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To Addon or not to Addon

April 30, 2009

So WAR is the first MMO I’ve played where addons were available and I actually used them.  That may seem odd to some, but here’s a recap:

Star Wars Galaxies – No addons, but they did allow some pretty complex macros in-game which led to my (in)famous “I want my 2 dollars” say-macro.   :p   I miss that.

World of Warcraft – Yes, I know it has addons.  However, I played at release and either they weren’t there at release or I didn’t care enough about WoW to find out about them.  Probably the latter.

Vanguard – I don’t remember addons at release, but to be honest, I wasn’t paying attention to their forums, I was just playing the game.   Or at least, what parts of the game they had in at release.

Guild Wars – I only played this because my girlfriend at the time was playing it and it was her first MMO and she was enjoying it.  I couldn’t stand it.  I don’t remember addons for this either, but again, I wasn’t looking and/or didn’t care.

Pirates of the Burning Sea – They had User Content, which is a frickin sweet addition to a modern MMO, but no addons.  I miss UC.

Warhammer – Addons?  What’s an addon?

That was pretty much my question when I first heard people talking about them.  Even when someone explained it to me, I kind of shrugged and went back to playing.  I had no major issues with the UI at release, I’m a fan of stock ones for the most part, and I loved how customizable they made even the base UI.  At first, that seemed to be the majority of addons.  As time has progressed, more and more niche addons have been added to the ever-growing list available to people playing WAR and I have to say, I love it.

When I first went to do the whole “addon thing”, I downloaded the Curse Client and tried to do their thing of auto-updates and installing.  That was over fast.  I don’t know if this has happened to other people, but I had so many issues that popped up with my game stability after installing the client that I ended up deleting it…then noticing parts were still installed and on my computer and had to go find them and delete them by hand.  I wasn’t a happy Dwarf.

So I read the instructions on how to manually install the addons and I’ve done it by hand ever since.  I go to regularly and click on the “Update” tab to see if anything I use is there.  I tend not to browse through the masses of newly-added addons though.  When I hear about something decent or find myself needing something extra in the game, I go browsing.  I find it more fun that way since I pretty regularly find myself going “Oh, look at that!  That would be cool.” and then downloading the addon and trying it out.

So, in just a few short months I’ve gone from addon noob to addon not-so-noob with 20+ addons that I make sure to keep updated.  I still haven’t toyed around with any of the major UI mods though.  We’ll see.  I did see a really cool one in a screenshot the other day though, so I may have to go browse while the servers are down…    hehe

For those that are interested in that kind of thing, here’s a list of most of my current addons and why I use them.  If you haven’t started using addons yet, or just have a few, I’m going to point out the ones that I find to be “must haves” for certain things.  Keep in mind, these are just the opinions of a tired, rambling Dwarf.

Gaar’s Addons (Alphabetical Order)

1.  Anywhere Trainer – I love this addon.  It was one of my first.  The ability to see what skills you’ll be getting shortly when you’re leveling plus the ability to dink around with ideas for Mastery setups and Renown setups while waiting on stuff makes this an easy “must have”.

2.  Arlien’s WaaaghBar Guild XP – This kind of gives away one of my other addons, but I like this addition to the waaaghbar so I can see my Guild XP at a glance.

3.  Auto Dismount – This may have been my first addon.  I hated that the game didn’t just dismount me, so when I heard about this, I looked it up.  Definitely a “must have”.

4.  Black Box – This is a new addition but one I love for its simplicity.  This changes the countdown timer when you release after dieing to a small, friendly little rectangle.  A minor tweak addon that I like.

5.  Busted – With all the changes that come to the code of WAR with each patch/hotfix, addons can act up at times.  Busted helps you help addon creators by tracking errors.  I think.  Since I’ve installed this, it hasn’t gone off once.  So either kudos to the people making the addons I use, or it doesn’t work.  :p

6.  Casualties of WAR – If you RvR a lot and are into having as much information as possible about the fight in your zone, this addon is for you.  It parses your combat log for death spam and tells you how many people are dieing and where.  Right away.  Yeah, unlike the map and it’s crossed swords.  I love this thing and it’s customizability.  If you lead groups/warbands in RvR, something like this is a “must have”.

7.  Crafting Willard – Ok, so I have this addon but to be honest, I don’t rely on it much.  I may uninstall it soon.  In my opinion, it’s not always 100% accurate.  I find it better to truly know and understand the crafting system and use the next addon than to rely on this completely.  But hey, combine both addons and use your own knowledge and you’ll be good.

8.  Crafting Info Tooltip – “Must have”.  If you craft anything or gather anything, go get this addon right now.  It shows all the “hidden” information about crafting items that are used in all the formulas for crafting.

9.  Dye Preview – Ok, this one I just got but it’s awesome.  Kudos to the creator.  Basically, you can put your armor on, pull up a window and pretend to dye your armor in color combination available.  Yeah, I know, right?  Awesome.  What can I say?  I like pretty colors.

10.  Lib-whatever – A lot of addons have dependencies.  ie: other addons they need to run right.  There’s a whole slew of Lib-stuff addons that you need for different things, but LibSlash is the major player.  Make sure to get LibSlash.

11.  Loyal Pet – So I got this one originally for my failed attempt at leveling a White Lion in the hopes it would help my pet behave.  It did to a certain extent, but I’ve kept it for my Engineer turrets mainly since I deleted the White Lion.  If you have a pet class, check it out.

