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2009 – A Space Oddity

March 27, 2009

I’m always out of space.

A lot of people say this, but never really say what they mean by that or just how out of space they are when it comes to Warhammer. I’ve decided I’m going to actually describe what I mean by “out of space” by outlining the various places the Developers have given me to put things and tell you what’s in them and why. I’m not going to limit this to a single character even, I’m going to include all mine on Iron Rock since most people use Alts to shuffle goods around anyway. That being said, I hate the use of Alts as banks so will also discuss ways to remedy this.

First, let’s start with what Mythic has given me to work with. In order of “ease of use” here’s the list:

Bags – 2 to 5 bags depending on my level with each holding 16 items.
Quest Inventory – Up to, I believe, 4 rows of space with each row holding 8 items. This area can only hold items marked by the game as “Quest Items” and nothing else.

Personal Bank – 80 slots of space regardless of my level.

Guild Vault – There are four vault tabs, with each tab holding 60 items that aren’t Bound to Player obviously. Currently my guild has access to the first two tabs and as I’m guild leader and we’re just a small group of friends, I’ve pretty much claimed it as my extra storage. :p

Mail – Yeah, I said it, mail. With the advent of Mythic’s bulk mail system, each letter has 16 slots to put items in. Non-Bound items only obviously. No clue if there’s a limit to the amount of mail you can have backed up in your inbox.

Now, the Backpack, Personal Bank and Mail are individual to each character so the amount of storage I have there is based on the number of characters I decide to make and their level when dealing with the Backpack. The Guild Vault space is obviously shared and only increases based on my guild’s rank. At the time of this post, we had just achieved Guild Rank 20 and thus are a bit away from having a third tab. ~sigh~

So, let’s use this to look at the total space I currently have available to me for use and which toons are crafters and thus need access to certain materials.

40 IB (TM/Salv) = 160 General Slots, 32 Quest Slots, 1 Mailbox
40 EN (Scav) = 160 General Slots, 32 Quest Slots, 1 Mailbox
22 SL (Butc/Apoth) = 144 General Slots, 32 Quest Slots, 1 Mailbox
19 RP (TM/Scav) = 128 General Slots, 32 Quest Slots, 1 Mailbox
14 WH (Apoth/Cult) = 128 General Slots, 32 Quest Slots, 1 Mailbox
13 WP (TM/Salv) = 128 General Slots, 32 Quest Slots, 1 Mailbox

My IB is my main and my TomeWhore which means his bank is full. Here’s a quick breakdown of his bank space:

Purple Talismans = 3 stacks
Marketing Rewards/Live Event Items = 11
Trophies = 6
Grey Items = 59, that’s right, 59, most of which are BoP and thus have to stay in my bank and there’s more out there I need to find.
Gifts given to me by other players as mementos = 1 really cool one I’ll never get rid of

Now, his bag space is taken up with these kind of things as well as what I carry for RvR and PvE since I use him actively. Here’s a breakdown of his bag space:

Potions = 6 stacks currently
Armor/Weapons = 11
Jewelry Items = 8
Talismans from Quests = 4
Siege Equipment = 2
Grey Items = 3
Marketing/Live Event Rewards = 5
Pie = 2 stacks
Gold Bag = 1
Random Destro-Only Item I somehow got = 1
Recall Scroll Stack
Book of Binding

Add it up, that’s 46 items which means 3 full bags are basically useless to me on a daily basis. On top of that, three rows of my Quest Inventory are full as well.

The Engineer is my scavenger and thus I leave all but one of his bags free for extended farming. His one bag is full of potions and basics, ie: mount, book, etc. His bank though has only 32 spaces free with most of it full of the same kind of stuff that my main has. I picked it up while leveling and just can’t get rid of it until I know what it’s for.

The Slayer is my butcherer and is also grinding Apoth up, so his bags are currently full of all the random stuff you get from butchering, leveling and grinding Apoth all at the same time. His bank is fairly empty, but I know it will fill up quickly as he will be my next 40 and end up with tons of grey items like the other 40s.

