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Rise of the Tomb Kings Blog Challenge – Blogged down with fun!

June 12, 2009

First, let me just say that I’m a huge fan of puzzles.  It doesn’t matter what kind really.  I love all kinds of jigsaw puzzles, metal puzzles, riddles and cryptographic puzzles.  I don’t have any jigsaw puzzles anymore, but I do have a decent batch of metal puzzles from when I went thru a purchasing phase of buying them up from a really good company out of Canada.  If I’d had more disposable income at the time, I’d probably have purchased their entire catalog. 

 All of which goes a long way to explaining why I’m a huge fan of Mythic’s attempts at viral marketing via their Night of Murder and now Rise of the Tomb Kings blog-related puzzles.  I’ve had to work very hard at NOT posting/blogging as this latest puzzle hit the interwebz and just participate instead of doing anything to overly-spoil it for others.  Notice I said tried.  hehe.  I still ended up posting a lot over at Warhammer Alliance and contributing to people’s attempts at solving the various cartouches that have been posted so far.  I even posted a solved answer in the Iron Rock server forums and another I twittered up this morning.  I can’t help it, I just like to spread the love.  :p

Anyway, at this point the entire Master Key compiled from the Rosetta Bones that were sent out is available for anyone who really wants it, so I don’t feel like I’m truly spoiling anything by discussing it at this point.  So here goes…

Rise of the Tomb Kings Blog Challenge

Mythic announced this out-of-game event on their Herald just three short days ago and immediately followed it up with a FAQ to provide a bit of more practical info on the whole thing.  The best part of the announcement in my opinion?  Europe having its own contest along with the US one!  I really like this recent trend of attempting to include the entire WAR playerbase in these things.  Hopefully we’ll see EVERYONE included in the next one with their own home-grown bloggers and fansites distributing information.  ~crosses his stubby dwarven fingers~

PhoenixRed (Frank) over at Warhammer Alliance quickly followed up the Mythic announcement with his Breaking Bones…err News Compilation that quickly became my go-to source for information.  Honestly, I think over the last few days I’ve always had that post in one of my browser tabs so I could just click and refresh to track any new revelations.  It was chock full of links to all the bloggers that got bones and all the websites that got cartouches as well as links to sites people made with keys.  Even better, they had links for the Euro people as well!  Nice job Frank!

So basically, for those that haven’t kept up on how this works, Mythic sent out packages to certain bloggers that included the following:  a special map with an X for a hidden unlock, a flag to denote whether this was a US or Euro clue, a page or two from a diary done RP-style from explorers in the new zone, and the all important Rosetta Bones which were fake skeleton parts with ‘Letter = Hieroglyph’ clues drawn on them.  Here is a list of all the known bloggers to have received packages so far:



Now, all that swag would be useless without something to use it on, thus Mythic sent out skulls with cartouches on them to certain websites.  For those that haven’t read my recent post on LotD terminology, a cartouche is an oval or oblong figure, as on ancient Egyptian monuments, enclosing characters that represent the name of a sovereign.  In this case, Mythic stated these were the names of long-dead Nehekharan royalty.  Supposedly five skull cartouches were sent out in the US alone with Europe getting their on.  Here’s a list of the sites:



Now, it seems what the Euro-WAR players received was a little different than what the US received as I didn’t see any bones, just code-keys and cartouches.  Bummer.  I’m not sure if that has to do with stricter mail regulations regarding mailing what look like human remains in Europe or what, hehe, but I was a bit disappointed for them.  Again, this is still a huge stride forward from past events, so hopefully they’ll get everything on par with each other soon.

Now, once all of this started coming out, people started putting up key sites along with actively participating in the online discussions going on.  Here’s a rundown of the current key sites for you if you haven’t seen them yet:

Basically, at this time, all letters should be known or able to be accurately guessed on both sides of the pond.  If you don’t see full lists in the keys, check the discussion boards as it’s all there somewhere.  :p

Finally, what would a good contest be without a reward of some kind.  Mythic is fond of giving out little trinkets, from items that turn you into something to ones that let you throw pie!  In this case, they stuck to the theme and created a Scarab Amulet.


It was mailed to me with a curious message from someone named Magister Malvizhaar…interesting.


Turns out, this is a pocket item that, when used, summons a swarm of scarabs that circle your mid-section for 10 seconds (stupid 60 minute reuse timer!), supposedly cleaning off the gore on your armor from combat.  Dunno about that, but they certainly tickled!


Now, even as I post this, we’re still waiting on more cartouches, both for US players and Euro players, so keep your eyes open and gobble up as much info as you can to make sure you have a valid master key ready for when they show up.  Once they do, jump over to the Mythic Account Manager and activate your code as fast as possible to snag yourself one of these cool little toys!

Overall, I have to say this is a really cool contest.  All the items, from the Rosetta Bones to the Diary pages, showed a level of dedication to making this a fun contest that goes above and beyond even the Night of Murder, which was cool in its own right.  I really hope we see this upward-trend in the quality and availability of these promotions continue.  These type of things are truly the icing on the cake for online games nowadays and I can’t wait to see where Mythic takes it in the future.

Until then, as always, have fun!


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  1. June 12, 2009 11:37 pm

    I tried using the One Look dictionary that supposedly finds missing letters in words, and each one I tried didn’t work 😦

    • gaarawarr permalink
      June 13, 2009 3:13 pm

      Well, since they’re made up names and not words, I’m not surprised.

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