12.  Miracle Grow Remix – “Must have”.  Seriously, this one is right up there with Crafting Info Tooltip.  This makes cultivating so fun and easy that everyone I know with it literally cultivates and PvPs, does dungeons, whatever, without distraction.  It’s.  That.  Easy.

13.  Morale Set – Ever change tactics for a dungeon but forget to change your morales?  This one’s for you.  You can set 5 different morale setups and even lock them to your tactic setups so they switch at the same time.

14.  Rarity – Again, I like pretty colors.  This addon adds a colored box around all the items in your bag/bank/vault/etc based on their rarity.  So you open up your bag and Bam!  lots of green, blue, purple, a dash of gold, it’s nice.

15.  Queue Queuer – I don’t do a lot of scenarios but the people I do group with when I do them use this so I got it too for when we’re running multiple groups.  If scenarios are your thing, check it out.

16.  Show Health Percent – Does what it says.  I like it a lot.  I used a different addon originally, but this one shows the % in a much cleaner way.

17.  State of Realm – “Must have”.  Fully customizable addon that shows just about everything you want to know about RvR and even communicates with other versions of itself to make sure you get the correct information instantly.  Now, that does mean it may not work 100% accurately if you play off-times with low populations, but it still rocks.

18.  Tome Titan – Yeah, you saw this one coming if you know me.  :p  Shows all known Bestiary, History and Lore and Noteworthy Persons unlock information and more.  If you love the Tome, you’ll love this.

19.  Waaaghbar Continue – This is one of those personal-preference addons.  There’s also Warboard, I think, that a lot of people use for this as well, but I haven’t tried it out yet.  Basically, it puts a black bar on the top, and bottom if you want, of your screen that you can put quick-reference information in, like Guild XP.  I tend to show my location coords, influence, renown, xp, gold, the time, friends list, etc.  I like not having to open up other windows to get information I need.

20.  Warhammer Census – So I think 1.2.1 may have broken this one, but I liked it because I like information.  It basically was a nice, complex /who addon that got you tons of information about all players online for your Realm that weren’t hidden in-game.

So that’s the majority of my addons.  I picked up a couple more today, which is what prompted me to write this up, but I didn’t want to list them until I’d tried them out to see if I like them.  Now, to be fair, I have to say that there are some addons out there that people seem to love that I can’t stand.  They usually are major UI mod ones that either shrink, cut off or completely remove names and classes of people in your group, thus making it harder to know who is with you or what class they even are.  Now, if you run a set group at all times, that’s no big deal.  But if you don’t, I think it gimps you and those you’re with.  I’ll leave it at that because I could fill pages with my rants on the ATK player that is, for all intents and purposes, playing AFK because of an addon.  Grrr…

Anyway, Adult Swim is now boring me so I’m off to bed.  Have fun everyone!


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  1. Steeldragoon permalink
    April 30, 2009 4:42 am

    I personally like WarBoard MUCH better than Waaaghbar. You should definitely give it a try because I have a feeling you’ll end up switching permanently to it.

    The Lib whatever addons for me include: LibCareerDB, LibSlash, and LibSync. Have you had to install any others?

    As long as you keep the Crafting Willard addon up to date, I’ve never had a problem with it and would be creating crap potions and talismans without it.

    Rarity is actually called nRarity.

    Here are some addons you should check out:
    Deadtarget Lock (for healers so when a person dies, they are still targeted for a rez)

    ClosetGoblin for changing between different sets of armor quickly.

    EZCraft for context menus during crafting instead of having to drag your ingredients. Amazing difference when crafting.

    Mini World Map can be nice if you hate having the world map cover your entire screen to look at it.

    QuestTrackerHelper manages your quests for each zone. It wasn’t the problem as far as the latest Live Event as I disabled it and it still didn’t help with the red circles, but that just goes to show you how any addon could be troublesome. But if it was a problem, I see it just got updated …

    Theseeker puts icons above the heads of whatever type of RvR character you want. My search is healers so I can easily target them and kill them. You could just as easily target DPS.

    TokenMachine automatically needs on all tokens. You can always convert them to higher tokens so because of that unless you already have everything you ever needed in the game(highly unlikely) you should always need them.

    ovdeadnomore gets rid of the resurrection screen after being rezzed (I hate that being alive and still having that screen count down in front of me!!!)

    Preciousss lets you compare your jewelry/accessories. Very nice!

    TargetRing adds a better ring around your target so you can keep a better eye on him. Helps when chasing around objects!

    Trakario is for scenerios … you might wanna grab this fast. I hear the author fixed it to where you can click on the Tracker to highlight who has the bomb or flag quicker (haven’t tested this yet).

    Twister if you have a KotBS is a must. Go look it up now if you have one…

    zMailMod. I was surprised I didn’t see you list this one. By far one of the most popular mods in WAR. You can check your mail quickly without it!!! It does break during major patches though so you will have to disable it until they update it but they usually do that the same day or immediately the next day.

  2. Woody permalink
    April 30, 2009 3:37 pm

    I had map monster rocking for a while, so much better to be able to place your own way points and objective markers. Unfortunately not working so well atm as you cant see other people from your WB on the map when its active. Hope they fix it soon as it makes life much easier for the serial tome collectors.

  3. May 1, 2009 9:18 am

    I’ll add

    PlanB -for Bo’s and SM
    Autobar -for a handy little inventory bubble you can more around.
    Eqipment sets- Basically any gear setups, jewlry, morale abilites you have set can be switched out with 1 click. Ie 1 setup for Strength, 1 for willpower…really nice

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