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Land of the Dead – Tyrant Armor

June 27, 2009

A new end-game dungeon means a new Armor Set.  Yay!  While the stats and bonuses have been highly debated and adjusted, the artwork is some of the best in WAR to date.  The following post includes not just the current Set Bonuses to help you determine if it’s something you want, but also images of the armor itself.  It is presented in its undyed format on generic characters and while the pictures aren’t huge, they do give you a good idea of what the armor looks like on your class.  Please keep in mind, these images are without weapons, accessories or trophies, so your final Land of the Dead setup has the possibility to look even more epicly cool since those items also have some amazing artwork (especially the 5-pc accessory cloaks!).

I hope you’re all having fun in the Land of the Dead and, as always…



So I don’t usually do lots of media in my posts, but the artwork is just so amazing on the majority of these that I felt everyone needed to see them.  Even if you don’t like the stats on your class’ set, the looks alone may drive you to obtain it just because.  (Or in my case, the stats make me want it even though the IB armor is plain, like most of their armor. hehe)

For those that haven’t figured it out yet, sets and their bonuses are usually assigned to sections of class-types.  For instance, most know that Warrior Priests and Disciples of Khaine tend to share the same types of stats/bonuses.  However, classes like Black Orc and Swordmaster share them as well.  Because of that, I am going to clump these in what should be their matchups so as to only list the stats once and then will have the images of the armor after.

Note : New types of set-proc abilities were introduced with the Land of the Dead.  In many cases, they adjust to your stats, so pay attention to these on your sets as they are very interesting and, in at least one case, worth suiting up fully for.

General Information

The Tyrant set is obtainable in the Land of the Dead.  While the Gloves and Belt are purchaseable via tokens from the merchant in your Expedition Camp in the Necropolis of Zandri, the rest of it comes from the Tomb of the Vulture Lord.

Unlike past dungeons, this set introduces a new system for looting it.  The items drop from the Bosses as repairables in three different ways.  First, the Boots and Helm drop as repairables for either Tanks/Healers or DPS classes.  Second, the Shoulders drop as repairables for each Race.  Finally, the Chest drops as repairable by all.  If I remember correctly, it’s a 50% chance that an armor piece will drop off any given Boss.  All in all, these changes make for a much more enjoyable looting experience while crawling through the Tomb as compared to other dungeons.

Also, since each Boss is in effect a PQ, you’re also earning the tokens you need for the purchaseable pieces, as well as other goodies.  So even if you’re not so excited about your set, completing the Tomb of the Vulture Lord will still get you things you need to customize your character the way you want to.

Black Orc / Swordmaster

2 Piece Bonus = 76 Wounds
3 Piece Bonus = 76 Toughness
4 Piece Bonus = 5% Parry
5 Piece Bonus = Reactionary – On Defense : 25% chance to increase Parry, Evade, and Disrupt by 10% for 10 seconds
6 Piece Bonus = 200 HP Regen

BO Front

BO Back

BO Left

BO Right

SM Front

SM Back

SM RightSM Left

Warrior Priest / Disciple of Khaine

2 Piece Bonus = 76 Strength
3 Piece Bonus = 76 Wounds
4 Piece Bonus = 5% Healing Crit Chance
5 Piece Bonus = Hierophant’s Grace – On Hit or Direct Heal : 5% chance to reduce build times by 50% for 10 seconds
6 Piece Bonus = 4 Righteous Fury/Soul Essence per second

WP LeftWP Front

WP RightWP Back

DoK Front

DoK Back

DoK LeftDoK Right

Choppa / Slayer / Marauder / White Lion

2 Piece Bonus = 76 Wounds
3 Piece Bonus = 76 Strength
4 Piece Bonus = 25 Auto Attack Speed
5 Piece Bonus = Reactionary – On Defense : 25% chance to increase Parry, Evade, and Disrupt by 10% for 10 seconds
6 Piece Bonus = Touch of Djaf – On Hit : 25% chance to deal 150 damage to your target and heal yourself for 100% of the damage dealt

Choppa Front

Choppa Back

Choppa Left

Choppa Right

Slaya FrontSlaya BackSlaya RightSlaya Left

Mara Front

Mara BackMara LeftMara Right

WL FrontWL BackWL Left

WL Right

Bright Wizard / Sorcerer / Magus

2 Piece Bonus = 76 Intelligence
3 Piece Bonus = 76 Wounds
4 Piece Bonus = 5% Magic Crit Chance
5 Piece Bonus = Hierophant’s Grace – On Hit or Direct Heal : 5% chance to reduce build times by 50% for 10 seconds
6 Piece Bonus = +50 Additional AP Pool