The Rune Priest is labeled in our guild as The Keeper of the Dyes. And fireworks, lots and lots of fireworks but that just makes the title too long. He currently has 67 stacks of dye split between his bank and his bags, 33 stacks of fireworks, and the rest is gear and marketing rewards. He literally has no room for me to be able to level him at all and is thus stuck at 19. Which sucks. 1 more level and he’d have a bit more space. I may have to juggle some items to make that happen. We’ll see. Thing is, I have way more fun as a healer on my WP so don’t really plan on getting this guy to 40…ever. If there was another class I thought I’d enjoy and would take to 40, I’d roll it and delete this guy. Who knows, maybe I’ll try a Bright Wizard or a Shadow Warrior again at some point and stick with it, but until then, this guy is full.

The Witch Hunter is a full-on crafter, is completely full and I can’t find places to store all her stuff. At this point, I’m probably going to have to resort to storing things in the mail until the guild vault gets its third tab. Then I can use that solely for Cultivation-related storage. As it is, it’s painful to level her because at best lately, I’ve had one bag of space to store loot while leveling. Not a big thing if I stick solely to PvP, but I just don’t like waiting around so am constantly questing when there’s no Scenarios or Open RvR going on.

The Warrior Priest has almost all of his bag space open to him at this time, mainly because I want him to have room when I level him. His bank has 3 ½ rows filled with grey bound items, marketing rewards, and gear for his higher levels. Eventually, he’ll end up being my main TM/Salv as once the IB is done with all the unlocks related to Talisman Making and Salvaging, I’ll respec him to Apoth/Culti to do those unlocks then to Scavenging and Butchering eventually to do those as well.

The Guild Vault is near-full. It currently contains lots of gear for guildies and their alts when they roll one/level up, potions of all kinds in stacks for people to grab when they need it, stacks of blue and green and purple talismans for people to use when leveling and at end-game, and all my Talisman Making mats for my main since he has nowhere to put them.

Now, as you can tell, I do have room to juggle stuff between some alts or roll new ones and use them specifically for storage, but I hate even the idea of that. I hate that I have to use my RP as a Dye/Fireworks bank and can’t level or delete him if I want. I know that I have a lot more stuff than most people I guess, but still, there are plenty of people just like me that play this game. I can even use the mail system to store all those thing just collecting space that aren’t BoP, but god forbid the mail system goes bad and loses my stuff. Honestly, as laggy as the mail is right now, would you trust it? I don’t so hate the idea of using it. However, I have a feeling a lot of my seeds are ending up in there regardless.

But the question sits in my mind, why did they put all this stuff in the game if there’s nowhere to put it? I mean, I’m still working on armor on my IB. He has full sentinel and 3 pieces of Darkpromise. But he also has 3 pieces of Conqueror which I’d like to use as my PvP armor eventually when I complete the set. That takes up space. Then if I start getting Invader pieces or even Warlord pieces I have to store them somewhere until I can use them. Plus, there’s still lots of grey items I haven’t even bothered going to get despite knowing where they are because I don’t have anywhere to put them. And what’s on the horizon? A new live expansion with more gear and items… sigh.

Does anyone remember the interviews with Paul Barnett talking about bag space? I do. He said as I leveled I get more space, more or less. Well, more or less, that’s true. As you hit 10, 20, and 30, you get another bag. Oh, did I forget something? No, at 40 you get jack. But my guild vault expands right? Yeah, but seriously, we have a tiny guild and the vault is full. I can’t imagine what small/medium/large/huge guilds have to deal with. I don’t really want to. Don’t get me wrong, I love that this game has a guild vault, it makes life so much easier. I’m just saying that I try not to consider that option when discussing my space because most people don’t even have that much additional space to use.

So the real question here is: How do you alleviate space issues? Even better, how do you do it so that it’s available to people that want it but not necessarily to everyone? Why do I think that’s better? Well, I’m a big fan of not being given things for free. I like that I earn bags as I level, but I do wish you got one at 40. As a matter of fact, let’s start there.

