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Moar Tokens! – A guide to more tokens…duh

May 5, 2009

So since the release of the new token system (medallions/crests), I’ve thrown myself head-first into RvR to get me some shinies and see how the system works.  The set I was working on at the time was the Conqueror set.  I had already purchased the gloves from the vendor prior to the patch, had obtained the belt as loot during a Fortress push and had traded for the boots.  Thus, I needed three pieces to complete the set when the patch went live.  By actively participating in the campaign and pushing all the way to Fortresses while also defending our own Fortresses, I ended up obtaining all three pieces of my set via Gold Bags (I looted 4 bags total, but 1 had a duplicate) and now am sitting on 1 Invader Crest and 749 Officer’s Medallions.  I now break down all the Conqueror Crests I obtain as I have no need for them anymore.  That helps my Officer Medallion gains quite a bit which is one of the intents of the system the way it’s set up.  But I just found another way to supplement that gain, hence this post.

About a month ago, I did a post on the system as it was on the test server and, for the most part, it’s been implemented as shown there.  However, I recently found one more way to earn tokens that I was unaware of at that time, so I’m going to go over it here.

So, for a quick recap, here’s how you get tokens currently:

  • Killing players
  • Capturing a Keep
  • Locking a zone
  • Capturing a Fortress
  • Successfully defending a Fortress attack
  • Completing a City PQ
  • Capturing a City

Now, that list is what Mythic stated are the “common” ways to obtain tokens.  At the time, I had wondered what other ways you could obtain tokens.  I’m amazed someone hadn’t mentioned it to me before, to be honest.

RvR Quests.  That’s right, questing for tokens.  The quests are available at all warcamps in all zones and have multiple parts in the chain to complete before getting your shinies.  Before you get all worried about PvE’ing for tokens, these are RvR quests, which means they require you to go in the RvR zones and participate in the campaign before getting your rewards.  They’re not a major alternative to the normal ways of obtaining tokens, merely a nice way to supplement your token gains.  I now have all 9 of the Tier 4 ones in my Tome so I’m ready no matter where the fight is going on.  :p

I think it took me so long to find these because I pretty much had ignored those quests and only moved a couple of them into the later stages.  The beginning parts have just basic rewards of XP and money so I had no reason to expect anything more at the end.  Now I’m going to have to start looking around for more quests that end up rewarding tokens or other items that may have been added since this or had their rewards changed.  If anyone knows of any, post them in the comments and I’ll go track them down and add them to the following guide.  So here goes..

General Information – The quests tend to follow the pattern of:  Scout BOs, Scout Keeps, Capture BO, Capture Keep, Kill Players.  Obviously Tier 1 doesn’t have keeps, so those phases get skipped.

Tier 1

Nordland – Quintin Hess (27656, 18664) – Starts with “Scouting the City”

The Blighted Isle – Sora Lightedpath (43649, 49675) – Starts with “The Growing Darkness”

Ekrund – Gaul Grimbeard (54983, 17017) – Starts with “Scouting the Gates”

Tier 2

Troll Country – Sarah von Brecht (40132, 61631) – Starts with “Among the Trees”

The Shadowlands – Talas Clawbound (47031, 41896) – Starts with “Move Silent, Move Swift”

Barak Varr – Hal Hammerhold (22979, 43544) – Starts with “Guarding the Ironclads”
Marshes of Madness – Kaya Shieldbearer (39159, 42684) – Starts with “It Ain’t the Marsh”

Tier 3

High Pass – Khent Werner (34092, 55410) – Starts with “Scouting the Field”

Avelorn – Antala Evensong (41285, 54462) – Starts with “The Battle to Come”

The Badlands – Brena Flinthammer (16045, 33782) – Starts with “Scan the Horizon”
Black Fire Pass – Bodrin Ironhilt (36110, 21627) – Starts with “Scouting the Dust”

Tier 4

Reikland – Captain Adele Warren (24700, 12974) – Starts with “Up the River”
Praag – Talia van Horn (15519, 37769) – Starts with “In Shadows”
Chaos Wastes – Johann Breuer (44904, 37053) – Starts with “The Fields of Chaos”

Eataine – Lamril Elderborn (36142, 25600) – Starts with “Preparations for War”
Dragonwake – Rylan the Shrouded (1142, 25493) – Starts with “Scouting in the Realm of Dragons”
Caledor -Kessa Silvermane (29806, 39371) – Starts with “Keep to the Shadows”

Kadrin Valley – Thorin Greymantle (26780, 6425) – Starts with “Knowing the Field”
Thunder Mountain – Kedra Runeguard (36410, 11653) – Starts with “Watch Yer Step”
Black Crag – Barreg Boldbeard (45294, 7437) – Starts with “Navigating the Maze”

That’s all the ones I’ve found so far in each Tier.  If I find any more quests that result in token rewards, I’ll update this listing.  Again, if anyone knows of any others, let me know in the comments and I’ll add it right away.

Have fun!


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  1. May 5, 2009 6:51 am

    Awesome list. I had heard that tokens could be earned this way but I didn’t realize you had to finish the quest line to do it. I guess that’s why I wasn’t getting any before lol. Can these be done multiple times?

    • gaarawarr permalink
      May 5, 2009 8:36 am

      Yeah, repeatable quests. The one I finished in Chaos Wastes gave me 3 Officer Medallions. Not bad for just doing a quest for things I do while in the zone anyway.

  2. gijeremy99 permalink
    May 5, 2009 10:10 am

    You sir, are a scholar and a saint!! Nice post

  3. May 7, 2009 5:49 am

    I haven’t received any tokens for the scout 4 BOs and scout 2 keeps steps in these quest chains. Do you only get the tokens for the final step of killing players? Are these quests repeatable? If so, do you have to start all over again from step 1 of scouting the BOs or just repeat the kill X players part?

    • gaarawarr permalink
      May 7, 2009 7:46 am

      You only get your shinies at the end. They are repeatable but you have to start at the beginning. Anything else would be way too easy a way to obtain shinies.


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