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Land of the Dead – The Bestiary

June 15, 2009

With a new zone comes new enemies. Herein you will find a list of all the new enemies and their corresponding Tome unlocks. (As I find out what tactics the fragments are for and what the trophies look like, I’ll update this post.) Enjoy!


Land of the Dead Bestiary

Asp Bone Construct
Created in the form of a giant asp to honor the goddess Asaph, the Asp Bone Construct is a dangerous, albeit rare, weapon in the arsenal of the Tomb Kings. Assembled from the ribs and vertebrae of countless dead, it can strike fear in even the stoutest heart.

Encounter an Asp Bone Construct – 1050 xp
Kill 25 – 1476 xp
Kill 1,000 – 1716 xp, Tactic Fragment
Kill 10,000 – 1800 xp, Title “Snake Charmer”
The largest of the Asps must fall! – 1974 xp, Trophy: Asp Bone Construct

Asp Bone Constructs are only created in the direst of circumstances, and they represent a Tomb King’s desire to see his enemies utterly destroyed. To call upon Asaph is not without cost, and this price must be paid if construction of the Asp Bone Construct is to succeed.

“It were a snake, Munson! I seen it! A snake made of bones!” “You’ve been in the bottle again, ain’t ya? If I so much as catch ya sniffin’ at a wine cork, I’ll have yer tongue out!”  – Sergeant Jacov Munson, Emperor’s 3rd Jäger Corps (now deceased), chiding one of his men.

Scarab Bone Construct
Crafted from the remains of dead Giant Scarabs integrated with bones and metals, Scarab Bone Constructs are terrifying and formidable opponents. They are nigh-unstoppable and highly efficient killing machines that spread destruction and terror in their wake.

Encounter a Scarab Bone Construct – 1050 xp
Kill 25 – 1476 xp
Kill 1,000 – 1716 xp, Tactic Fragment
Kill 10,000 – 1800 xp, Title “The De-Constructor”
The eyes have it. – 1974 xp

Few people witness the destructive power of a Scarab Bone Construct and live to tell the tale. Those that do can barely express the terror of the spectacle, for their broken minds have difficulty recognizing the monster for what it truly is.

“Something big was moving further up in the tomb. I can’t say as what it was, ’cause I didn’t see it. I just heard it: a rumbling, crashing, roaring sound. Wasn’t anything like I’d ever heard before. When the screams started, Sigmar himself couldn’t’ve kept me from running.” – Daniel Fuches, Explorer

Tomb Scorpion
Tomb Scorpions are constructed from a variety of materials, including bone, stone, metal, shell, and wood, and brought to a semblance of life by Nehekharan Liche Priests. Each one is meant to resemble one of the mystical creatures that guard the entrance to the underworld.

Encounter a Tomb Scorpion – 1050 xp
Kill 25 – 1476 xp
Kill 100 – 1716 xp, Tactic Fragment
Kill 1,000 – 1800 xp, Title “The Claw”
The dead can (and do) speak! – 1974 xp, Trophy: Tomb Scorpion

Tomb Scorpions serve as mobile sarcophagi for High Liche Priests who have entered the Death Sleep. These constructs lay in wait beneath the surface of Nehekhara’s sands, emerging only when they sense prey approaching.

“Rank after rank of Hammerers and Ironbreakers, reinforced by countless Thunderers, stood stoic and proud as the Tomb King’s abominations advanced in eerie silence. Suddenly, the sands beneath those brave Dwarf feet began to shift, and massive beasts, like scorpions banded in bronze and gold, came from below …”

Powerful, silent, and deadly, the Ushabti are uncanny combatants that will never retreat or surrender. Carved into the semblances of Nehekharan gods and goddesses, the Ushabti serve as guardian statues in the necropolises of the Land of the Dead.

Encounter an Ushabti – 1050 xp
Kill 25 – 1476 xp
Kill 100 – 1716 xp, Undead Tactic Fragment
Kill 1,000 – 1800 xp, Title “Statue-Breaker”
The Ushabti are occasionally quite charming. – 1974 xp, Trophy: Ushabti

In centuries long past, living Nehekharan warriors were bolstered by the presence of the Ushabti in their ranks. With each of the Ushabti resembling a Nehekharan deity, it was as if the gods themselves had descended upon the battlefield to fight by their sides.

“Djaf, with his jackal’s head; Qu’aph, his visage that of a striking cobra; the vulture’s guise of the mighty Ualatp. All these and more will cause our enemies to quail in fear of their divine retribution.” – Seheph, High Liche Priest of Khemri

Preserved Dead
The Preserved Dead are corpses that have been carefully embalmed and preserved prior to being reanimated. The Tomb Kings, Tomb Princes, and Tomb Guard of Nehekhara are counted among the Preserved Dead.

