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Order Guide: Welcome Back Quests

March 13, 2009

So with the new attempts by Mythic to get players to return to the game, they added a short quest series out of Altdorf.  You know me, a new quest shows up and I’m there, so here’s a quick review/guide of this new addition to the game.  ~Gaar

The new quest starts in Altdorf, right by the Flight Master.  The NPC’s name is Duncaen Olwn and he is at 21911, 16999.  One thing to note about this series is that, like some of the other recent additions, the quest given is based on your level.  I don’t just mean Tier, I mean level.  I tested the quest on both a level 12 and a level 19, both what would be considered Tier 2 characters and they were a bit different for each one.  So instead of giving you a step-by-step walkthrough, I’m going to discuss the basics as they are the same across all levels.

The first quest you get is called “Welcome Back – Pacification” which right away lets you know that these quests are targeted at players that haven’t been playing WAR recently.  If you read the flavor text through this series, you’ll see it’s talking about new things added to the game since launch and basically trying to toss you back into the fray.  This first quest sends you off to scout out a Public Quest in a specific zone related to your level.  All you have to do with these scouting quests is get near the area for it to trigger and have it be completed.  Once you’re done, hop a flight back to Altdorf to turn it in and pick up part two.

The turn-in NPC is also the one that will give you the next quest.  His name is Gunther Kaltermeier and he is next to the Name Registrar in Altdorf at 20180, 15537.  The quest he gives you is called “Welcome Back – Secrets of Battle”.  He sends you off to a warcamp related to your level to talk to a Griffon Warscout there.  The Griffon Warscout will give you the final two quests in the series.

“Welcome Back – Secrets of Battle” part 2 is the third quest in the series and requires you to scout the Battlefield Objectives in the zone you’re in.

“Welcome Back – On the Battlefield” is the fourth quest and requires you to find a missing courier.  This is a clickable dead body found in the RvR zone you are in.  The red circle on the map is actually extremely accurate for this quest, so just head into it and look around for a glowing dead body.

Once you’ve finished, return to the Griffon Warscout for your rewards and you’re done.

The rewards for these quests include the obligatory XP and cash, with that ranging from Brass to Gold depending on your level.  The nice rewards are actually a set of three new trophies (War Medal, War Mug, and War Crystal) and three permanent blue talismans (your choice of Intelligence, Strength, Ballistic, or Willpower) whose powers vary from +5 to +12 depending on your level.

So, pretty quick and easy quests.  I have to say, part of me liked this series and part of me didn’t.  They’re pretty simple to do, which caters to players that are just getting back into the game and getting their feet wet, and they give out decent items so as to encourage people to do them.  That’s what I like.  What I don’t like is that now I have 6 more items in my already-full inventory.  Don’t get me wrong, I love trophies, but I have nowhere to put them.  I already wear as many as I’m allowed and my bank is full of stuff as it is (which is a topic for another post coming soon).  While I like that they’re providing something cool to people that are returning to the game and might not have these kinds of things, I wish there was an option to choose for people that have stuck with the game and don’t need these items.  Yes, I could just not do the quests or throw them away, but what fun is that?  For those of us that have stuck with the game, I’d love to see an option specific for us even though these quests aren’t for us.  A bonus gold option, bonus XP option, heck maybe a consumable that boosts renown/influence/xp gain for a short period of time.  Something like that will get even the existing player-base to participate in the quest as well as rewarding them for having stuck around.

But that’s just my 2 cents.

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  1. Chris permalink
    March 15, 2009 10:43 pm

    I to am full in my bank and trophy slots. I mean just from my collectors edition, daoc account and uo account and my NYCC big apple thats 4/6 trophy slots right there. throw in some of the live event trophies and it is easy to max. I wish there were more trophy slots available.

    I also wish there were more bank slots available. Hell even if Mythic added in bags for vault spaces that would go a long way. Each bag can hold like 40 items or something of the sort.

    • gaarawarr permalink
      March 16, 2009 1:45 pm

      Sigh, yeah. If I can stop being a perfectionist with my Armor Set guide I’ll actually sit down and talk about bag/bank/vault space. It definitely deserves some time.


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