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What Would Gaarawarr Do? – A Mental Exercise

June 10, 2009

A while back, Snafzg from Snaffy’s Space (then The Greenskin) started a blog series called “If I were Mark Jacobs”.  He based his choices on what to talk about on things that he thought were major issues in WAR.  The second I saw this series, I simultaneously thought “What a great idea” and “What a waste of time”.  I’m sure it’s easy to see why I would think it was a great idea, but before you break out the pitchforks for me saying it’s a waste of time, let me explain.

No matter how much we read from Devs or know about the game and how things seem to have effected it over time, there is no way we can ever know all the things that go into the decisions made by the man behind the curtain.  The subtle nuances of choice that get mangled by budgets and marketing and Big Brother (EA) looking over your shoulder are aspects of the decision-making behind WAR that we can only attempt to reverse-engineer after the fact and truly can’t know without direct input from the decision-maker himself. 

So while I applauded the idea behind the blog series and wanted to do something along those lines, I just couldn’t bring myself to attempt to place myself in MBJ’s shoes.  First because I have small feet, but more importantly because I didn’t feel it would be fair to MBJ since my comments would be coming from the arena of “if budgets didn’t matter and I was truly in charge of everything” which really isn’t where the real decisions for WAR come from.  My comments have much more freedom and far less accountability.  Hence why I added the descriptive “A Mental Exercise”, because that’s what it truly is.  It’s me as a player and analyst of the game and its mechanics revving up the mental gears and applying what I’ve learned to different areas of the game we play called WAR.  Nowhere in my comments will I truly ever be able to take into consideration budget restraints, man-hours, space and time considerations, or anything along those lines.  All of my comments and suggestions will come from the perspective of “in a perfect world” in a sense and take into account the information I’ve gathered about WAR and the people that play it since the game’s release.

And therein is the reasoning behind calling my series “WWGD”.  Well, that and the obvious chuckle I get from the play on acronyms of course.  So, coming soon to a blog near you, WWGD.  Initially, based on available time, I’ll probably try for one entry a week.  I think that’s sustainable for a couple months at least, at which time it will become relegated to whenever something comes up that I think qualifies for some mental analysis and gear-churning.  As for the topics, you might see some of the “normal” fare for posts along these lines like Tokens and Gear, but you’ll also see things that aren’t always at the forefront of conversation but are always in my thoughts like Customer Service, QA and the Art department.  Some posts may be shorter than others, but as we’ve all come to learn in our MMO experiences, even the smallest thing can make or break a game.

Until then, as always, have fun!


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