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Introduction to the WCPI

March 1, 2009

Those people that frequent my blog will have already noticed I changed the theme.  Partly because of the WCPI so I could fit in everyone’s blog link and partly because I didn’t really like the old theme other than the fact that I could put a nice pic up in it.  This theme seems more “usable” to me, so I’ll be sticking with it for a while….maybe.  So what is the WCPI?  Read on…

The WAR Community Promotion Initiative, or WCPI for short, is a player-wide effort for WAR fansites, blogs, forums, and other WAR community efforts to cross-promote and expose content to everyone who visits them. Members of the WCPI regularly promote each other through links, spotlights, and other features. If you have a WAR site and you’d like to join, check out the WCPI thread or PM PhoenixRed on the Warhammer Alliance forums.

I was browsing through a bunch of the blogs that are now a part of the WCPI and one had an article that made me go “Gahh…I so hate that” and one that made me go “I see your point, but”.   These were over at Breakfast at WAR.  This blog has posts by both Pancakez and Omelettez.  Kudos on the theme and overall styling, but the content is what gets me every time.

The post entitled My Two Cents on Fifteen Dollars by Omelettez pretty much sums up a lot of my feelings towards in-game arguments that have this theme.  I’m the first person to stand up and say that there are many different playstyles for a game and no one should force their style on others, but if the only argument for doing what you do is that you pay $15 a month, you need to take an Intro to Logic class at the local City College.

The post called A Well Oiled Machine by Pancakez had me agreeing and disagreeing at the same time.  I truly believe that PvP/RvR comes down to people knowing how to play their class in a group and as a group.  That then extends to large-scale RvR.  I definitely agree that a lot of people are hiding their lack of skill in large groups.  It’s obvious to those working as a team who they are, they stick out like sore thumbs.  That healer standing in front of the group because the group retreated and they didn’t know because Squared didn’t tell them… The DPS unleashing on a Fortress Lord and complaining that the tank can’t hold aggro or the healers can’t keep him alive…  The tank standing in the shield wall holding the 2her…  But then, that goes back to the $15 a month post, now doesn’t it?

These posts complement each other well, like a bagel with cream cheese (c wut i did thar?).  Ultimately, they seem to me to be about the same thing.  How people like to spend their time playing MMOs.  People that know me are sick of hearing me say this, but I’ll say it again : We can only control those things we have control over.  Trying to control anything else is pointless.  Those of us that enjoy teamwork will run our small, focused groups while trying to achieve our goals with the wild card called “puggers” in the mix making it interesting.

2 Comments leave one →
  1. Omelettez permalink
    March 2, 2009 8:25 am

    O I c wut ya did thar! I totally claim dibs on being the cream cheese.

    Anywho, thanks a bunch for the spotlight and glad to hear you’re enjoying our yummy dishes.

  2. LordSnow permalink
    March 2, 2009 11:54 am

    @Omelettez I’ll Eat you 😛

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