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WCPI – Knights of the Feathered Hats

April 14, 2009

So after my EPIC PQ Crawl on Saturday, I tried to relax a little the last couple days and catch up on some reading.  Which lead me over to Knights of the Feathered Hats.  Of course, after my run-in with that one guy during the Crawl, I found myself reading Codpeace’s post on Why the MM in MMORPG sometimes suck.

We all know the people he’s talking about.  Heck, I had about a half-dozen names from my server pop into my head that I could see doing something like that.  To be honest, it’s one of the reasons I hosted the Crawl in the first place.  People seem to be getting way too caught up in the little things and have stopped enjoying themselves.  This is a game after all.  We’re supposed to be playing it for enjoyment.

Beyond that though, at the core of playing an MMORPG is the fact that you play with other people.  Even more so in a Realm vs Realm game.  The whole point is that you work together with your Realm to defeat the other one.  People seem to have missed this basic tenet of the game though.  So many people want to be “The One” that makes their side win or run “The Guild” or “The Alliance” that can push a City all by themselves.

Wake up call people: never gonna happen.  Sure, we see posts on the forums saying that certain guilds or alliances led these huge pushes or whatever.  But honestly, they weren’t there by themselves.  There were hundreds of people out there with them from all kinds of different guilds or alliances, as well as unguilded people.  They may not have been in your warband or even in your pairing, but the very nature of a game like WAR where there are multiple fronts means that anyone fighting in any pairing is helping the overall effort by keeping the enemy busy.

I’ve discussed the underlying reasons for a lot of these issues in previous posts, so I won’t go into it again, but ultimately it comes down to Exclusion vs Inclusion.  No matter how big your guild/alliance is, if you’re not including everyone in what you do, you are not helping your Realm as much as you think you are.  If you’re talking tactics and plans in vent but don’t bother discussing said things with people in /2, you’re gimping yourself.

Hopefully, the upcoming Token System, changes to RvR and Keeps as well as the new RvR Dungeon will help focus people on the real way to win in a game like this:  Teamwork.

Until then, I’m planning more PQ Crawls, Chicken Fights, and whatever else I can think up to keep people reminded why they play games like this:  Fun.

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