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WCPI Week 4 – Theoryhammer

March 22, 2009

As the title aptly points out, this is week 4 of my WCPI posts highlighting other members of the WCPI blogging/podcasting/whatever-war-promoting community and this week I stopped by Theoryhammer.

If you can’t tell already by some of my posts here, I love lists.  I love lists because lists are usually full of information, and if there’s something I like more than lists, it’s information.  I’ve categorized myself as an “informa-vore” as the more information I can get about something, the more content I am overall in regards to that subject.  In as far as MMOs are concerned, one of my favorite sources of information is statistics in relation to combat.  As such, I spend a lot of time in-game coming up with ideas and testing them out with the use of statistical analysis.  I also scour the Mechanic Analysis forum over at WHA, picking over new posts and old like a dog on an old bone.

Hence why it’s no surprise that at some point I would end up at Theoryhammer.  While, so far, there aren’t a lot of information/statistic/full-of-crazy-wild-theories posts up, I have great hope for the future and will keep a hawk-like eye on this blog.

In the meantime, his observations on Man and his theories on our categories of motivation are humorous, if not scientifically sound.  I find myself feeling like the exception to his rule as I very much enjoy Standing and Work.  As a matter of fact, looking back at my work experience, I can confidently the jobs I enjoyed the most involved Working while Standing.  Apparently, this is going to be another mark against my Man Card.  ~sigh~

But anyway, seriously, go check Theoryhammer out and check back frequently.  I know good things are coming and I, for one, am awaiting anxiously.   ~Gaar

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