BW FrontBW Back

BW Right

BW Left

Sorc Front

Sorc Back

Sorc RightSorc Left

Archmage / Shaman / Rune Priest / Zealot

2 Piece Bonus = 76 Willpower
3 Piece Bonus = 76 Wounds
4 Piece Bonus = 5% Heal Crit Chance
5 Piece Bonus = Hierophant’s Grace – On Hit or Direct Heal : 5% chance to reduce build times by 50% for 10 seconds
6 Piece Bonus = +50 Additional AP Pool

AM RightAM Front

AM LeftAM Back

Shammy Front

Shammy Back

Shammy RightShammy Left

RP Front

RP Back

RP RightRP Left

Z Front

Z Back

Z RightZ Left

Witch Hunter / Witch Elf

2 Piece Bonus = 76 Strength
3 Piece Bonus = 76 Wounds
4 Piece Bonus = 5% Melee Crit Chance
5 Piece Bonus = Scorpion’s Speed – On Killing Blow : 50% chance t increase movement speed by 40% for 10 seconds
6 Piece Bonus = Touch of Djaf – On Hit : 25% chance to deal 150 damage to your target and heal yourself for 100% of the damage dealt

WH Front

WH Back

WH RightWH Left

WE Back

WE Front

WE RightWE Left

Engineer / Squig Hunter / Shadow Warrior

2 Piece Bonus = 76 Ballistic Skill
3 Piece Bonus = 76 Wounds
4 Piece Bonus = 5% Crit Hit Rate
5 Piece Bonus = Hierophant’s Grace – On Hit or Direct Heal : 5% chance to reduce build times by 50% for 10 seconds
6 Piece Bonus = 5 DPS

Engi Front

Engi Back

Engi RightEngi Left

SH Front

SH Bac

SH RightSH Left

SW LeftSW Front

SW RightSW Back

Ironbreaker / Chosen / Blackguard / Knight of the Blazing Sun

2 Piece Bonus = 76 Wounds
3 Piece Bonus = 76 Toughness
4 Piece Bonus = 5% Block
5 Piece Bonus = Reactionary – On Defense : 25% chance to increase Parry, Evade, and Disrupt by 10% for 10 seconds
6 Piece Bonus = 200 HP Regen

IB Front

IB Back

IB RightIB Left

Chos Front

Chos Back

Chos RightChos Left

BG LeftBG Front

BG RightBG Back

K Front

K Back

K LeftK Right

59 Comments leave one →
  1. Magus permalink
    June 28, 2009 1:56 am

    right….since nobody cares/plays Magi-no need to make a set for this class..(cries)

  2. Anonymous permalink
    June 28, 2009 4:55 am

    wl looks crap like expected.

    some look decent.

    a few look great.

    slayer and engi bracers are mixed up.

  3. SadLion permalink
    June 28, 2009 4:57 am

    wl looks weak like expected.

    some look great.

    engi and slayer bracers got mixed up.

  4. June 28, 2009 5:54 am

    WL Looks like Sh!@ and what the hell … a bird landed on the knights head?

    • Framke Guderian permalink
      June 29, 2009 9:00 am

      The bird may seem odd, but at least the Carmen Miranda look wasn’t included for the KotBS helm, for once.

    • Gazma permalink
      September 11, 2009 10:20 pm

      Oh my god, I couldnt stop laughing looking at the KotBS. Seriously, what’s with the freaking bird!

    • Zelot007 permalink
      February 11, 2010 11:16 am

      its not a bird… its a griffon… it has a lion-torso
      and thats what their helmets mainly are about:

      to be an object of prestige, to show noble origin

      “Death to the false emperor”

  5. Zairk permalink
    June 28, 2009 6:05 am

    Yeah, I like how most the order ones look awesome (exception WL lol)

    Why do they want my zealot to look like he’s in the K##?

    Shaman armor looks like squig armor.

    Only great destro armor is the Blackguard.

  6. Anonymous permalink
    June 28, 2009 8:37 am

    Aww, you forgot the Magi! And the unique back item, everyone has a cloak that’s different too. Although that’s less your fault.

    Gobins, by the way, are supposed to look like crap. Cause they’re literally wearing crap most of the time. And the zealot doesn’t look anything like the K##, only if you really want to stretch it.

    The IB armour is a little plain(and I don’t like the axe on the chest), but the gauntlets and helmet are great. And like all dwarf stuff, the real charm is in the subtle details and general dwarfiness. The runepriest mantle and belt are fantastic in the same way, I love the pouches on it.

    The Archmage, sadly, gets to reprieve of its chronic Static Sleeve Syndrome. Such a tragic disease, really.