Possible Solutions to Space Issues

1. Give us another bag at 40. 10, 20, 30, ….40 just makes sense.
2. Bags/Boxes to go in the bank that hold more items. Ideally, these would be obtainable at certain high renown ranks, maybe 1 at 60 and 1 at 80, as well as through epic quests, possibly one in each pairing. Make them hard, hell, make them RvR related, I don’t care, just put them in the game. The Bags/Boxes should hold at least 10 items, but maybe have even nicer ones that hold 20 or more. These are easy to add to expansions as well or even offer small ones for Live Events that hold like 5 items.
3. Larger Quest Inventory with grey items that are useful put there. That way, people know that if it’s in there, there’s a point to it. Otherwise, players will know it’s just merchant trash. As it is, people have no clue for 90% of the grey items out there. I know Mythic wants some mystery in the game, but it’s enough of a mystery finding out what to do with the stuff, let alone whether you need to keep it or not. Especially since if you delete it, you can’t go back and get it again.
4. Increase Stack Size – This was kind of done already for some things, and for that I thank them. However, I think stack size needs to be normalized and I think armor/weapons/jewelry of the same type should stack as well. I’m fine with armor/weapons/jewelry having small stack sizes as long as they stack. Enough of the same junk drops when playing that it would be helpful. Other items, like potions and dyes for instance, need to be normalized to at least a stack of 50 with high-demand crafting items stacking at 100. These kinds of changes can double available space in some cases.
5. Crafting Inventory/Bank/Vault tab – Item-specific storage is a great way to target a niche space issue. Seriously. If I could only pick two things off this list, it would be the combination of dedicated Crafting-only storage and the change to the Quest Inventory. Those two things would free up so much space and yet make the space available very specific. If you don’t craft, you don’t get more space, but you probably don’t stockpile like a crafter does in the first place. If you don’t go for those quest items, they’re not filling your bags/banks already.

Ultimately though, I’d love to see all of the above, hence why I listed them. There’s obviously got to be a balance due to data storage issues, but seriously, in today’s day and age data storage is approaching the “free” stage where the amount of data you can store for 1 penny is growing by leaps and bounds daily. Although you can’t tell by the size of Mythic’s friends list, but I already ranted about that.

I guess I just hope this is on their “To Do” list. While not a game-breaking issue, it is an enjoyment issue and that’s just as important in the end.


p.s. I’m sorry about the formatting of this post. WordPress kept eating it over and over and when it would show up, it would show up like this which is nothing like how I typed it. sigh. Stuff like this makes me want to self-host.

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  1. March 29, 2009 8:05 pm

    Looks like you got a lot on your mind (or in your bags) when it comes to inventory. And I can totally see where you’re coming from. I was quite surprised when I hit R40 and didn’t get a new bag. I was honestly expecting to get one… a little piece of me died that day. lol all in all some good ideas for space usage and fixes by mythic. I too hate using alts for storage (primarily cause I hate logging on, checking bags, logging off and then, “Oh… I forgot something” and repeat) and can see why some of these fixes would be great to see in the future.

    From a fellow Dwarf,

  2. March 29, 2009 11:56 pm

    I know the feeling… I haven’t gone crazy with tome unlocks or anything so only have a couple of rows of grey items in the bank, but even so I’m forever running out of room. I have stacks of items in perpetual post loops, inadvertently started when I mailed some stuff to an alt for them to bank then forgot to actually log in with them for the next month and the items were returned to my mailbox, but now that seems easier than shuffling logins with a bunch of characters. I just need to keep an eye on the postbox and remember to clear it out before the returned stuff expires!

    • gaarawarr permalink
      March 30, 2009 12:39 am

      Yeah, if I remember correctly, you can even just open them every week or so and it resets the timer. I don’t think you have to resend anything or take stuff out. I just hate that that’s my only viable alternative to just throwing everything away.


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