropolis is the main area of the new zone that is open to all players and boasts 18 Public Quests that can be completed. 

While some of the PQs are mirrors, there are many unique features amongst the new offerings that make for enjoyable encounters, with or without the other Realm there attempting to foil your plans.  Keep in mind, you’ll be doing these PQs repeatedly to obtain their Glyphs so you can gain access to the four Tombs (lairs) in the Necropolis.  So learn them well…



So, because this was a totally impromptu PQ Crawl, I totally forgot to take all the screenshots I usually do of the completion screens.  I also didn’t follow my usual PQ rules of having to do it from Stage 1 to the end each time.  So, since a lot of these PQs are mirros, I’m just going to talk about each set or the particular PQ in general and what it was like for a warband to do it.  Maybe in the future I can do another one following the normal rules and with the threat of PvP involved as well. hehe.  One can only hope…

The Necropolis of Zandri

Nikosi Temple / Sedjhet Temple  – Reed Glyph

These PQs are mirrors and share the same mechanics.  They are one of the first PQs available to you when you arrive in the Necropolis and thus are filled with level 36 mobs so that the bolstered low-level players have a place to farm and get XP.

So I announced the PQ Crawl from the Expedition Camp and the warband filled up quickly.  I rolled out with the group while riding my new Gryphon mount, naked of course, and we arrived as Nikosi was reaching the end of its second stage.  Fine by me as the first stage of this is extremely simple and soloable while the second stage is timed and fairly easy to complete.  So we ran into the temple right as the Boss spawned.  Let me tell you, with 24+ people on him at once, he dies before his mechanic kicks in.  lol.  We pretty much demolished Sedjhet the same way when we reached it, although we did have to do all the phases that time.

For those who end up doing this in a smaller group, the Boss fight is actually pretty neat in its mechanic and actually requires you to pay attention to what’s going on or else beat on him endlessly in frustration.   (That’s actually a theme that continues throughout this zone.  If you’re trying to afk your way through anything in this zone, you’ll end up dead before you can say Amenemhetum…  hehe.)

Anyway, we rolled out of this one as people collected their bags and went straight to…

The Carrion Nest / Aerie of Death – Vulture Glyph

Again we have a pair of mirrors.  These are another set of PQs that are near the starting area, thus making it a semi-safe area for low-level players to farm.

First off, the mechanic for this PQ is just full of hilarity, especially if you’re in vent with the people doing it.  I’ve heard people say it gets old after a while, but I think that’s just because they haven’t figured out the secret trick to this PQ.  Hint: You don’t need to be carried to get where you need to go.

Once you understand the mechanic, this PQ is really simple.  The boss fight is pretty straightforward, but being aware and not pulling adds helps everyone stay in their happy place.

We pretty much demolished the kill requirement when we got here and quickly knocked out all the reqs for stage 2 as well.  When you have not only your 24 but also a couple groups of other people around doing it as well, things go really, really fast.  That’s nice since you need your glyphs and it helps you earn tokens/gear faster too.  Win/Win

With the birds down, it was time to head to what I like to now call “The Great Equalizer”.

Amsu’s Charge / The Assault of Nekh Akhet – Horse Glyph

More mirrors, this time in the form of roving PQs!  The term “roving” in this sense means the actual area where you encounter this PQ isn’t necessarily where it’s marked on the map.  These are both fairly obvious and again are right near the starter area, so it isn’t too hard to stumble across them.

So even on the first day, region chat was full of people spouting obscenities at others in regards to this PQ.  lol.  I call it “The Great Equalizer” because it doesn’t matter how good you are, if you’re standing next to an idiot, you’re dieing just as if you were one.  hehehe.  Despite giving fairly blatant instructions repeatedly in warband chat, we lost all but 3 people when the boss spawned.  It’s a good thing we weren’t in vent cuz all people would have heard was me chuckling endlessly as we got rez’d and died again and again.  I blame the people NOT in my warband…yeah..that’s it…hehe.  I still chuckle every time I see people complain about dieing at this PQ because I can so vividly picture what’s going on and how funny it must look each and every time.  We finally got him down and then got everyone rez’d and moved on.

We tried to do the Assault of Nekh Akhet, which works exactly the same way, but it was missing one of its skeletons in Stage 1 so couldn’t be completed.  No big loss since it’s a mirror.

The Quarry of Bone – Scroll Glyph

Another starter area PQ on the Order side, however it is definitely meant for a group.  While the first stage is easy to work through solo, the second stage requires lots of killing in a short amount of time to move on to the boss.  The boss mechanic is pretty straightforward.  However, that doesn’t mean the boss isn’t impressive.  What better way to start off your adventure in the Necropolis than with a Bone Giant!

For our warband and the almost warband of people moving along with us from PQ to PQ, this went fast and smooth.  I have to say, I really do love this Boss and his abilities.  He reminds me of the giant in the PQ in Gunbad: up in the air…down….up in the air…down….hehehe

We rocked this one and moved on, but before we get to that, let’s talk about it’s sister-PQ on the Destro side.

