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Order : Getting Off the Ground

March 4, 2009

What follows is a quick guide to the quest that starts from the new “Lost Map of the Southern Lands” that you get when combining all three map scraps that are lootable currently during the “Bitter Rivals” event.  Please keep in mind, you only need 1 of each type of piece to make your map.  The pieces are tradeable, so if you get extra, pass them around so everyone can try this out.

Lost Map of the Southern Lands requires the following to complete: Sand-stained Map Piece (1/3), Glyph-covered Map Piece (2/3), Bloodstained Map Piece (3/3).  All pieces are lootable in PvP and PvE as far as I can tell as people claim to have received the different pieces in both.  Either way, they seem fairly easy to get.  Once you have all three, right-click one and it combines to the map.

Right-clicking the map starts the quest “Getting Off the Ground”.  Each quest phase gives XP and Gold for completion.  Not bad.

The first person to talk to for the quest is Commander Zefrun Axewing, who is right next to the Flight Master in Altdorf.  He gives you the second part.

The second person you talk to is Ernst Aerostat and is located at 31117, 26974 in Altdorf (SE corner on the docks).  He gives the third stage which requires you to take back some Airship Schematics you need from a thief.

The third stage requires you to kill a Mysterious Thief.  This NPC is blue initially and is found at 27868, 27191 in Altdorf (Just west of where Ernst is).  When you click on him, he turns into a level-appropriate Dark Elf Spy whom you have to kill.  (I love this mechanic by the way.  Having it level-appropriate is much more enjoyable than having it be inconsequential to level 40 players.)  Once you kill him, you’ll receive the Airship Schematics you need and can return to Ernst.  He will then give you stage four.

The fourth stage requires you to go back to Commander Zefrun and give him the schematics.  You will then complete the quest line and receive your “Notated Map of the Southern Sands”.  Right-clicking your new map will give the title “Navigator of the Sands” and turn the map into a pocket item.

Unfortunately, the pocket item doesn’t do anything when dragged to the toolbar.  A whirlwind of sand would have been a cool feature.  What can I say?  I’m big on the fun pocket items.

Overall, a very quick and easy quest to do once you get your map pieces.  Enjoy!

Update: Redztk made a video walkthru to accompany this.  Here it is.  Thanks man!

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