    • Rienuaa permalink
      March 18, 2010 7:12 am

      We should all donate, together we can wipe the disease out!

  7. Anonymous permalink
    June 28, 2009 9:17 am

    Runi and Engi belt also seem somewhat mixed up to me.

  8. gaarawarr permalink
    June 28, 2009 12:18 pm

    Again, I didn’t forget the Magus. I took screenshots, but I have no clue what happened to them.

    Also, I didn’t forget the cloaks. Those are part of the 5-piece accessory sets, not part of the Tyrant Armor Set.

  9. Anonymous permalink
    June 28, 2009 1:08 pm

    That white lion head on the shoulder …. looks like it’s staring at you….

    “My master killed me and put me on her shoulder…. now I will stare at you for all eternity….”

  10. Fudavedge permalink
    June 28, 2009 5:53 pm

    The Marauder, Rune Priest and Black Guard all look especially sick. Now if the Black Guard could receive some love outside the art department…

  11. June 28, 2009 6:34 pm

    Zealot looks sick.

    • gaarawarr permalink
      June 28, 2009 6:48 pm

      I thought so, some people don’t like it though. I have to say, I’ve always been tempted to roll a zealot somewhere because I love how dark their sets look, this one is especially so.

  12. zetruz permalink
    June 29, 2009 2:10 am

    Thanks for this, mate! About half of the sets look absolutely amazing, and the other half is a bit meh.

  13. theerivs permalink
    June 29, 2009 7:44 am

    Is it me or do the Chosen look the best….I hope to get that set.

    • gaarawarr permalink
      June 29, 2009 10:34 am

      I thought the Chosen one looked wild.

  14. CMK permalink
    June 29, 2009 11:35 am

    Chosen’s my fave for sure – hopefully the dyes work well with it. Wish I could see the Magus set.

    The Shaman set looks very disappointing.

  15. Brikx permalink
    June 29, 2009 12:01 pm

    Personal favourite: Marauder!

    Love the chosen, quite like the choppa/shaman. The others I’m indifferent on other than the zealot/knight/slayer which I ain’t a fan of. Main reason for the slayer is because I always think they should wear shorts rather than just a belt 🙂

    Least Favourite: Black Orc… unfortunately my main class 😦 The helm is horrible personally, invader is one of the best looks there is. Also hate the fact the bonus is parry while other tanks get block, Pah!

    Nice pictures though, thanks for sharing!

  16. thirteenmoons permalink
    June 29, 2009 3:27 pm

    man thanks fer ur constant support .. appricate the info

  17. Jon permalink
    June 29, 2009 6:45 pm

    wow.. this all looks terrible. I wish I didn’t just spend 15$ on my subscription. Live and learn I suppose.. doesn’t this company have money? Why does it look like it’s out of a PS2 game?

  18. Abyssia permalink
    June 29, 2009 9:41 pm

    LOOVE the zealot, its absolutely stunning…. but sorc and BW is really nice too, best looking sorc one so far.

  19. June 30, 2009 11:30 am

    all i have to say is WOW….. and i dont mean thay are stunning

  20. Cliff permalink
    June 30, 2009 12:43 pm

    I actually like the Knight (my main), with the Gryphon on the head. It’s a good looking set, to my eyes.

    Thanks for posting these!

  21. Anonymous permalink
    July 1, 2009 8:14 am

    I totally disagree with the opinion that the shaman set looks awfull, I think the helmet looks totally awesome… The rest of the set is not really different..
    I hate the sentinel and the invasor helmet… (A gobbo shaman has to look like crap :), so a high hat is not an option for me)

  22. Krosuss permalink
    July 1, 2009 11:10 am

    These do look super cool. I’ve never felt my toons look particularly great on the character screen … but in game they look much, much better. Looking forward to getting this set at some point!

  23. no u permalink
    July 1, 2009 11:33 am

    Lion was totally right about the slayer/engi bracers thing… rofl mythic. Most of these sets range from meh to wtf were you thinking… I think WE and IB are the worst, IB in particular, it literally looks like a trash can with some pretty gold trim.

    • gaarawarr permalink
      July 1, 2009 2:45 pm

      It appears the bracers have already been switched correctly actually. Was just a bug in the assignment code on test. We should be good now.

  24. Anonymous permalink
    July 4, 2009 2:41 am

    If somebody maybe has a picture of the Magus set?

  25. Kertog permalink
    July 4, 2009 9:50 am

    The engineer set is nice aside from the belt. It keeps the stomach from hanging over so much. Make him look like a tree stump.

