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Tome Whores Anonymous

February 11, 2009

Hi.  My name is Gaarawarr and I’m a Tomeaholic.

They hook you early.  A couple free ones in the beginning that make you feel good.  You know, some cool titles, a bit of experience.  Then they make you work for it.  100 kills here, 1,000 kills there.  You still feel like you’re in control though.  “I’m only 300 away and it’ll get me some good xp.”  or “Hey, if I do it on this PQ, I can have a chance at some good loot anyway.”

Then you find yourself in the middle of nowhere searching for some tiny item that you can click to get that +1 to your unlock count.  Or learning how to be a mountain climber so you can get to the far side of the map that there’s no easy access to just to look around for something others might never have seen.  Or, I can’t believe anyone would ever do this, killing 10,000 of one type of creature…solo….as a tank.  *sigh*

So how do you know if you’re a Tomeaholic?  Well, if you open up your tome to the front page and see:

XP from Tome ……….. 821665
Unlocks ………………….. 2555

Then you just might be a Tomeaholic.

Or if you click the Rewards tab and see:

Titles – 200 Unlocked
Tactics – 14 Unlocked
Items – 90 Unlocked

Then you just might be a Tomeaholic.

Or if you can go to any of the Bestiary pages and see 10,000 kills….

Then you just might be a Tomeaholic.

Or if a level 3 Warrior Priest asks you what you’re doing hanging out in Grimmenhagen and you answer “I’m waiting for the rare Witch Hunter patrol”…..

Then you just might be a Tomeaholic.

The Tome of Knowledge is definitely the ultimate collection and I’ve always been a collector.  Even before games tracked kills or had achievements I used to make it a point to do every quest I could find and try and find all the rarest items.  Of course, back in SWG you could show off your items in houses.  Decorating a house or a guild hall using rares in new and interesting ways was always a blast.  Being able to show off items that way is missing from a lot of the newer games, but that’s where the ToK comes in.  Not only does it track all the normal activities one might do in-game, like killing creatures or looting all of an armor set, it also tracks the random things as well, checking the mailbox or crafting in combat or while standing in water.

Just trying to find all the available unlocks could be a full-time job in-game if you wanted it to be.  I tried to keep a handle on my addiction by limiting my unlock-chasing to times when my guildies or friends weren’t on, but with the state of RvR lately, I’ve found myself doing it whenever I’m not running dungeons to help people get their armor.  Some of the titles are fun and the tactics help a lot in combat.  And then there’s the jewelry.  I honestly haven’t worn a regular jewelry item on my main in at least 3 months.  The stats and set bonuses on some of the rings are very worth having, especially for certain classes.

Sooo…until RvR becomes more worthwhile, I’ll continue to help people gear up in dungeons, level alts, and most importantly, keep my membership in TWA active.  If you’re on REM, a member of Order, and love the ToK, let me know.  I’m currently working on T2-4 PQ armor sets and would love to finish the Bloodlord set…despite being in full Sentinel.  What can I say?

I’m a Tomeaholic.


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