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Yeah, another Nordenwatch post…sue me

May 7, 2009

OK, so I just can’t stop thinking about the Nordenwatch Live Event.  Sure, I had fun in it, but that’s now why I keep thinking about it.

I’m missing Achievement unlocks.

I am, and always will be, a Tomeaholic.  I love my unlocks.  So from the moment I completed one Achievement unlock and noticed there were 24 total, I wanted to figure out what they all were.  In my multi-day post from the event, I theorized that we’d see Nordenwatch return again at some point so we’d be able to complete all the missing unlocks.

I still stand by that theory and I’ve been trying to figure out how it would work in Mythic’s grand scheme of things.  I think I have it figured out and I’m posting it now just to test myself.  Here goes…

Mythic has stated Rise of the Tomb Kings will be arriving at the end of this month.  If we guesstimate that at the weekend of the 29th, that gives us three more weekends with which to return to Nordenwatch (c wut i did thar?).  The initial Live Event had 6 tasks and 6 matching Achievement unlocks and 1 Title for completing it.  Sooooo….since there are 24 total Achievements in the Tome, that would mean 4 weekends of Nordenwatch at 6 Achievements per weekend and 4 possible titles…  maybe?

The math fits.  The weekends of the 1st, 8th, 15th and 22nd would fit the bill for four weekends of Nordenwatch Live Events leading up to Rise of the Tomb Kings on the 29th.  The original Nordenwatch weekend had us capture the Fortress.  They could have weekends where you have to capture the Lighthouse and Barracks (which is gonna be easy for the one by your spawn point, but a pain for the one near theirs).  That would fill three weekends.  No clue what the fourth would be, maybe some mix of the previous three or maybe just an all-out brawl.  If this theory holds true, that means there’s three more Nordy-themed Titles coming too.  I like Titles.

Now, while we’re theorizing, Codpeace over at Knights of the Feathered Hats said they’d like to see Reikland Factory come back too.  Reading that comment gave me one of those lightbulb moments.  The whole Reikland Factory scenario was something Mythic has said will be making a return in the future ever since it came out.  To be honest, it never really fit with the Heavy Metal Live Event other than that it was a factory where you’d have heavy metal…  But what do you do in factories?  You build things.  What do we need to get to the new zone?  Airships.  lightbulb

I don’t know if they plan on having this scenario make a permanent return as a scenario that would help directly give us access to the new zone or if it will just make a short return with the Rise of the Tomb Kings event (or even show up at all, this is a theory mind you)…but I don’t care.  I just want to do it again.  Maybe this time I can get a group of people to actually do it the RIGHT way.  sigh.  That’s the thing about scenarios though, so many people just don’t get that there’s an easy way to do things and a hard way to do things.  And I always seem to end up in the one with those who always choose hard.  hehe.

Anyway, the servers were down for maintenance and I had nothing Warhammery to do other than work on the upcoming revamp of my Armor Guide (hrm, I probably shouldn’t have told you that) and theorize on unlocks and Live Events and think more about Tomb Kings.  I’m really looking forward to it.  It’s going to be a hard pill to swallow for a lot of people I think.  There’s already a large portion of the population (at least on my server) that hate it when people show up in RvR to do Live Events and nothing else.  They’re really going to hate it when whole warbands show up in RvR only to disappear into thin air when the new zone unlocks since that’s the only reason they were in RvR in the first place.  I foresee lots of people returning to WAR and lots of people leaving….all at the same time.  Change does that to some.  Oh well.

As long as my friends and I still enjoy the game, we’ll keep on playing it.  We’re all pretty excited about Tomb Kings and since we tend to all play all aspects of the game and not zero-in on any one in particular, variety like this is like catnip to us.  We want some!!!


5/8/9 – OK, so it didn’t make its triumphant return.  I still think it will be back.  There’s just no other way to explain 18 missing Achievements when so many people participated in the event.  Someone would have accidentally unlocked one at some point.  sigh

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  1. codpeace permalink
    May 7, 2009 11:26 am

    I hope the factory makes its triumphant return in the next live event. That scenario was awesome. Big enough to have grand battles, but small enough to make it so no one location was too far away. In door locations that provide sniping points; underground tunnels to engage in surprise attacks. One of the best they’ve ever done. Nordenwatch was fun because of its simplicity I think. Factory is fun because it can get frantic.

    Pheonix Gate (Cap Flag T2) would also be a fun “multi-Tier Scen” to bring back. I really enjoyed that one myself


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