Obelisk of Judgement – Scroll Glyph

This is a starter PQ on the Destruction side, but it is far from being easy.  Large groups may have no issue here, but a small group will find an amazing challenge awaits.

The mechanics involved in all stages of this PQ are just a lot of fun.  From the buffs/debuffs to random damage to the “power up” feature that happens to the minions, this PQ is an epic win.  While it’s in the Destruction starter area, effort should be made by Order players to go experience this PQ as there’s nothing like it in this game anywhere.  (Again, that can be said about a lot of things in this zone, but this one is noticeably different.  Trust me.)

Despite how this PQ is supposed to work and how it worked on Test, it was a cakewalk with a full warband.  I actually think it was having respawn issues when we got there, because there just weren’t as many skeletons as there usually are.  Oh well, patch day bugs are always to be expected.

Tombs of the Bitter Wind / Forbidden Vaults – Ankhra Glyph

Another set of mirrors, but outside the starter area so you can expect the difficulty to now start ramping up.

These PQs are split and require you to do things both above and below ground.  You will definitely want a decent group for this one.  You will also want to pay attention to the things around you or you’ll just make things more difficult for yourself.

If you actually make it to the boss encounter, be prepared for a ton of fun.  The first time I did this PQ, I spent the whole boss fight giggling.  It made it very hard to play.  :p  I can’t wait to do this one again and again and again…

We arrived to the Order-side version as the Boss stage started.  Boy did that confuse some of the people in my warband. hehe.  Even after we finally downed him, people were asking “um, what just happened?”  hehe.  This really is a cool PQ.  When we hit the Destro-side version, we had to do it all and I think people got a better understanding of it then, but even with a warband of people, it takes some work to complete if you’re not working together flawlessly.

The Library of Zandri – Vase Glyph

OK, running around and killing things in Stage 1 : pretty unspectactular.  Hopping through portals to other areas of the world (yes world, not zone) to complete objectives while also guarding your portal from the Library in Stage 2 : hell yeah!  You’ll need a semi-decent group to do this one, so make sure to bring friends.

The boss fight fits the location in my opinion.  Multiple enemies from all over the world matches the mechanics and what you would expect to find from a Library which contains volumes talking about all of these kinds of creatures.  And I have a soft-spot for Boss-Dragons, what can I say?  Another PQ full of win!

We missed Stage 1 of this, but as I’d done it before, I knew we didn’t miss much.  Stage 2 is where this PQ really starts to show its stuff.  Our warband worked amazingly well together on this stage and rolled right into the Boss fight fairly quickly.  The bosses themselves all dropped rather quickly, which was to be expected with this many people, but they were all impressive nonetheless.  Lots of people were commenting on how cool some of them looked, so kudos to Mythic on this one.

Now, a quick trip to the Destro side to talk about their equivalent.

Hall of the Heavens – Vase Glyph

Wow, this place is impressive.  Seriously though, the entire zone is impressive art-wise.  They really did a fantastic job and the Hall is a perfect snapshot of that.

The first couple of stages are very straightforward and decently fun, but this PQ shines with the boss fight.  Why?  Well, because you don’t necessarily get the same boss every time…   That’s all I’m going to say.  Enjoy!

We hit this at the end of Stage 1 and quickly demolished Stage 2.  And the Boss for that matter.  I honestly didn’t even have time to see which one we got.  lol.  It didn’t matter apparently as I didn’t even see a mechanic fire off.  Oh well.  That’s what happens when you rock a pocket-warband.  :p

Pit of Kem Senef – Scarab Glyph

Funniest.  PQ.  Beginning.  Ever.  hehe.  This is one of those PQs I like to hang back at and watch new people run up to start because the comments in vent or in chat can be priceless.

It’s a good PQ, but honestly I went through the whole thing giggling because of the beginning.  The fights are pretty decent in the beginning stages and the boss is a lot of fun, so this is another PQ worth doing again and again, especially bringing new people.  :p

I tried to get people to wait until everyone was there before triggering it, but who can resist such temptation…especially when they don’t realize what’s going to happen?  hehehe.  The first stage was a little slow due to the respawn rate, but that’s more because of how many of us there were.  With a regular group, it tends to be fine.  The second stage was a mere blip on the radar and then up popped the Boss.  I think a couple of people that were standing where he appeared may have wet themselves.  😉  It really is a shock if you don’t know it’s coming.  He actually ported me out right at the end and I didn’t win a bag, so I don’t know why I ran back and jumped into the pit again.  ~shrugs~

Pit of Asaph – Scarab Glyph

Moar snakes!!1!1!!  (Asps, whatever, hehe)

I love Stage 2.  What a great mechanic.  I mean, the whole PQ is good, but Stage 2 just weeds out the people that don’t pay attention and try to do this with just a couple people. 

It really is funny watching people beat on something and cry out bug when in fact they just haven’t figured out the mechanic yet.  hehe.  It really is a cool mechanic, even if it’s not completely new, and the Boss is cool.  Although we really didn’t give him much of a chance.  He died faster than he could fire off his mechanic I believe.

