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WCPI – Bootae’s Bloody Blog – 5 Quality Things about WAR

April 26, 2009

So I’ve been a little busy this week with the Live Event and finishing up a guide I promised to write so hadn’t had a chance to do much reading on the other WCPI blogs at all.  I finally made myself sit down and go through them one by one to catch up on what other bloggers have been up to and what I found was very discouraging.

It seems that quite a few bloggers lately are taking a very negative turn in their posts or quitting posting alltogether, as well as leaving WAR.  It seems a lot of people are in general.  The time-frame is about right, to be honest.  The game has been out long enough to where the majority of players that started the game have now done the majority of end-game content and are finally realizing what a lot lied to themselves about from the beginning.

This isn’t a purely PvP game, this is an RvR game.

Now, I could get long-winded and describe the difference, which I may do in another post, but I more wanted to just point that out as a segue to the focus of this post, which is:

There are lots of people out there that enjoy the game just as it is.  (minus the bugs of course)

They’re the hundreds of thousands of people that aren’t posting on the forums because they’re too busy playing the game and having fun.  Occasionally, they even have time to blog about how much fun they’re having or what they like about the game.  Intro Bootae’s Bloody Blog and their post “Looking on the Bright Side – 5 Quality Things”.

Their list is a little different from mine, but to me, that just shows the depth of the game.  There’s things for everyone.  So, to support their positive side, here’s Gaar’s 5 Quality Things About WAR in no particular order.

1.  The Tome of Knowledge – I think most visitors to my blog know I’m a huge fan of the Tome.  There are so many things to do in any given MMO that it’s about time someone got around to tracking it all for you down to the smallest, stupidest thing (like crafting while naked).  A lot more tracking needs to be added imo, but that’s something that can be added over time, so I’m not too worried about it.  Overall, it’s one of the two main reasons I came to this game.  When the other reason frustrates me, I always fall back on my Tome and spend time unlocking things until I’m ready to dive back into the other again.

2.  The Lore – I know, I know, I hear it all the time from friends.  The Lore isn’t exactly correct.  But hey, it wasn’t in Star Wars Galaxies either but it was still an enjoyable world to live in.  That’s the big thing.  Good, deep Lore can help lay a roadmap for a wonderful game world and from my perspective as a Warhammer Noob, I love it.  The world is gritty, realistic, dark, moody, and yet, at times, it’s wonderfully beautiful.  I’m not fan of “pretty” and “clean” in MMOs, so WAR’s world, backed by it’s Lore, keeps me content.  Besides, to me, Lore is to an MMO as the Book is to the Movie.  The Movie is never going to fulfill the fan’s dream of the Book, but it can be an entertaining and enjoyable experience in its own right.

3.  Dwarfs – I love dwarves.  Beer drinking, cussing, gruff, loveable, fight-to-the-death-against-any-odds, ever-patient dwarfs.  I think it goes back to the Icewind Dale book series.  Sure, Drizzt was everyone’s favorite and yeah, I love his stories, but Bruenor rocked!  Don’t forget the Bouldershoulders either.  Their back-and-forth humor is reminiscent of Gimli and Legolas in Lord of the Rings and makes me chuckle every time I read it.  What can I say?  Dwarfs are fun.  To me, the Dwarf vs Greenskin pairing is the best one in the game.  It’s full of beautiful artwork, humor, and an underlying hatred of each other that makes the game go round.

4.  The Guild System – When I started playing SWG way back then, I never wanted to be in a guild.  All the guilds at the time had all these requirements about what their members could or couldn’t do, things they had to do to stay in the guild, drama, more drama, you get the picture.  :p  But back then, guilds were just a name over your head.  There was no real benefit to being in a guild except a private chat channel.  Friends lists back then were huge, so even if you weren’t in a guild, you could talk to your friends and group and have fun.  Even in some of the more recent games I’ve played, the guild idea hasn’t expanded much beyond that.  With WAR, that changed for me.  Guild Vaults, in-game event trackers, actual Alliances, claiming and upgrading Keeps, standards, etc.  Guilds are amazing in this game and can only get better.  The only downside I see:  the Mega Guild.  Alliances need to be made able to hold more guilds so as to avert the power of the Mega Guild that I see showing up in the future.  It seems like with the new upgrades, the first guilds to get to 40 will be magnets for new players, good and bad alike.

