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Inevitable City – Stage 2 Information (Pre-1.3.1 Outdated)

April 2, 2009

(Pre-1.3.1  Outdated)

So, Order on Iron Rock sieged the Inevitable City again tonight, but this time pushed it to Stage 2!  Finally, sheesh.  :p   So, I did what I do best and gathered as much information as I could about this newly-opened stage of the IC.  Here’s what I have so far.

Stage 2 General Information

At the flip to Stage 2, the following happens:

1.  Two new Public Quests open up along with the one from Stage 1.

2.  A new timer starts, 1 hour, to complete the overall goals of Stage 2 which are related to the new PQs and must be done by all of Order in all instances to reach Stage 3.  If you fail to get to Stage 3, you get a new 2 hour timer and remain in the city.  You can no longer push to Stage 3, but you can do the PQs to get gear.  At the end of that, there is a 30 minute clean-up phase as usual.  If you release, you get sent out of the city.  Total Stage 2 time available: 3 hours, plus 30 mins clean-up.

3.  Bloodwrought Enclave is accesible by Order if they wish to do an extra Sentinel run.

4.  The Elysium is open.  This is the IC version of the Screaming Cat tavern.

5.  Destro cannot get in.  Any inside that die and release are sent outside.  Clearing Destro should be the first priority.

6.  The NPCs by the entrance hand out a lot of quests.

7.  Once Stage 2 is over, IC dropped 2 ranks for us.  (5 to 3)

Now, a more in-depth review of each part.   

Two New Public Quests

First off, to finish the last parts of these PQs, you WILL need Invader or Darkpromise on the people there.  Good amounts of it.  Remember, it not only reduces the damage you take, it also increases the amount of damage you do.  This is extremely important inside the City.

1.  Monolith PQ – This PQ is on the left side of IC.  The first stages are pretty straight-forward and easily accomplished by anyone with any kind of gear.  The final stages take place inside the Monolith, through the portal beneath the pyramid.  Once you use all the stones around the outer ring, the Boss in the middle goes live.  He does a room-wide AOE that did 4k to me as a tank with only three Darkpromise.  He was 1-shotting people with less.  This is most definitely a gear-check.  The key here seems to be parking one person at each of the channeling stones and having them continually use them while the main force assaults the Boss.  This needs more testing as the group I was with was not properly geared to complete this stage of the PQ.

2.  Sacellum PQ – This PQ is on the right side of IC.  The first stages are easy, like the Monolith PQ.  That changes once the Lords of Change spawn.  They are level 47 Lords and there are many of them.  Again, this is a gear-check.  This one was completed at least once tonight, so it can be done.  (Note: I was told that a possible method for success on this PQ is to kill the original Lord of Change and that may cause his clones to disappear.  This needs to be tested obviously, but it’s a good place to start.  Thanks Tusc!)

These PQs are the key to getting to Stage 3.  As you do them you will notice that the objectives seem to change at times.  This is the system giving you a glimpse of what needs to happen to get to Stage 3.  Without everyone in your Realm working together and able to complete these objectives, Stage 3 will not happen.  This is made even more difficult by you only having 1 hour to do this in.  You have to be ready to go the second the city flips and hit the PQs hard in all instances.  Good luck.

(Note: while I do call these gear-checks, they are also skill-checks.  The ability to understand boss-scripts is essential to managing these mobs.  Coordinate and treat it like a dungeon and you’ll have no problem with any of them.  Come without gear or skill and you’ll not only get yourself killed, but most likely wipe your group/warband as well.)

The Elysium

This is instanced, thus there is a six-man limit and a 20 hour lockout timer.  It is located at roughly 36k, 21k in the IC and is a pair of double-doors that say Elysium when you hover on them.  This should only be done if you fail to push to Stage 3 and are in the 2 hour timer after the original one hour one.  There is one level 40 Boss.  He does not hit hard, but can take a lot of damage.  He also spawns some Champion adds during the fight.  When he dies, he seems to drop 1-2 pieces of purple gear commonly and has a chance to drop Mythic items.  To maximize your time and droprate, hit this instance with three people: healer, tank, dps.  Anything less and it will take forever, anything more and there’s less of a chance of you getting something good.  Make sure one of you is a salvager as the items are Bind on Pickup and race/class specific at times.

Bloodwrought Enclave

This is a standard City dungeon, nothing is different for us than for Destro.  You can find guides on it all over the forums, so I won’t go into detail on it.  The only thing I’m going to say about this is, only do this if you do not have Greater Wards or do not have the Renown Rank to use the Invader/Warlord you might get in the main PQs.  It’s an extra shot at getting your loot drop, but that’s about it from what I can tell.

NPC Quests

The NPCs by the spawn-in point hand out a lot of quests for Stage 2.  I was able to get all but two of them to work.  They reward gold and XP.  They are all easy to do, although one is timed and should be done with a group as the NPC to kill is a Hero.  One sends you into the Bloodwrought Enclave, that needs a group as well.  These should all be done after the initial 1 hour timer to push to Stage 3 so you’re not wasting time.

Now, as I get more information I will most definitely update this.  I think there’s a lot that can be fleshed out about how the PQs work that just isn’t on the web for some reason and I’d like to see if the quests ever do anything when you finish them all or if they’re just useless fluff.  They didn’t seem to be repeatable, but then, it was our first time.  I’ll check again next time.  I’ll end with the major problem in Stage 2.

Destro camping the portal.

Now, I understand why it’s done.  There’s no T4 RvR at all once the City is in lock-down, so they’re bored and pissed off.  However, Mythic needs to address this.  Supposedly the portal will get guard with 1.2.1.  I wanted to test this out tonight on Test, but was sieging in live instead.  Unlike Altdorf, apparently there isn’t a way that’s been found yet to access the PvE portal like Destro did to us when we locked down their entrance.  Hopefully, these new guards are either Heros/Lords or the normal Warcamp/Chapter guards that 1-shot people.  Anything less and it’s pointless to put them there.  There are now guards near the portal, but Destro can still organize and block people out if they have large enough numbers.

But anyways, back to the game.


3 Comments leave one →
  1. April 3, 2009 3:22 pm

    Very nice write up.

    I agree completely about camping the portal. The way it’s set up, it’s sort of inevitable, but it should be made difficult to do, or completely removed.

    & Congrats on stage 2.

  2. gijeremy99 permalink
    May 5, 2009 10:17 am

    I Think they added level 55 guards at these portals now, but i might be mistaken.

    • gaarawarr permalink
      May 5, 2009 5:43 pm

      They did, I need to update these but haven’t had the chance. Thanks.

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