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Order : Far From Home

March 4, 2009

Quick quest guide to the Far From Home quest from High King Thorgrim Grudgebearer.  This is the easy way to complete the “Perform a Service for the Dwarf or Greenskin Leaders” unlock for the Bitter Rivals event.  The hard way is the “To Arms” quest where you have to retrieve a banner scrap from a keep you just took from Greenskins.  (I actually got that unlock that way, so can verify that works.)

High King Thorgrim is in the palace in Altdorf at 16648, 3272.  He gives you a delivery quest for Svengi Grumhammer who is in the market square.

Svengi is the blacksmith we all know and love right next to The Mastiff’s End at approximately 20144, 21489.  Talking to him completes the first stage and nets you some XP.  Svengi then gives you stage two of the quest.

Stage two is to find Modie Sturmson’s house and knock on his door.  He’s actually just east of Svengi on a porch at 21002, 22299.  The knocker is glowing above his head.  Using the knocker allows you to talk to Modi and move to stage three.

Stage three has you return to the High King.  Not much to do in this quest.  Rather simplistic unlock for the event.  I have to say, I was a bit disappointed on this one. 5s and the XP is minimal and useless to a level 40.

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