5.  Realm vs Realm – Yeah, I said it, I think RvR is a quality thing in WAR.  Now, I think its implementation needs adjusting in WAR, but the mechanic of Realm vs Realm to drive the end-game PvP to me is a quality thing.  There are so many games where you PvP just to PvP.  You don’t really get anything out of it, it doesn’t accomplish anything or drive the story of the game forward at all, it’s just there to do.  In WAR, you see the effect of RvR.  You see rewards for your actions, even if they’re at times few and far between, but at least it’s there.  The ability to visibly defeat the entire opposing Realm is  more motivating for someone like me than gear rewards or leaderboards.  The entire point of RvR is large-group coordination and teamwork.  To me, that is far more fun, and challenging, than just small-scale PvP.  For those wondering, RvR is the second main reason I came to this game.  I enjoyed it in Pirates of the Burning Sea, but felt they didn’t give the Pirate Nation any real reason to participate.  There was no involving PvE to do when you were bored of RvR and even if you did manage to “win”, the rewards were basically useless.  WAR, even at launch, had what were for me meaningful reasons to push to “win” even though the playerbase at times hasn’t agreed.

So those are my 5 Quality Things.  The nice thing about a game as deep as WAR is that everyone can have different things they play for and enjoy.  The blend of all those elements are what keep the majority of people around when one element does meet the standards of the group that focus solely on it.  Keeping in mind the whole picture of a game can help people see past the frustrations that are always surrounding things like PvP or bugs.  Hopefully, more people realize that in the future, but if they don’t, oh well.  There’s always another game for them to play and I’ll just go back to farming Tome unlocks.


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  1. Steeldragoon permalink
    April 27, 2009 4:53 pm

    I am sure some of the negative feedback you have read encompasses the lack of DAOC features they didn’t bring over: whether it is a 3rd army (which would have added to the balance and made the WAR more dynamic than it currently is), crafting weakness, or simply a feature completely unrelated to RvR such as housing.

    The Darkness Falls … err Tomb Kings expansion is finally coming out in June. So that’s one addon from DAOC they are finally making. Honestly, they learned so much from DAOC. I’m surprised they didn’t value that knowledge and instead elected to have to re-learn it all over again….

    Now I’m not bashing WAR itself, but I am faulting Mythic for not having done a better job. Yes, I’m glad they tried new things, but there were tried and true details from DAOC they shouldn’t have let go so easily with the 3rd army in my opinion being the biggest ouch. 2 Army dynamics get older much quicker than 3 army dynamics. And by dynamics, I mean entertainment. It’s not all about the story, the entertainment outside of that has to be there as well. And my experience from the Classic servers on DAOC proved to me (and from the sound of the forums many others) that a 3rd army would have made this game retain many more players (besides the lag problems).

    I could go on, but I’m tired and I know I’m not putting enough grammar and sentence structure thought into my words as I should. So I’ll leave it at this for now. I’m sure you can see where I’m coming from … especially if you’ve ever played DAOC.

    • gaarawarr permalink
      April 27, 2009 7:05 pm

      Well, to be honest, I’m not a fan of more than 2 sides. I outlined that in a previous post so won’t go into it again, but today’s gaming population tends toward the zerg as opposed to honor so the balance that more than 2 sides used to create no longer seems to apply.

      As for what they did/didn’t bring from DAoC, there’s two possible reasons. They either could have been trying to create an entirely new form of RvR which is their right to do so or they could have been asked by GW to not just make WAR DAoC with WAR figures. Either one of those is valid in my opinion. They’re slowly adding what were once DAoC features and making sure they’re working well in the WAR world, so maybe we’ll see more.

    • Steeldragoon permalink
      April 28, 2009 4:16 am

      Do you happen to remember what post that was? I’ll be honest, I’ve only just started reading your blog so I have no clue when you wrote about that topic.

    • Steeldragoon permalink
      April 28, 2009 7:14 pm

      Found it and posted. (Not sure if you get constant updates in email form on comments no matter how far back the posts are)

    • gaarawarr permalink
      April 29, 2009 3:42 am

      I don’t get emails, but it shows me new comments each time I come to my blog on my Dashboard.

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