  26. ANONMOUSSE permalink
    July 6, 2009 4:36 am


    • gaarawarr permalink
      July 6, 2009 9:33 am

      It’s already been fixed. These pics were taken before it hit Live.

  27. Anonymous permalink
    July 8, 2009 3:45 pm

    The Knight and Warrior Priest look amazing! They look totally revamped and actually stick out, and scream glory and badassary!A lot of the destro classes are already so over decorated that they don’t seem to have much more to put on them i’d say. Overall good job!

  28. Strippermania permalink
    July 10, 2009 9:09 am

    Great blog Gar.

    Any one have a pic of a female WP? I’d be interesting in seeing that.

  29. July 11, 2009 5:07 pm

    Hell Yeah! The Muarder set looks like something out of a Clive Barker film. Finally a little aesthetic alteration to the already cliche armor sets. Looking forward to seeing my guildies equip it.

  30. Anonymous permalink
    July 19, 2009 9:16 am

    Anyone know where I can see the Magus set?

  31. Roa permalink
    August 3, 2009 7:13 am

    all set eare looking awesome!

    especially zelot!

    • Nar permalink
      September 14, 2009 3:54 pm

      Magus Tyrant set.

  32. November 24, 2009 2:31 am

    Great Summary!

  33. Gorrem permalink
    December 7, 2009 6:59 pm

    well it’s more a 10% chance to drop maybe even less so it still ends up being a mindless grind made annoying by lag in the end:P

    sigh killed the 3rd boss 51 times now no shoulders…. wish mythic would give us something for doing it so like after killed said boss 30 times or so you can buy the pice off a library merchent ouls make it much easiser for the unlucky ppl I.e. me lol

    well and make it easier for multiple tali sets

    • gaarawarr permalink
      December 7, 2009 8:38 pm

      It’s actually not a 10% chance unless they changed it from when we tested it. However, flipping a coin 30 times can still only get you heads 3 times so it can appear to be lower than expected.

  34. Laseryoda permalink
    December 27, 2009 9:40 pm

    Disapointed that shaman tyrant looks so ugly :/.
    Hawtest is WP, RP, SH, Zealot, Chosen, DoK, BG and KoTBS :p

  35. Louis permalink
    January 13, 2010 9:25 am
    Knight of the Blazing Sun – The Tyrant

  36. Rienuaa permalink
    March 8, 2010 8:07 am

    What’s with you guys hating the WLs? I think the armor is HAWT, specially those cone heads and the tiny lion head aaannd…. wait a sec. They DO suck. Hmmph. At least the mechanic is awesome. Having familiar’s in MMOs is an advantage many people forget. What could be better then being able to go AFK and come back to a pile of dead bodies at your feet? Farming is easy when you kill 2 at once, and new players are ALWAYS impressed by a large beast thing taller then they are! WLs are like the “Forgotton Class,” cause not many people have seen a good player for one. The correct way to play a WL is to target a squishy, send your lion into the fray, silence and disarm, then Fetch! them out from behind the tanks! Healing while in mid-air is kind of hard for the healer, since you cant build up abilites, and getting them out of tank range cuts off Guard. Then, the DPS of both Lion and Player cuts them down, just in time for Fetch! to recharge. Easy as pie! Speaking of, where the hell do you get the Halfling Pie? I’ve searched everywhere on the Mythic Store, all I’ve found is the Skaven Skin Cloak. Phooey.

  37. gaarawarr permalink
    March 9, 2010 7:09 am

    Updated with the Magus pics finally. 🙂

  38. name? rofl wtf permalink
    March 23, 2010 2:39 am

    and thats the reason i still play a magus that right there made my jaw drop, thats fkin epic

  39. peza permalink
    April 5, 2010 6:30 am

    hey gara, can you repost these with better quality graphics(shading), or just send me the SW better quality graphics(shading) shots to my email?

    • gaarawarr permalink
      April 5, 2010 1:48 pm

      Don’t really have the time to do that right now. Busy with a couple other projects.

  40. Walter permalink
    April 10, 2010 5:38 pm

    Slayers hands have changed, they look different now

    • gaarawarr permalink
      April 10, 2010 9:13 pm

      I’m not surprised. These pictures were taken a while back. Any art changes that have happened since then won’t have been updated obviously.

    • Walter permalink
      April 18, 2010 12:24 pm

      why don’t u update?))

    • gaarawarr permalink
      April 18, 2010 3:05 pm

      Not really a high priority as this gives people a good idea of what everything looks like. If you’d like to update the pictures yourself somewhere, go for it.

    • Walter permalink
      April 29, 2010 5:32 am

      ok, once i get tyrant chest for my slayer, i’ll send you the pics =)

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