Encounter a Preserved Dead – 1050 xp
Kill 25 – 1476 xp
Kill 100 – 1716 xp, Undead Tactic Fragment
Kill 1,000 – 1800 xp, Title “Tombstalker”
Someone may be rapt by wrappings. – 1974 xp, Trophy: Tomb Guard

Unlike Zombies and Skeletons, the Preserved Dead are intelligent and powerful foes. Some are capable of great magical deeds, while others possess martial skills that have been honed over centuries of practical use.

“So unwilling to relinquish their grasp upon their worldly power were they, the Tomb Kings sought eternal life as a solution to the conundrum of death. The priests of the Mortuary Cult mollified them, brought them placebo and ritual, but only with the fall of Nagash was the true nature of their so-called immortality revealed.” – Excerpt from “The Gods of Khemri” by Vasili Kolavich, Scholar of Praag

Giant Scarab
Unlike its diminutive cousins, the Giant Scarab is a monstrous Khepra beetle twisted into being by dire sorcery and selective breeding, then reanimated upon death. While they are employed as tomb guardians, the most dangerous Giant Scarabs dwell in the desert, laying in wait for unsuspecting prey.

Encounter a Giant Scarab – 1050 xp
Kill 25 – 1476 xp
Kill 1,000 – 1716 xp, Tactic Fragment
Kill 10,000 – 1800 xp, Title “The Verminator”
Can you kill even the biggest bugs? – 1974 xp, Trophy: Giant Scarab

Because they require so much food to maintain their huge bodies, Giant Scarabs are able to enter a dormant state that can last for centuries at a time. It is the Scarab’s ability to seemingly rise from the dead which has caused the Nehekharans to revere the Khepra beetle as a symbol of resurrection and eternal life.

“The beetle’s shiny carapace was studded with the shafts of a hundred arrows. As more landed, it displayed no discomfort. Its movement was plodding and deliberate, its multifaceted eyes focused only on the enemies that goaded it with pike and spear, arrow and shot. Well-placed cannon fire brought the Scarab to pause, but for the men who fought against its dogged advance, even that respite was all too painfully brief.” – An excerpt from “War in the Desert” by Ruprecht Altzman

Tomb Swarm
Individually, the flesh-eating Scarabs of Nehekhara are annoying pests. Nonetheless, they are also capable of massing together into great swarms that can strip flesh from a man’s bones in mere moments.

Encounter a Tomb Swarm – 1050 xp
Kill 25 – 1476 xp
Kill 1,000 – 1716 xp, Tactic Fragment
Kill 10,000 – 1800 xp, Title “Bug Stomper”
A voracious Tomb Swarm leaves nothing to waste. – 1974 xp, Trophy: Tomb Swarm

Unlike the Khepra beetles that comb the desert in search of dung, the scarabs that comprise Tomb Swarms are long-dead insects that have been animated by the Liche Priests. The members of the Mortuary Cult learned long ago to summon and control these undead swarms, and they are as dangerous as they are terrifying.

“Every step I took in the tomb elicited a delicate crunching sound, as if a thousand hollow quail’s eggs had been strewn about on the floor around me. Curious, I knelt near to the floor with my lamp.  “Thousands of beetles, dried out and long dead, littered the ground, their dead legs bent at odd angles and their iridescent wings catching the light. All at once their legs began to flex, their wings began to twitch, and my heart, already pounding, was drowned out by a droning buzz …” – Timothy Ehrlichmann, Scholar

The Carrion were once a species of great carrion bird. Their massive flocks darkened the skies above Nehekharan battlefields, and they were thought to carry the souls of dead warriors into the sky where they would fight eternal battles against Daemons of darkness.

Encounter a Carrion – 1050 xp
Kill 25 – 1476 xp
Kill 1,000 – 1716 xp, Tactic Fragment
Kill 10,000 – 1800 xp, Title “Buzzard Bait”
You Can’t Make an Omelet Without Breaking Some Eggs.  (Though dead, Carrion prefer shiny things.) – 1974 xp, Trophy: Carrion

Now all but extinct, the remains of countless Carrion have been interred with Tomb Kings and Tomb Princes through the ages. Now they rise, animated by Liche Priests, and fly into battle once more.

“I’m quite fond of them, these Carrion. What magnificent beasts they must have been in life! With but a flock of such birds I could scour Finubar’s stain from Ulthuan once and for all!” – Hyrthex, Beastmaster of Arnheim

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    March 24, 2010 12:50 pm

    Updated some trophy names.

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    April 10, 2010 8:32 am

    How do you get this unlock? – Can you kill even the biggest bugs?
    Where is the best place to farm Scarab Bone Construct?


    Iron Rock


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