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Altdorf City Siege – Stage 1 Info (Pre-1.3.1 Outdated)

February 22, 2009

(Pre-1.3.1  Outdated)

So, the last two nites on my new server (Iron Rock!) Destro has pushed to Altdorf with their massive zerg.  Last weekend on my old server (REM!), Destro pushed to Altdorf as well.  During all three of these instances, I stood back and gathered as much information as I could about how the sieges work, what’s bugged about them, and how to effectively work around any bugs present so everyone could have as much fun as possible.  I’m compiling it here because it’s easier for me to edit and update and prevent from turning into Flame-Fest ’09.  Enjoy.

(This is gathered with me being on the Order side of things, so I can’t promise it’s all valid for Destro.)

General Information

Once Destro captures two Fortresses, Altdorf is put into siege mode.  Players level 30+ inside will be given an option to Defend or Retreat.  If you choose Defend, you will be placed into a City Siege Instance.  If you choose Retreat, you will be moved to the refugee camp in Reikwald.  All other level players will be moved to the refugee camp.  A lot of the NPCs available in Altdorf are now available here during the siege.

(Note: If you logged out in Altdorf and log in after the siege starts, the city is still open and you can run around inside and access things.  However, once you leave, you can’t go back in until the siege is over.)

The siege has a maximum time limit of six hours two hours and blends PvP with PvE.  If neither side can cap the VP in that time, Order wins, just like a Fortress.  After the six hours two hours, Order has 30 minutes to clear the city.  During this time, Destro killed are not allowed to respawn in the city, they are pushed out permanently.  Order can then farm gear for the remaining time.

There are two places to fight: Altdorf War Quarters scenario (which is for lower-Tier players) and the instanced Altdorf Public Quest (which is for Tier 4 players).

For the city to move to Stage 2, Destruction has to cap the VP.  As long as Order prevents this, they will get the city back and reset all the T4 pairings.  Order can push Destro out of the city early by capping their VP as well.

(Note: As Order, you can access your regular bank at the First Bank of Altdorf while in an instance, but not your guild vault.  All dungeons are locked.  The Bright Wizard College can be entered, but is empty at this stage.)

Scenario – Altdorf War Quarters

Functions just like regular scenarios, normal T4 scenario entry rules apply but is only available to lower-Tier players.  This can be queued from anywhere in Tier 4 the game if you qualify.   This can even be queued up while inside one of the instanced PQs as well, but it isn’t recommended as you then respawn outside the City.  Since this is pure PvP, no wards are required at all.

The scenario is a mix of other scenario types and features capture points and a bomb.  Both sides start directly opposite each other with the first capture point in the middle.  This is a proximity capture point.  To the left and right are pairs of two capture points that are linked to each other.  These are click-capture flags.  If you capture both points on one side, the only way they can be taken back is to run a bomb thru the gauntlet and drop it on the correct spot.  This then frees the capture points to be re-captured again.  Like all scenarios with capture points, you gain points by holding these areas while killing the opposite side.

Winning these scenarios contributes Victory Points towards capturing the City for your Realm.

Instanced Altdorf Public Quest

This part of the siege is a mix of PvP and PvE.  It is accessable only by walking into one of the portals or selecting Defend inside Altdorf when the siege starts.  Each instance caps at 48 players for each side.  Attempting to access a capped instance will queue you for it with no guarantee of getting in. You can exit the instances via the portal in the SE corner of Altdorf by the docks or by relogging.

Players level 30+ have access, however, Mythic states Greater Wards (Sentinel/Conqueror) are needed versus the NPCs in the PQ.  That being said, the wards aren’t required for killing the players inside so even unwarded players can affect the overall outcome.

The PQ consists of NPC invaders and defenders populating the city.  There are two Objectives to control, the Temple and the Docks.  Fires need to be put out by Order (or set by Destro).  150 attackers/defenders need to be killed, players count.  If Order completes these requirements, a hero and four champions spawn at the Destro entrance by the fountain.  Kill them to complete the PQ.  If Destro completes the requirements first, Order versions spawn in the merchant area and must be killed by Destro for them to complete the PQ.  The PQ then resets and you have to complete it again.

The Gold Bags from the PQ are where you current obtain contain Invader gear and Invader Crests.  Warlord boots have been known to drop from players as well, but this may be due to said player’s renown rank as opposed to it just being inside the city.  The other bags are currently useless as far as gear goes for the most part, however they are being updated in Patch 1.2 so do not delete them or take items from them. The other bags can contain nice loot and Invader Crests as well, with the purple bags holding jewelry items that some find very desirable.  Your needs may vary.  If you don’t win a bag, you should automatically receive two Invader Crests for participating in the PQ.

Current bugs/issues and their workarounds

*Being in a group/warband and having someone other than the leader walk into the portal can bug out your entire group making them unable to enter or dequeue themselves.  Current workarounds: have everyone exit all instances and then let the leader go first; disband and dequeue and enter solo joining the same instance as your group; or relog to clear your queue and enter solo joining the same instance as your group.  You now don’t have a choice of instances, so you have to get it right the first time.  Always let the leader go first and wait until they’re in an instance to walk into the portal to avoid issues.

*At times, the door in Reikwald will shut and no one can access the portal.  No current workaround, you have to queue for scenarios instead of accessing the instances. (This has now been fixed.)

*People can go afk inside an instance while in a group/warband and leech renown without fighting.

*There is no way to know how many attackers/defenders are in your instance once you’re inside.

As I get more information, I’ll update this.

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  1. LordSnow permalink
    February 23, 2009 8:16 am

    Very informative thanks Gaara bookmarked to your blog,keep the hard work 🙂

  2. March 2, 2009 11:02 am

    Nice info Gar, definatley more info than I have ever been given from Mythic.

  3. Vesta permalink
    March 18, 2009 10:38 am

    Thank you for your very informative site! It is helping my guildies and I figure out the whole city siege thing.


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