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It’s been a busy couple weeks…

April 26, 2009

…so busy, in fact, that I’ve been beside myself…literally.


The above picture is courtsey of Mythic and the server lag that comes when every single Tier 4 player is in one pairing at the same time…  I’m kind of curious as to why my twin didn’t have my last name, but it was fun watching him run back and forth next to me.  Now if I can only get him to fight by my side, I’ll be unstoppable!!!  Muahahahaha!!!!

But seriously, the last few weeks has seen 1.2.1 go live, the new Live Event ‘Beyond the Sands’ go live, a handful of hotfixes all of which contributed to Gaar being in RvR a LOT.  Oh, and my second EPIC PQ Crawl through Elf happened too.  Gaar’s been a busy dwarf.

Sooooo…. this coming week should bring another EPIC write-up for the Elf Crawl as well as some love to the Armor Guide, beyond the mini-update I did today.  We’ll see.

Anyway, I hope everyone has enjoyed the last few weeks as much as I have.  The RvR has been near-endless for a change, which has put some people on the edge, but Mythic seems to have been slowly making good changes to stability and hopefully more will come in the future.  There still seems to be a small CTD issue for some that may be a memory leak, but it’s hard to say.  The worst days always seem to be patch days, but I don’t necessarily think it’s the new code as much as all the players logging in at the same time and out congregating in the same places to try the new content. Only Mythic knows.

Speaking of stuff only Mythic knows, can we get an information leak about exactly what we can buy with the Scarabs?  I know I’m not the only one wanting to know, especially with the ones people have been out camping the Hidden Chests being on display in Region chat over and over.  Hopefully Part 3 of their podcasts will come soon and they’ll talk about it, or maybe they’ll leak it to a blog somewhere (hint, hint) and we can drool early.

Either way, I’m just getting more and more excited about the Tomb Kings live expansion.  But enough gabbing, I’m off to do some more cultivating and start editing pics from the PQ Crawl.


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  1. Redz permalink
    April 29, 2009 1:59 pm

    that is a doppelganger

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