Ricci’s Raiders (North and South) – Scorpion Glyph

The final mirror and the final pair of roving PQs.  This one is different from the two in the starter area though.  These aren’t marked on the map and they don’t start until you find the starter.  Hint: Who’s Ricci?

These two PQs are cool.  Partly for the roving/discoverable mechanic, but also for the different stage mechanics.  They’re also in the roaming path of Eternal Sentinels which, if you’re not paying attention, can add a whole other level of difficulty.  hehe

Well, these both were bugged out by the time we hit them.  I had done it earlier that morning on Live and had done it numerous times on Test.  It really is kind of cool.  However, with a large group, it’s actually kinda boring.  It’s only with a smaller group that it becomes challenging.

The Quay of Seftu – Riverbarge Glyph

Centrally located in the first place you can cross to the opposite side of the River Mortis, this PQ promises to be interesting from both a PvE and PvP standpoint.

The siege weapons are not only a ton of fun to fire, but they’re also used to more easily complete the PQ.  You definitely want a lot of people for this one just to keep up with everything that’s going on.  This is another one of those PQs that is just unique to the Necropolis.  I can’t wait to see more of this zone’s mechanics start to filter out into the rest of the WAR world.

I also can’t wait to do this as a mix of PvP and PvE.  It’s an awesome area to skirmish in and having the PQ going on at the same time adds a whole other level of fun.

We arrived in time to start Stage 2 of this PQ and basically spent our time running around and looting corpses as the siege weapons demolished all the attackers.  I have to say, I actually liked the original idea for this PQ better than its current incarnation, but oh well.  It’s still quite fun, especially since I ended up doing it recently with Destro there at the same time. hehe.

Temple of Ualatp – Skull Glyph

Minesweeper comes to WAR!  hehe.  Another shining example of console-like mechanics merged with an MMO that is prevalent in this zone.

This PQ requires a full group due to the mechanics and is also your gateway to the Tomb of the Vulture Lord so learn it well…

We got to this one after it had broken with one Architect MIA.  I had done it earlier that morning though, as well as multiple times on Test, so no big deal for me.  I really do like all three stages of this PQ.  I know some people do nothing but complain about it it seems, but I think that’s more of the same issue of people just not knowing how to work with others, or just not willing to I guess.  Either way, their loss.  :p

So that’s it for the PQs of the Necropolis….or is it?  hehe.  I won’t tell, but you’ll know soon enough.  We completed the whole crawl rather quickly since there were far fewer PQs than my usual crawls. hehe.  It definitely gave those that normally don’t join me a peek into what it’s like to do a crawl.  And yes, I did the whole thing naked as did my guildies.  😉

I do have to say, after experiencing these PQs in a full warband, they’re much easier to complete than some of the regular end-game PQs.  At least, if you’re paying attention.  However, the Bosses definitely drop a lot faster than some of the ones I’ve run into in the past, even ones from lower Tiers.  It’s kind of a good and bad thing at the same time for me.  I like PQs that give challenging Boss fights, but at the same time, the PQs here are supposed to be the appetizer and not the main course.  The five Tombs are where you’ll truly get your challenge and the Tomb of the Vulture Lord is, in effect, one long PQ Crawl anyway.  So it’s all good.

I look forward to doing another impromptu PQ Crawl through this whole zone from one side to the other, followed by the Tombs hopefully.  :p  The bags are always desirable here as there are tokens in them and you’ll want lots of tokens for the purchaseable items.  The artwork is truly top-notch and the environmental effects and mirages along with the ambient sounds and the occasional voice-over really make this zone and everything in it shine.  This is definitely a place everyone should visit and explore.  This zone is so unique to the WAR world, everyone needs to go and experience it firsthand for themselves in my opinion.

Have fun in the Necropolis!

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  1. Hateweaver permalink
    June 30, 2009 10:16 am

    I’m on Iron Rock destro as well – was a good time at opening. I wish there was more to do (sub level 40) after the PQs. I got all the glyphs but the couple dungeon instance I tried were way too hard without a good group of 40’s (or at least it seemed so to me). Looking foward to hitting 40 in a couple days here and heading back.

    • gaarawarr permalink
      June 30, 2009 10:19 am

      Yeah, the PQs are meant to be sub-40 friendly for the most part, whereas the Tombs are harder. They can still be done with sub-40s, but you have to have Lesser Wards. The four outer Tombs are basically warm-ups for the main Tomb. If you can’t do them, you shouldn’t waste your time in the big one.

  2. May 10, 2010 8:03 pm

    Hey Garrawar. I’m coming back in the summer with a brand new WP and i was wondering if you are going to do a Crawl during either june or july?

    • gaarawarr permalink
      May 11, 2010 1:40 am

      I haven’t made plans for future crawls. However, I do want to do Zandri again in a contested state. So that will probably be the next one. Just unsure when that will happen.


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