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WCPI Views on 1.3 and the Tomb Kings

May 16, 2009

Well, the official Patch Notes are finally up, as I’m sure you noticed from my last post.  Hopefully you’ve all had a chance to peruse them and check things out for yourself on the Public Test Server.  If you’re still waiting to dip your feet into the new patch, here’s some more places to read up on it.

Bootae’s Bloody Blog has a lot of recent posts on the state of 1.3.  Definitely a lot to take in with the new patch as it’s huge. (Will most likely end up at 1gig by official switch to Live.)

Shadow WAR’s Blog gives a quick rundown of some items and their opinions on the matter.

Werit tosses his 2 cents in as well.

Lagwar went to Baltimore Games Day and got some sneak peaks at the new zone and did a podcast talking about it as well.

And last, but certainly not least, Warhammer Alliance (home of the WCPI) tore it up this week with outrageous amounts of information and videos from BGD.  It felt like PhoenixRed was Santa with all the nice presents he brought back for all of us.  But that would be silly.  Santa doesn’t bring presents in May.  :p

On a completely unrelated topic, I’ve been playing my Slayer a lot lately when not getting some hands-on time with 1.3.  I was one of the first five or so people to hit 20 with their Slayer after they came out but then I shelved him because I was actually having too much fun.  I know that sounds weird, but I’m attached to my IB and would have ended up shelving him if I kept at it.  Anyway, the pics of the Slayer Sovereign Armor Set on Warhammer Alliance made me really want to play him a lot more.  :p  So, in honor of said class, I’m encouraging everyone to go over to Portraits of WAR and check out the amazing work Forjador did on their Slayer Archetype.  They really do amazing work in my opinion.  Definitely check out all the stuff they have up there.

Now, I know a lot of people are being Negative Nancies about the Career changes coming in 1.3.  It’s unfortunate that people tend to focus on the negatives no matter how much good something is full of.  To date, this is going to be the biggest and best patch yet based on not just the new zone, but all the little things that are being added along with it.  I haven’t been playing MMOs as long as some people have, but one thing I’ve noticed is that more than anything else, it’s the little Quality things that make games good and make people keep playing them.  There are a lot of Quality things coming with this patch.  Careers change constantly.  They were changed before launch, they were changed after launch, they’ve been changing with patches and hotfixes month after month and they’re going to keep changing for as long as this game stays open.  When it comes to MMOs, the only constant is change.

It would seem that the key to enjoying MMOs, as in Life, is to learn to embrace change.  Oh, and have fun!


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