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The Inevitable City – Stage 1 Info (Pre-1.3.1 Outdated)

March 31, 2009

(Pre-1.3.1  Outdated)

Ok, so I did a post like this for Altdorf and figured that now that Order has finally made it into the Inevitable City post-merger, it’s time to do a write-up about Stage 1 of IC.  So here goes.

(Again, this is gathered with me being on the Order side of things, so I can’t promise it’s all valid for Destro.  I also updated the Altdorf guide with information from 1.2.)

General Information

Once Order captures two Fortresses, the Inevitable City is put into siege mode.

The siege has a maximum time limit of two hours and blends PvP with PvE.  If neither side can cap the VP in that time, Destruction wins, just like a Fortress.  After the two hours, Destruction has 30 minutes to clear the city.  During this time, Order killed are not allowed to respawn in the city, they are pushed out permanently.  Destruction can then farm gear for the remaining time.

There are two places to fight:  The Undercroft scenario (for lower-Tier player) and the instanced Inevitable City Public Quest (for Tier 4 players).

For the city to move to Stage 2, Order has to cap the VP.  As long as Destruction prevents this, they will get the city back and reset all the T4 pairings.  Destruction can also cap the VP and push Order out early.   

Scenario – The Undercroft

Functions just like regular scenarios, normal T4 scenario entry rules apply but is only open for lower-Tier players now.  This can be queued from anywhere in Tier 4 the game as long as you qualify.   This can even be queued up while inside one of the instanced PQs as well, but it isn’t recommended as you’re ported outside the city when you’re done..  Since this is pure PvP, no wards are required at all.

This scenario is similar to the Altdorf War Quarters scenario in that there are three capture areas.  Both sides spawn directly across from each other with the first capture point in the middle.  Again, it is a proximity capture zone.  What is new about this scenario over the Altdorf one is that controlling the middle grants easy access to the sides via portals.  If you don’t own the middle, you have to run to the sides via the long route while the controllers can just hop over easily.  To the left side of the map are four proximity capture points linked together.  To the right are two flag capture points that when controlled spawn a damage-bonus bauble.  If you pick up the bauble and don’t kill anyone quickly, you’ll die.

Controlling the points and killing players grant you points for victory, as always.

Instanced Inevitable City Public Quest

This part of the siege is a mix of PvP and PvE.  It is accessable only by walking into the portal in the Maw.  Only the group/warband leader should walk into the portal to choose the instance.  Each instance caps at 48 players for each side.  Attempting to access a capped instance will queue you for it with no guarantee of getting in. You can exit the instances via a portal just down the stairs from the Order side, on the left.

Players level 30+ have access, however, Mythic states Greater Wards (Sentinel/Conqueror) are needed versus the NPCs in the PQ.  That being said, the wards aren’t required for killing the players inside so even unwarded players can affect the overall outcome.

The PQ consists of NPC invaders and defenders populating the city.  There are two Objective to control, just like in Altdorf.  Order needs to set fires/destroy “cores”, kill defenders and control the Objectives to push to the second part of the PQ.  Stage 2 of the PQ spawns a Boss and four Minions.  With the changes to this PQ, the Boss’ difficulty is based on the number of defenders in the instance.  The fewer defenders, the harder he gets.  That being said, he can hit anywhere from 4k-25k in one blow.  Having the appropriate wards is now a requirement if you want contribution, or even just want to live, maybe.

Because of the difficulty of this Boss, slotting dungeon tactics and treating Stage 2 like a dungeon is a must.  Pulling aggro away from the Main Tank is a no no as this is what can trigger his instant 25k unmitigatable/unblockable damage.  For those that have been to Lost Vale, he’s like a short version of N’Kari.  If you haven’t been to Lost Vale, listen to those that have.  This fight is manageable, but it is now a gear AND skill check.  Come with both and you’ll have no problems.

The Gold Bags from the PQ are where you obtain Invader gear and Invader Crests.  Both Invader and Warlord boots can drop off players of high enough Renown Rank inside the City.  The other bags in the PQ have had their loot updated and include Invader Crests now, but the most useful are still the purple bags for most people as they contain a jewelry item some find desirable.  Otherwise, it’s level 200 crafting components to use or sell to someone that can.  If you do not loot a bag, you still receive two Invader Crests for participating in the PQ.

Current bugs/issues and their workarounds

  • Being in a group/warband and having someone other than the leader walk into the portal can bug out your entire group making them unable to enter or dequeue themselves.  Current workarounds: have everyone exit all instances and then let the leader go first; disband and dequeue and enter solo joining the same instance as your group; or relog to clear your queue and enter solo joining the same instance as your group.  You can’t choose your instance no, so do it right the first time.  Let the leader walk into the portal and get inside first, then follow them in.
  • People can go afk inside an instance while in a group/warband and leech renown without fighting.
  • There is no way to know how many attackers/defenders are in your instance once you’re inside.

As I get more information, I’ll update this.

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  1. April 1, 2009 2:26 pm

    this was fun, looking forward to chicken battle 09 😉

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